The Best Chromecast Audio Alternative [ Full Guide]

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Chromecast Audio Alternative:- A brilliant add-on that could make any stupid speaker into a more intelligent one was Chromecast Audio. Since I first heard about them, I’ve been trying to get one but haven’t been successful in doing so.

You can only imagine how angry I was when Google announced they would no longer be selling Chromecast Audio, but I hadn’t given up on the concept entirely. I looked online to see if there were any Chromecast Audio alternatives and whether they would be a worthy replacement.


The Best Chromecast Audio Alternative

I poured into journalistic and user reviews for hours to find out how each product worked and whether it was good enough. These hours of study led to the creation of this post, in which I was able to fully describe both the capabilities and limitations of these goods.

The Amazon Echo Link makes for the finest Chromecast Audio substitute due to its tight connection with Alexa’s smart home ecosystem and compatibility with practically all commercial audio systems. Continue reading to learn my opinions of each product, as well as what they do well and how they may be made better.

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Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.



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The best item overall

Design of the Amazon Echo Link Echo Link: Play hi-fi music on your stereo system
Ports 1 subwoofer RCA, 2 coaxial RCA, 2 L/R RCA Bluetooth Wi-Fi streaming services, two optical Toslink ports
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Airplay DLNA I OS & Android Audiocast M5 Design M5 AudioCast HiFi Music Receiver 2.4G WiFi Audio Speaker by Air Music
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The Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver for TV, Simple to Install, Soundbar PassThrough,…
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Price Comparison

Amazon Echo Link – Best Overall Chromecast Alternative

The Best Chromecast Audio Alternative

The Echo Link is Amazon’s entry into a replacement for the defunct Chromecast Audio. Amazon is well-known in the streaming stick and related businesses.

It fully eschews the Chromecast ecosystem by allowing you to stream music from your phone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Echo Link offers practically every popular digital and analog audio input as well as volume control on the front.

To start listening to music wirelessly, connect your wired speaker system to the Echo Link and couple it with your phone. High-quality streaming music from Prime Music, Spotify, Tidal, and other services is supported by the Echo Link, and all of them work with Alexa.

Being able to ask Alexa to play anything you want gives your listening experience a hands-free element. If your speakers travel through a receiver first, you can connect the Link to the receiver to access all smart capabilities since the device also supports A/V Receivers.

It works well with Alexa’s ecosystem for smart homes and can participate in routines that you’ve previously established.


    • support for Alexa voice commands.
    • connectivity via dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    • streaming in hi-res.
    • integrates with smart homes that support Alexa.


    • An amplifier that is included costs extra.
    • 1,302 Echo Link reviews

Amazon’s attempt to create a Chromecast Audio competitor, the Echo Link, accomplishes much more. More customization is possible thanks to the Echo Link’s interaction with Alexa’s other smart home functions than is possible with the Echo Link’s high-quality streaming and audio output alone.


Audiocast M5 – Best Plug-and-play Chromecast Alternative

Despite being promoted as a Chromecast replacement, the Audiocast M5 does not support any Chromecast-capable devices. But regardless of the technology you choose to cast your media, it will function because it uses DLNA to cast audio from your phone.

The Audiocast plays it safe in terms of design and keeps to a tried-and-true model because it resembles the Chromecast Audio so closely. Surprisingly for a device of such size, the device offers 24-bit/194 kHz audio and connects to your devices using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Additionally, you can use different Audiocasts on the same network or even use different Audiocast devices for every audio channel. Software-wise, the product falls short and can’t compete with Chromecast’s slick, Android-like user interface.

The device’s control app is cumbersome to use, setup may be difficult due to sporadic failures, and this is all without mentioning the app’s less-than-ideal English translations.

If you don’t want to fuss with software much and are solely concerned with how well the device produces audio, the Audiocast is a fantastic option.



    • supports audio at 194 kHz in 24 bits.
    • designed with Chromecast in mind.
    • The same network can support many Audiocast setups.
    • OS independent


    • The mobile application falls short.
    • Reviews for Audiocast M5 23
    • M5 Audiocast

The Audiocast M5 comes in a recognizable appearance, similar to the Chromecast Audio it was inspired by and delivers on audio quality and transmission experience. This Chromecast Audio substitute checks practically all the boxes for upgrading your basic speaker by allowing you to connect multiple Audiocasts.


Avantree Oasis Plus – Best Multipurpose Chromecast Alternative

In addition to the Audiocast, another Chromecast Audio option is the Avantree Oasis Plus audio transmitter.

This gadget lets you physically connect to it and can send TV audio to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

It can perform the same function as Chromecast Audio by enabling Bluetooth connectivity from your phone to a wired speaker system attached to the Oasis Plus.

