5 Steps To Create Mpesa MasterCard | M-Pesa Card

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How to create Mpesa MasterCard For Online purchase- Jinsi ya kutengeneza mpesa mastercard

What is Mastercard Money?

You may be wondering this, I want you to know that as we continue to make technological changes the telecommunications company Vodacom Tanzania has brought you a great opportunity for you to sell or buy products online using their mastercard.

Jinsi ya kutengeneza Mpesa Mastercard - munankaUpdates
Money mastercard is a digital card that only exists in digital format and through those digits you will be able to use it online to buy products just as you would with a regular bank card for example Visa, and Mastercard from other banks.
What are the Benefits of Mpesa Mastercard? Why should I use this Money Mastercard and stop using another card?


Benefits of Mpesa Mastercard

  • It is free to own.
  • It’s easy to have you don’t need many things to own this card it’s just your phone.
  • You must have a Vodacom Tanzania line running at Mpesa. (i.e. be able to deposit and withdraw money for Mpesa).
  • It does not cost much on the internet.
  • You save only the amount you want to spend.
  • It is very easy to erase and replace another if you have lost the phone.
  • It is easy to deposit and withdraw your money, you do not need an ATM you deposit and withdraw through your Money.
  • These are just some of the many benefits you will get with a mastercard if you have a variety of uses on the internet such as Facebook, Instagram, pay for any online services that require you to have a bank card.

How To Make Your MasterCard Money.

  1. Log in to your Money Menu ie * 150 * 00 #
  2. Select number 4 Pay with Money.
  3. Select number 6 Mpesa Mastercard
  4. Select Number 1 Make a Card
  5. Go to the sms App to see your digital money card.

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See also M-pesa 2022 Tariff pdf




These are the numbers you will be using to set the section where you want to pay for services and they want you to use Mastercard.

There is a Card number (multiple numbers) there is a CVV (number 3) and there is an Expire Date this is the date to expire your card where you will only take a year and a month. That is for example 2020/9/13 you will set the month 09 / year 20.

These numbers are very important because if you see them you can also use them to pay for anything online without you knowing. You can save them so you don’t forget them.

You already have your Money Mastercard and you will be able to follow other procedures for depositing money on the card or withdrawing money on the card and it is very easy.

Here are some examples of things you can pay for online using the Master Master card.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to write to us there in the comments or you can contact us by email
Very welcome.


How to access Vodacom M-pesa in most countries

What is Vodacom M-Pesa?

Mpesa Mastercard And Vodacom Launch First Online Card In Tanzania

M-Pesa is an electronic money transfer service offered by Vodacom. It’s available to Vodacom customers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as South Africa. The M-Pesa mobile app lets users send and receive money, as well as buy goods and services using their smartphones.

M-Pesa is a cashless service that allows you to transfer money, make payments, and deposit cash through any Vodacom shop. Vodacom M-Pesa allows you to create a digital account where you can store money.

You can use the app on your phone to transfer the money you already have in your account to another account. You can also withdraw cash from your account by visiting a Vodacom shop or M-Pesa agent and depositing a certain amount of money into your account.


It’s easy to get started with Vodacom M-Pesa . All you have to do is sign up for an account online and download the mobile app to your phone. You can use M-Pesa to transfer money, make payments, and deposit cash by visiting a Vodacom store.

For you to have the access to create your Mpesa MasterCard, you should register with Vodacom Mpesa Service

The service is available to Vodacom customers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as South Africa. With M-Pesa, you can make your life easier by managing your finances more effectively.


See how to make payments Using Mpesa MasterCard


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