Telkom Data Deals 2023: Get Yours

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2023 Telkom Data Deals: Thankfully, Telkom frequently provides amazing discounts on mobile phones, airtime, data bundles, internet contracts, and other mobile phones.

If you enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends, shopping online, and managing your business while on the go, it stands to reason that you’re constantly searching for the newest internet and mobile device accessories. Yet doing this can be expensive!

You’re in luck today because this post will cover every Telkom data plan that will be offered in 2022. You will learn the various costs of the data packages and how to make payments. You will also be guided through a few steps involved in obtaining your selected data package. You are only required to keep reading.


What Telkom Data Deals Are There For 2023?

Without a doubt, Telkom Internet bundles are among the most affordable in South Africa. Numerous people browse the web, download files, and stream live content using Telkom’s wireless and cabled internet connections. There is a greater need for reliable and affordable data now that the internet has become such an integral part of most people’s life. Which data bundle is the most suitable for you and what are Telkom’s current data prices?

Telkom offers prepaid, hybrid, and postpaid customers a variety of internet plan options. The cost of a Telkom internet bundle might vary depending on a number of factors, including price, speed, and validity. Recognizing some of these requirements may therefore be helpful while looking for the optimal package.


Telkom Data Deals in 2023

Here is a list from which you can select:

800MB FreeMe Data Bundles cost R99.00 per month for 24 hours.

500MB of total network data, 150MB for WhatsApp, and 500MB for on-net calls (Telkom mobile and Telkom Fixed calling)
Off-net calling 15 (calls to other networks) and 50 SMSs.

deal 1

FreeMe 1.5GB – 24x R139.00/month

1GB of data across all networks, 250MB for WhatsApp, and 500MB for streaming In-network calling (Telkom mobile and Telkom Fixed calling)
Off-net calling 25 (calls to other networks), 100 SMSs 50 Promo × 24 months of All-Net minutes and 3 months of 20GB Telkom data

deal 2

FreeMe 3GB – 24x R139.00/month

2GB of data throughout the entire network, 500MB for WhatsApp, 500MB for streaming, and 1,000 on-net calls (Telkom mobile and Telkom fixed calling)

fifty off-net calls (calls to other networks)

200 SMSs

100 Promo × 24 months of All-Net minutes

3 months of 20GB Telkom data

deal 3

FreeMe 6GB costs R189.00 for 24 months.

4GB Network-Wide Data

1GB for WhatsApp and 1000 streams In-network calling (Telkom mobile and Telkom fixed calling)

Off-net calling at 100 (calls to other networks)

400 SMSs

deal 4

FreeMe 11.5GB for 24 months at R389.00

2GB for WhatsApp, 2GB for streaming, and 1000 on-net minutes. 7.5GB of total network data (Telkom mobile and fixed calling), 200 minutes off-net (calls to other networks), and 800 SMSs.

deal 5

Telkom Data Deals in 2023

28GB of FreeMe for R689.00

All-network data of 20GB (Valid for 61 days)

4GB for streaming and 4GB for WhatsApp

1500 minutes spent online (Telkom mobile and fixed calls)

500 minutes off-net (calls to other networks)

300 SMSs

deal 6

Telekom social package

Users of Telkom social packages can access all social media sites at no additional cost, keeping them in contact with the rest of the world. To select a plan from the daily, weekly, or monthly options, dial *180#. The prices for the various daily social bundles are listed below.

deal 7 social

Telkom Weekly Social Bundles

Due to the fact that data prices are frequently inversely correlated with bundle size and the number of days it takes for activations to expire, these bundles have a seven-day validity period and are less expensive than daily packages. The following is a list of Telkom data bundle prices for social packages.

75 MB for R5, 100 MB for R8, 250 MB for R12, 500 MB for R18, 1 GB for R35, and 2 GB for R60

deal 8 weekly

Telkom Monthly social bundles

These Telkom data packages come with a list of other alternatives and are good for 31 days.

100MB for R10, 250MB for R15, 500MB for R25, 1GB for R40, 2GB for R70, and 3GB for R100.

2023 Telkom Data Deals

Telkom Data Deals in 2023

Telkom Time-based Data bundles

By minimizing data waste, you can reduce the amount of time you spend online. Customers who use this service receive personalized internet usage schedules.

  • Package price per hour: R5 for 75MB
  • Weekend package: R10 for 100MB
  • 150MB daily package at R10.10
  • Weekend package: R19 for 200MB
  • Weekend package: R29 for 500MB
  • 1GB for R49 in the weekend package




Telkom Night Surfer 100GB bundle

After activation, this one-time data deal is valid for 31 days. Only between the hours of midnight and seven in the morning may the packages be used. Any unused data is deleted after 31 days. The package costs R149.


Telkom LTE Wireless Prepaid Bundles

For all customers, especially Telkom night surfers, Telkom LTE packages offer a number of tempting options. You may use as much data as you want with unlimited LTE without worrying about going over your allotted amount. The cost of any of these remedies is available.

10GB costs R59, 20GB R99, 40GB R149, 80GB R199, 120GB R249, 180GB R349, and 2TB R699

Telkom Data Deals in 2023

How can I check the balance of my Telkom data, minutes, or SMS?

To check your current FreeMe Telkom balance, go to the self-service website as a first option. The other option is to dial *188# and then adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. After the data bundle is used up, the R0.30 per MB out-of-bundle price kicks in.


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