Azam FC vs Simba SC Kickoff News 07/05/2023: Kikosi na Matokeo

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Check Azam FC vs Simba SC kickoff news concerning the Azam Sports Federation Cup quarter-final stage. Azam FC will be hosting Simba SC in this match.

This match will be played on the 7th of May 2023 in the Lindi region. When these teams meet, this match is called the Mzizima Derby, will Simba SC be able to emerge victorious even after failing to qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions League?

Azam FC vs Simba SC Kickoff News

Simba SC Team Leaving to follow Namungo FC: In preparation for the NBC Premier League match against Namungo, which will be contested on Wednesday at one o’clock at Majaliwa Stadium, our team will depart at seven in the afternoon for the Lindi region.

The team is scheduled to arrive in Lindi at night when the players will recover and complete their final workout to prepare for Wednesday’s game.

The team will stay in Lindi following the game on Wednesday to prepare for the semifinal matchup with Azam FC later in the week in the Azam Sports Federation Cup (ASFC).

The team’s captain, John Bocco, thanked the supporters for always giving their all for the team, which gives the players a sense of importance inside the group.

News on Kikosi cha Simba leo vs Azam FC

Kikosi cha Simba leo vs Azam FC

Team lineup: Kikosi cha Simba leo vs Azam FC

WHAT ROBERTINHO SAID: Roberto Oliviera, better known by his stage name “Robertinho,” the team’s head coach, praised the players for their hard work despite Wydad Casablanca winning the repeat of their quarterfinal African Champions League match 4-3 on penalties. The match took place recently in Morocco.

Robertinho claimed that the level we have demonstrated has sparked widespread discussion throughout the globe, which leads us to praise the players for adhering to their coach’s instructions.

According to Robertinho, had we taken use of our opportunities in the first game at home, we would have advanced to the semifinals, but on the bright side, we are back on track.

“We played well; we had them under control for a considerable amount of time. I’d like to congratulate my team on a job well done.

We have returned home to be ready for the championship that lies ahead. “The level we showed is being talked about everywhere, that is a good thing,” stated Robertinho.

Simba SC FB page.

News From Kikosi cha Azam FC

Lusajo Mwaikenda, a youthful center-back for Azam Club, has stated that he is prepared to play wherever he is in the lineup for the game.

The right-back’s comment was made a few days after the team’s head coach, George Lwandamina, changed his number by using him as a right-back in the team’s most recent two games against Namungo and Pyramids.

Azam FC vs Simba SC Kickoff News 06/05/2023

He is lauded by the coach: After Assistant Coach Vivier Bahati stated that they were pleased with the caliber Lusajo displayed in those matches, his exceptional level caught the attention of the technical bench of Azam FC.

“Lusajo has demonstrated a very strong level; we as a technical bench are very delighted. He started playing well in the match against Namungo in a different position than we planned for him, but the best thing is he played better in the match against Pyramids.

“He is a young player who can play all defensive positions, and he has shown us something very important: he plays high balls well, blocks low, and uses a lot of intelligence, but the most important thing is that he is a very disciplined player, and he has been following every instruction we give him. This gives people who are aspiring to be better than him the chance to compete,” said Bahati.

The NBC Tanzania Mainland Premier League (NBCPL) match between Azam FC and Yanga SC, which will take place at Mkapa Stadium this Saturday at 1 pm, is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

Azam FC FB page.

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