Apex Legends Gaiden Event: How to Win the New Characters – 3 Tips

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Apex Legends Gaiden Event: How to Win the New Characters‍

Keeping players engaged is a constant challenge for game developers. Even the most popular games can suffer from player abandonment after a certain period, which is why many games release new event modes and challenges regularly to encourage players to keep coming back.

In the case of Apex Legends, its developer Respawn Entertainment has decided that this approach makes perfect sense – by creating another game. Ok, not so much another game as an Event Mode inside the existing one, called ‘Apex Legends Gaiden. It’s essentially a mini-game with some special mechanics (and even smaller mini-games within it).

It may sound like overkill but there are also benefits to breaking up the core experience in such a manner: players get something new to engage with every few weeks, while also making sure that there’s always some sort of incentive for them to keep coming back instead of just waiting for the next seasonal update.


What is the Apex Legends Gaiden Event?

Apex Legends Gaiden Event

The Gaiden Event is Respawn’s take on a ‘visual novel’ experience – a form of interactive fiction with a heavy focus on visuals, narrative, and characterization.

The first Apex Legends Gaiden Event started with the release of a special animated intro sequence, followed by a special Gaiden Episode that takes place inside the game’s map.

The map itself has been changed to represent a small town in the Post-Apocalyptic future. The Apex Legends Gaiden Events are standalone stories, with each new sequence taking place in a new location, with unique characters and events.

The first Gaiden Event takes place in a desert town, where the players have to defend themselves against a hostile group of bandits.

The story of the Gaiden Events is told entirely through dialogue and visuals, so don’t expect any cutscenes or voice-over narration.

However, the Event is worth experiencing at least once – especially since there’s also a special ending for each character, based on the decisions you make throughout the entire Event.


New Gameplay Mechanics & Rewards

The most important thing to keep in mind while playing the Gaiden Event is that you can’t expect to play it like you would in a normal game.

The Event game has its own set of rules, which players have to learn as they go. The most important gameplay difference is that there’s no deathmatch gameplay – instead, players have to defend a single point for a set amount of time (or until the other team runs out of respawning tickets).

It’s not as easy as it sounds – if you’re playing with random teammates, you’ll have to work together to decide what weapons to bring and where to place them on the map. Another important difference is that the Gaiden Event rewards players with special G-Coin currency, which can be spent to unlock characters and skins.

There are a few ways to earn G-Coins while participating in the Gaiden Event (aside from just winning): players are rewarded with extra G-Coins for every kill they get, but they lose a few coins when they die.

Meanwhile, players can earn additional G-Coins for being the top performer on their team, and for doing particularly well in the Gaiden Event.


How the Apex Legends Gaiden Event Works

The Gaiden Event works much like a MOBA, with teams of three players trying to capture and hold three points on the map for as long as possible. While it may seem like a standard deathmatch, the Gaiden Event has its own set of rules that teams need to follow to win the match.

There are two ways to win the Gaiden Event. The first and most obvious method is to kill all three members of the opposing team. However, there’s also a second, less violent method. If a team holds three points on the map for a certain amount of time, that team wins the match.

There are also a few other things to keep in mind while playing the Gaiden Event. First, you don’t have to play as a team. You can play the map by yourself, but it’ll be extremely difficult to win. Second, the longer you play, the more difficult the Gaiden Event becomes.

The map is littered with new obstacles and hazards that make it more difficult to stay alive.


The Three Mini-Games of the Apex Legends Gaiden Event

The Apex Legends Gaiden Event is full of mini-games that players have to complete to earn more G-Coins: – The first mini-game is the intro sequence for the Gaiden Event.

The team has to watch the intro animation, which gives them the first glimpse at the news story about the town of Silver-brook and the ominous threat that lurks there.

The second mini-game is the Silver-brook Bounty Hunt. Players have to find the wanted posters on the Silver-brook map, which reveal the faces of three new characters.

The third mini-game is the Silver-brook Showdown. This is a classic ‘shooting gallery’ mini-game, where players have to shoot at targets to earn extra G-Coins.


Tips to Win and Earn More in the Apex Legends Gaiden Event

The first few matches of the Gaiden Event will be challenging, since you don’t know what to expect and you’ll be playing with random teammates. That being said, you can still earn a decent amount of G-Coins from the first matches – just be aware that you won’t have enough to unlock any rewards just yet.

The G-Coin rewards are based on your overall performance in the Gaiden Event, not just your results in one specific match.

That means that you have to play multiple matches, winning or losing, to earn enough G-Coins to unlock a new character.

If you want to earn more G-Coins, you have to be proactive. Participating in team communication will help you win matches, but it won’t give you any extra G-Coins. Instead, you have to earn some extra coins by completing the mini-games. First, you have to complete the intro sequence and watch the Silver-brook Bounty Hunt.

The awards from these mini-games will help you to unlock the rest of the rewards faster, so don’t skip them.


Gaiden Flash Events and free rewards on Apex Legends Gaiden event

Apex Legends Gaiden Event

The Gaiden event will have two free Flash Event reward tracks, one for each event week. They contain the following rewards:

Week One: July 19 – 26

  • An event-exclusive transition screen
  • A total of 22 battle pass stars
  • Epic-tier Down Thunder Fuse skin
  • Bionic Buddy gun charm
  • Epic-tier Cloudburst 30-30 Repeater weapon skin

Week Two: July 26 – August 2

  • 19 battle pass stars
  • 50 Crafting Metals
  • 1 Apex Pack
  • Okay hold spray
  • 1 Gaiden Event Pack

Players who complete both reward tracks will gain enough battle pass stars to unlock four battle pass levels.


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Summon your inner hero with 40 adventurous event-limited cosmetics, including new Legendary skins for Revenant, Mirage, Octane, and Wattson with complementary skins for the Flatline, Wingman, EVA-8, and Charge Rifle.



Three of your favorite Legends are now available as VTuber avatars so you can join the fun like never before!

Choose among Octane’s “Sea Legs” Skin, Mirage’s “Marked Man” Skin, or Bangalore’s “Apex Commander” Prestige Skin today! Each VTuber avatar has distinct expressions, animations, HUD overlays, and emotes, allowing you to express yourself just like a real Legend! Make sure to read our full walkthrough and find out how they work.


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The Apex Legends Gaiden Event isn’t for everyone. It’s a very different experience from the core game, and it’s not a traditional deathmatch by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you enjoy visual novels and want to learn more about the world of Apex Legends, it’s worth spending some time playing the Gaiden Event. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on the time, since the Event lasts for a limited period.

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