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Recently, while browsing Walmart, I came across a new TV brand named onn. While their TVs appeared nice, I wasn’t sure if the company could be trusted or if their items were of high quality. Given that I needed a new TV for one of my bedrooms and that most of the models I saw were expensive, I was already in the market.

So I went home and used the internet to learn more about this company, which helped me learn a lot about their televisions. After spending several hours doing the extensive study, I had enough knowledge to know what this company excels at and what their top TVs are.

To help you make the greatest choice when thinking about an onn TV, this article discusses that as well as what you shouldn’t be looking for.

Onn is a respectable brand from Walmart that produces inexpensive TVs that do all the fundamental functions you would anticipate for the costs they are asking. To learn more about one’s unique selling points and top models, keep reading.


Are Onn TV Any Good

Who Makes onn TVs?

are onn tv any good

Since Onn TVs are a Walmart brand, you can only purchase them from a local Walmart location or their online shop.

But rather than producing these TVs themselves, Walmart contracts with original design manufacturers based in Taiwan and China to do so, while contracting out the after-sale service to independent contractors.

Given that making and maintaining these TVs can be done more cheaply if Walmart isn’t doing it themselves, onn TVs are priced lower than those of their competitors.

Onn, which is simply a brand name for devices sold only at Walmart, is comparable to the Durabrand label from Walmart.

Strengths Of The ON Brand

Onn is a terrific brand for what they have to offer, but what works for one person might not for another. Therefore, it’s crucial to control your expectations and have a clear understanding of the benefits you may expect from onn before thinking about purchasing a TV from them directly.

Only that, no additional features or anything else that would capture your attention, is what Onn TVs excel at: being competent smart TVs.

They do, however, lack some of the features you would find on a Sony or Samsung, such as intelligent picture upscaling or a high refresh rate screen. They do, nevertheless, contain all the basic features you would expect from a smart TV, such as HDR or a pleasant user experience.

The well-designed Roku Smart TV OS that runs on most TVs is the same UI you’d receive with any Roku device, except for some minor color changes made to fit the brand’s aesthetic.

Onn TVs are reasonable for what they offer because of the limited feature set and a licensed operating system, which is where their greatest strength resides.

What Onn Can Improve

Onn has certain strengths and some areas for improvement, primarily in terms of features and general build quality.

The TVs appear attractive at first glance, but closer examination reveals that they are made of inferior plastic that bends excessively when pressed too firmly.

However, that is one of the choices you make when purchasing a TV at that cost.

A higher refresh rate panel, at least on one of their higher-end models, is another thing I’d want to see improved on newer Onn models.

This is very beneficial when watching action movies or playing video games.

As technology advances and becomes more affordable, Onn will have the chance to install these superior panels.


Models of best onn TVs

We’ll examine some of onn’s top models in the sections that follow, along with what makes them stand out from the rest of the lineup.

Best overall Onn Class 4K Roku Smart TV

As the pinnacle of the onn brand, the onn Class 4K Roku Smart TV provides you with a respectable 4K experience and a well-thought-out user interface owing to the integrated Roku.

Although this TV supports HDR10, the panel’s low peak brightness prevents it from fully utilizing the expanded color gamut of the HDR standard.

The TV has a simple, frameless design that would look excellent mounted on a wall. It also has narrow bezels. You will need to manage the cords yourself to maintain your living room wall clutter-free since the TV doesn’t assist with this or have any cable management tools.

The contrast ratio and color accuracy of the TV is at best average because local dimming is not present.

The TV’s peak brightness is significantly lower than that of comparable TVs, which makes it difficult to watch content in a setting with bright lighting.

Although when compared to identical TVs from other companies, the viewing angles are better.

The panel’s poor response time and 60 Hz refresh rate make it unsuitable for gaming.

It features all the connectors you’ll need for connectivity, such as HDMI, USB, and Digital Audio, as well as an ethernet port if you wish to use wired internet.

The Roku experience on a smart TV is among the greatest you can get because Roku features are the same as they are on any other Roku.

If you want the best onn TV you can buy with all the capabilities you could desire, the onn Class 4K Roku Smart TV is the obvious choice.


  • Built-in Roku
  • HDR10 assistance.
  • minimalistic style.
  • wider vantage points.


  • No Bluetooth

Onn QLED 4K UHD Roku Smart TV – Best OLED TV

are onn tv any good

Even if it isn’t as outstanding as the QLED TVs offered by other firms, the onn QLED 4K UHD Roku Smart TV is the best model that onn has to offer.

Given its increased peak brightness, the QLED panel performs well in well-lit environments and offers the greatest HDR performance you can get for the money.

Except for this TV, you can’t obtain a QLED TV at the price you’re paying without making significant compromises.

This TV excels at smart features, and the Roku OS is user-friendly and well-designed for everyone, even if you’re picking up a Roku remote for the first time.

Even though the screen only has a 60 Hz refresh rate, it is adequate for gaming and viewing action movies, although it could do somewhat better in terms of response times and motion interpolation.

The TV maintains its frameless look, but it still lacks a cable management mechanism to keep the connections hidden.

It contains four HDMI connectors, a Composite video port, one USB port, and one Ethernet port if you don’t want to use Wi-Fi for communication.

The go-to QLED TV that onn offers and which enables you to enjoy a respectable QLED experience while keeping it reasonable is the onn Class 4K QLED Roku Smart TV.


  • QLED Panel.
  • Effective refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • built-in Roku


  • high responsiveness during gaming.

Onn Class 1080p Roku Smart TV – Best Choice On A Budget

The 1080p model that onn provides is the onn Class 1080p Roku Smart TV, which is in the ultra-budget category.

Although it has all the smart capabilities of a standard TV, the 1080p picture quality is poorer.

Due to the lesser 1080p panel, the TV only makes sense if you’re searching for a supplementary screen or a smaller TV for your kitchen.

Almost all TVs, even those in the most affordable price ranges from the majority of brands, are 4K capable, but onn has been able to further reduce the price by employing a panel with a lower resolution.

With a 60 Hz refresh rate and a slow response time, the display performs about average, but it gets the job done.

This TV, you can accomplish whatever is possible with a smart TV, but keep in mind that neither the audio nor the display will be particularly impressive.


  • affordable pricing.
  • reasonable performance gave the cost.
  • built-in Roku


poor build quality.


Final Thoughts

After seeing what the onn brand has to offer, it is obvious that these TVs are more focused on the lower end of the pricing range.

Onn TVs are excellent secondary televisions, but if you’re contemplating one as a brand-new television, I advise you to explore elsewhere.

With more features including higher refresh rates and support for variable refresh rates via AMD FreeSync, TCL and Vizio also provide excellent cheap TVs.

Don’t get me wrong, Onn TVs are good, but there are other, better options available.

Don’t expect to acquire all the features you’d find in a more expensive Sony or LG TV because most onn TVs are in the budget range.


Frequent questions

Is Onn a trusted brand?

Walmart owns its onn brand, so you can expect a good product for the price you’re paying.

Most onn TVs are part of the budget segment, so don’t expect all the features you’d get on a more expensive Sony or LG TV.

Is Onn TV a Smart TV?

Most onn TVs are smart TVs but check your product list or box.

Their smart TVs are powered by Roku, which is pretty well-designed and easy to use.

Does Onn TVS have a guarantee?

Onn TVs are covered by warranty like most electronic products.

Contact onn customer service to find out if your TV is eligible for a warranty.

Are there 1080P TVs?

Some TV models only support 1080p HD, but others support 4K.

These are usually more expensive as it is a better resolution.

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