Fios Router White Light: Comprehensive Guide

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Fios Router White Light: When your Fios Router is switched on, connected to the internet, and working smoothly, the Router Status LED will be solid white. The WPS button is used to start the Wi-Fi Protected Setup process. This is a simple method for adding WPS-capable devices to your Wi-Fi network.


What exactly does the white light on the Fios router mean?

According to my study, a rapid blinking white light indicates that the router is booting. All of my Verizon Fios cable boxes have recently been upgraded to TV One 4K boxes, the new Wifi 6 Router, and the new ONT box (Optical Network Terminal).

The white light condition status on your Fios Router is ‘Normal.’ When your Fios router is switched on, connected to the internet, and running correctly, a solid white light signals regular operation.

A rapidly blinking white light indicates that the router is booting.


Normal functioning is indicated by the white light. Normally, this circumstance does not pose a problem. White light may be steady or blinking.

Wi-Fi and the Internet are represented by solid white. It means that the router is linked to the equipment at your location, and that Wi-Fi and internet services are operational and working properly. It normally remains on for around 30 seconds before turning off.


The fast-blinking white occurs during a hard reset/reboot or a firmware update.

For 1-2 seconds before solidifying during a hard reset or reboot.

Blinks throughout the installation of the upgrade and until it is updated.


As long as the router produces a white light, it means you have a solid Internet connection and no connectivity problems.

The blinking commonly occurs during a reset. If it happens otherwise, it might be a faulty LED or a software problem.



International Router Light Status

FiOS router status LEDs may also produce blue, green, yellow, and red light. Blue and green represent the ‘Normal’ status, while yellow and red represent the ‘Issues.’

Solid Blue, it denotes successful pairing, and when it is slow blinking, it represents pairing mode.

Wi-Fi is switched off if the color is solid green.

No internet connection is represented with a solid yellow background.

The color red might indicate hardware or system failure (solid), overheating (rapid blink), or pairing failure (slow blink).

I hope that the next time you notice a solid or flickering white light on your router, you will be able to determine its purpose.


Fios Router White Light

Verizon fios router blinking white


What shade should the light on my Verizon Fios router be?

When the Wi-Fi connection is starting and when it is finished, the lights on the extension and router should be solid blue and white, respectively.

As soon as the Wi-Fi connection is complete, disconnect the extender and place it between your router and a location with patchy Wi-Fi service.


The lights are white, but there is no Internet access.

This indicates that you are connected to the wireless router but not connected to the internet.

There might be an issue with your router’s connection to your ISP ( Internet Service Provider).

Before proceeding with the solutions, ensure that your Fios Router is turned on and connected to the internet.

Check the WAN cable (fiber optic or coaxial) that links your Fios Router to the internet to ensure that both ends are properly connected.

There are now three options for dealing with this problem:

  • Reset the router and restart it.
  • Contact Verizon.

Let’s discuss them.


Reset the router and repeat the setting procedure.

To reset the router, follow this

  • Manually push the red reset button on the router’s back end.
  • Hold for 2-4 seconds to turn off the router status LED.
  • Depending on your connection, the FiOS router will return to service in 3 to 5 minutes after restarting.
  • Check that the router status LED is solid white and attempt browsing the internet again.
  • When you press the reset button, your router is reset to its factory default settings.

Restart the router and watch for the white light to return.

If the reset button does not work, you may try rebooting/restarting the computer.

  • Turn off the router.
  • Wait a minute or two.
  • Reconnect the router.
  • Allow some time for the startup procedure to complete. This might take 3 to 5 minutes.

Examine the router status LED now. If it is completely white, reconnect to the internet.

Power cycling the Router is defined as unplugging and replugging the power cord.


Contact Verizon.

Customer Care 1

If nothing of the above approaches yields a solution, you should contact Verizon. It might be a technical or software problem on their end.

You may chat, use Messenger, arrange a call, or phone them directly.

You may reach Technical Support by calling 800-837-4966. Their services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To contact customer care, call 888-378-1835 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.


Common Inquiries About Fios Router

How often should I restart my Fios router?

Depending on the health and age of the router, you may reboot it anywhere from monthly to daily.


How to configure my Verizon router?

To setup your Verizon router, follow these steps:

  • After connecting to the Verizon Fios network, go to (in the address bar, type “” without the quotations).
  • Enter your username and password.
  • You may now view the router settings.



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