Both of these are clearly labeled on the device and will light up depending on which mode the gadget is in: the former is the transmitter mode, while the latter is the receiving mode.

First-Class Long-Range Range wouldn’t be a major problem because the Oasis Plus can have a longer range than other Bluetooth devices thanks to Bluetooth 5.0.

No matter what operating system your phone has, it will operate with Bluetooth, but there is no software to control it; you must use the buttons on the device to switch between modes.

The device is also aptX HD certified, so you’ll have the most delay-free experience if you have other Bluetooth speakers and headphones that support this standard.



    • Certified by aptX.receiving
    • Available modes include transmitting and receive.
    • 5.0 Bluetooth.



    • OS independence
    • No apps or software controls.
    • With Avantree Oasis
    • 8,339 evaluations
    • With Avantree Oasis

Due to its dual functionality as a transmitter and receiver for audio content, the Avantree Oasis Plus stands apart from the other devices on the list. It can accept audio from your phone and play it on a standard wired speaker as well as broadcast audio from your TV, Bluetooth headphones, or speakers. You can also count on a lag- and delay-free experience when listening to audio through the Oasis Plus because of the low latency aptX and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies.


Why Look for Chromecast Audio Alternatives

Although carrying around cords is usually more inconvenient than using wireless speakers, not all speakers are made equal. Google released the Chromecast Audio to provide this convenience element and some smart capabilities to normal wired speakers.

People were forced to search elsewhere because Chromecast Audio was no longer available, which is unfortunate. This is one of the main causes, along with the stoppage of software updates, for which would search for a replacement.

Losing updates will prevent the Chromecast Audio from ever receiving new features, severely limiting its usefulness. The options I’ve discussed in this article fairly substantially address all of the problems that the Chromecast Audio’s discontinuation presented.


Choosing The Right One

Your criteria will determine which audio streaming solution is best for you. To make sure it works, you must check the system on which each of the goods mentioned here is based and make sure you have the necessary hardware.

Make a choice keeping in mind the kind of media you’ll be playing through these gadgets as well. When purchasing one of these products, consider your budget as well if that is something you are concerned about.


What About Streaming Sticks?

Google discontinued the Chromecast Audio over time because they believed their other products could fill its place. This is true because, if you’ve linked the Chromecast to your TV, a standard Chromecast can connect to a wired speaker system that is connected to your TV.

Additionally, you can accomplish this with virtually any streaming stick that is CEC-certified and any TV that supports HDMI CEC. As a result, you should consider Chromecasts, Rokus, and Amazon Fire TV Sticks as excellent alternatives to Chromecast Audio.


Do I Need Specialized Equipment?

Any Bluetooth receiver will work as long as it contains the ports needed by a wired speaker system, such as an RCA or coaxial input for digital input.

All you need is a Bluetooth receiver that can pick up signals from your phone or other device and transmit them to the speaker system if you already have the wires and a good amplifier.

If you have an A/V receiver, connecting the Bluetooth receiver to one of its 3.5mm jack inputs and assigning the speaker output to the receiver is simple because A/V receivers come equipped with amplifiers.

By connecting your phone to the Bluetooth receiver, the A/V receiver will take care of the rest as you use your phone to play whatever you want. If you’re upgrading, take into account purchasing one of the many soundbars, receivers, or speaker systems with Bluetooth functionality if you wish to stream music to the soundbar over Bluetooth. If you purchase one of these speaker sets, a Bluetooth receiver won’t be required.


One For Everyone

The Echo Link would be the ideal option if you already have an Alexa-compatible smart home setup. Making your home smarter is still worthwhile even though the cost is a bit higher.

I suggest the Autocast M5 if you’re searching for something simple to plug in. It offers a few capabilities that are practically essential for a Chromecast Audio substitute, and it does them well.

The Avantree Oasis Plus is a better choice if you want something that can send and receive audio. You can transmit audio using a single solution if you also use Bluetooth 5.0 and low latency aptX.


Frequent questions

Why was Chromecast Audio suspended?

Google’s official reason for discontinuing Chromecast Audio was that they already had some devices that could do the same job as it.

Will Google still support Chromecast Audio?

Google will continue to provide customer support for Chromecast Audio devices for the foreseeable future.

However, the device will not receive any updates in the future.


Does casting reduce audio quality?

The quality of the audio during streaming mainly depends on the audio quality of the file being streamed or played.

The streaming protocols only have a slight difference when it comes to audio quality.


Does Chromecast audio sound better than Bluetooth?

The protocols that Chromecast uses to connect devices and play media have much more bandwidth than Bluetooth.

As a result, audio played on Chromecast may sound better than on Bluetooth, but this also depends on the audio file you’re playing.


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