Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022 Packages Prices – Affordable Prices

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Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022 | Azam TV 2022 Packages and Prices 

Azam Tv packages

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Why Azam TV

  1. It offers a wide variety of sports, movies, entertainment, programming for kids, news, and documentaries in many languages, genres, and both local and international content.
  2. You can pick up a ton of local stations in addition to recording your favorite shows and watching your favorite games in full HD quality.
  3. We have made large investments in the leagues in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda, where we are the market leader with the NBC Premier League.
  4. Thanks to Azam TV Dealers located all over the nation, you may acquire your set-top box whenever you decide to.


Azam TV 2022 Packages and Prices | Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022

For its devoted consumers, Azam TV media provides a wide range of entertainment-filled packages, offering the best entertainment at the lowest/most reasonable costs.


Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022


The followings are the Packages and their prices:

Azam Play

No. of channels : 130+

Price of Tsh 35,000 per month

Pay now


Azam Plus

No. of channels : 95+

Price of Tsh 23,000 per month

Pay now


Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022

Azam tv - Azam pure plan



Azam Pure

No. of channels : 85+

Price of Tsh 15,000 per month

Pay now




Azam tv - Azam lite plan



Azam Lite

No. of channels : 80+

Price of Tsh 8,000 per month

Pay now





Azam TV Box


With the Azam TV box, there is entertainment for everyone. Watch movies, sports, entertainment, children’s, and news premieres. All can be accessed from the convenience of your home.

Although compact, fashionable, and simple to use, it is loaded with functionality. You may watch your favorite games and record your favorite television programs in high HD.


PROS for Azam TV Box

  • Great Value
  • It is so simple: once installed, start watching over 60 channels straight away
  • NO CONTRACT No strings – top up your account any time


Scan the QR Code to Contact Azam TV media Dealers in Tanzania



Click Here For any Inquiries concerning Azam media.


Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022


Contact Azam Tv Media At:


Call : (+255) 0764 700 222

Address:     Plot 46/4 Nyerere Road,

PO Box 2517 Dar Es Salaam,



Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022 Vya wiki

Bei ya Vifurushi Azam TV 2022



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