How To Cancel Cox Internet In Just 4 Steps

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Cancel Cox Internet | Quick instructions for canceling Cox Internet | Here is how to immediately terminate Cox Internet Service.

Do these to cancel Cox Internet: Check the status of your contract and the status of any outstanding fees. After explaining your cancellation to Cox customer service, get their approval before returning the equipment as scheduled.


Could Cox be cancelled online?

No, Cox does not offer the ability to cancel a service online.

You will need to give them a call at the number they have provided or, if one is close by, stop by their physical location.


View the Status of Your Contract

One of, if not the most crucial tasks you have is to check the status of your contract.

There won’t be a binding contract if you have an internet-only plan.

But more often than not, you will be bound by a contract because such a contract-free arrangement has a price.

There is a $10 cancellation fee for each month that remains on your subscription if you decide to end it before the end of your contract.

If you have more than a year left on your contract, this can add up to a significant sum.

Therefore, it would be wise to cancel when the contractual period is almost up.


Pay Off Any Remaining Balances

Whatever the status of your contract, you are still obligated to pay any outstanding fees in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan you have chosen.

Through your Cox account, you can do this.


Make contact with Cox

You should now get in touch with Cox after carefully reading your contract and paying any outstanding balances.


Prepare Your Reason to Cancel in Advance

Make sure you have a valid reason for the cancellation before speaking with a Cox customer service agent or initiating a cancellation in person at a Cox store.


Hold fast to your choice

They’ll make great efforts to convince you to change your mind once you’ve expressed your desire to cancel the subscription.

It’s critical to maintain your composure and stick to your guns at this point.


Request all cancellation information.

Make sure to get all the information you require from them after the cancellation process is complete.

Verify that you have truly and entirely canceled your subscription.


Make sure you receive a confirmation.

The process’s most crucial step is possibly this one.

Get a firm confirmation of your cancellation and any other transaction information related to it.

Inform the customer service representative that you require confirmation that the subscription has been deactivated in your Cox account.


Giving Back Your Cox Equipment

You must return the router and modem after receiving confirmation that your subscription has been fully canceled.

If you are terminating your connection over the phone, Cox will provide both the shipping label and the necessary packaging, so you can return the equipment for free via a UPS store.

If not, you can return the items to any Cox location.

Try to move on to this step as soon as you can because you will be charged if you are late.

When you log into your Cox account after making sure the equipment has arrived, you must make sure it says “0” under your account balance.


Exists a fee for early cancellation?

There is, in fact, a fee for early cancellation.

To avoid being charged for it later, return the equipment on time and with all the required bills and receipts in hand.

Second, you must be fully aware that by signing the contract, you agree that any disputes with Cox Internet cannot be brought outside of the small claims court.

The best course of action would be to thoroughly understand your contract and remember crucial dates, such as when it expires, so that you can navigate this tiresome process without paying more than you had originally budgeted.


How to Prevent Shocking Fees

Normally, Cox would charge you extra for taking down the apparatus they installed.

By making plans in advance and terminating your subscription at the end of the contract, you can avoid paying this fee.

Additionally, there will be no fees if you cancel your Cox subscription within the first 30 days of service.

The costs may significantly increase if your subscription includes both a cable TV and phone connection.

Therefore, you must keep track of when your contract expires and handle the cancellation accordingly to avoid any “surprise fees” or the like.


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Why Cancel Cox Internet Service

Reasons you might decide to stop using Cox Internet

You may want to stop using Cox internet service for a variety of reasons.

Here is a list of some of these causes:


Hidden costs charges

No matter what the customer service representative or salesperson says is the total cost, this is rarely the case.

There are frequently unanticipated costs for the Cox internet service that the customer is unaware of.


Internet bandwidth: Speed

Even though Cox internet is fairly well-known, like us, you should cancel your subscription if you’ve been receiving slower internet speeds than you had anticipated.


Unexpected price increases

Your monthly bill from Cox will probably go up by $3 to $5 about once every year or so.

This may seem like a small sum, but over time it will undoubtedly end up costing much more than you anticipated.

Unacceptable customer service
It is no secret that Cox has some issues with customer service.

Let’s say you contacted them multiple times, as we did, and received a lackluster response. Since there are ISPs with better customer service representatives, switching to a different ISP in that situation is more than justified.


Change, Upgrade, or Downgrade Your Cox Plan

If you are unhappy with the local internet speeds before the service is terminated, you might want to change your current Cox plan to either upgrade or downgrade as needed.

You can upgrade through your Cox account by selecting the “Change Plan” option.

You will need to speak with a customer service representative or visit the Cox store in person, though, if you want to downgrade your subscription.


Reconcile your bills with Cox

If unheard-of price increases were the cause of your cancellation, try renegotiating the bills with Cox directly.


Last Words on Terminating Cox Internet

Remember that the contract-free internet-only plan will cost you an extra $10 per month if you chose it.

If you don’t return the Cox equipment you rented within ten days, you’ll probably be charged for it.

Remember to save the receipt after you’ve returned the equipment in case you need it later.

You can avoid paying a fee when returning the equipment by going straight to the store or, if you order a prepaid box online, by doing so from the convenience of your home.

If not, you can deliver it to any UPS location along with the required labels.

Whatever you do, don’t accept a “technician pickup” that Cox might offer you because you would have to pay at least $20 to do it, and you could do it for free instead.


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