Is Vivint Compatible With HomeKit

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Connecting Vivint With HomeKit: Create a HOOBS account and install the Vivint Plugin to get it set up. Your accessories will show up in the Home App under “Available Devices” when you setup the plugin.

HomeKit is not natively supported by Vivint. However, if you utilize HOOBS, Vivint is compatible with HomeKit (Homebridge Out Of the Box).


Is HomeKit natively supported by Vivint?

Unfortunately, Vivint does not support HomeKit, which is bad news for anyone who depend on it to access their smart devices.

You may go to the App Store and download the Vivint Smart Home app to manage your Vivint smart devices if you want to be able to operate them from an iOS device.

Easy to use, the Vivint Smart Home app allows you to manage all Vivint devices from an one location.

However, going back and forth between two programs is a headache that most individuals would like to avoid.

What then can they do in this circumstance? Is it possible to guarantee that your smart home can be controlled from a single platform?

Well, Homebridge is the solution to your issues.


How to Connect Vivint With HomeKit?

To guarantee that their goods are HomeKit compatible, Apple asks manufacturers and brands to go through a number of stages.

Including their security chip is part of this.

While this may guarantee that there will always be smooth connectivity, it also implies that many Smart Home accessories now available will never work with HomeKit.

It makes sense that many people would want to try out Vivint’s superb smart home security services.

Users using HomeKit may have to continuously switch between two applications, giving up the convenience of utilizing Siri to manage their gadgets.

Given these significant drawbacks, it seems that you are faced with a difficult decision: choose one of the many alternative HomeKit-compatible smart security systems, or wait for Vivint to declare HomeKit compatibility.

You have a third option if you’re ready to put in the work: Homebridge, a free, lightweight server, or Homebridge Out Of the Box System (HOOBS).

You can simply get around the HomeKit integration problem and keep utilizing non-HomeKit compatible devices, such Vivint devices, by using these tools.



Describe Homebridge.

You must be aware as a HomeKit user that, regrettably, not all Smart Home accessories available today support HomeKit connectivity.

Most of the time, you’ll need to utilize many applications to manage every smart gadget in your house. This is when Homebridge comes into play.

Homebridge, as its name indicates, aids in bridging the gap between the integration of HomeKit with your smart devices.

Technically, Homebridge simulates the HomeKit API on your non-HomeKit enabled devices via a NodeJS server.

Homebridge is a lightweight server that offers HomeKit functionality for every desired device, to put it simply.

Once your device has been connected to HomeKit through Homebridge, you may take use of features like Siri control for your smart home appliances.


Homebridge running on a computer or a hub

Users of HomeKit have few alternatives, thus it makes sense to utilize Homebridge to connect their non-HomeKit enabled gadgets.

It may assist you in integrating several different gadgets in addition to your Vivint ones.

Over 2000 plugins are accessible on Homebridge, and it is totally free to use!

While it may seem like a dream come true, there are still a few obstacles to overcome before you can begin integrating our equipment.

Homebridge is a little program, but if you use it to make your gadget compatible with HomeKit, you’ll need to install it on your computer and leave it running constantly, which will result in hefty power costs.

You’ll need to be a bit tech smart and knowledgeable about different Homebridge modification procedures to utilize it effectively while utilizing it on your PC.

Therefore, this strategy may be inconvenient, costly, and out of reach for the majority of customers.

Thankfully, Homebridge Out of the Box System, sometimes known as HOOBS, offers an alternative.

It is a power-efficient dedicated hub that is pre-bundled with Homebridge and will handle the challenging aspects of the setup.

It has a user-friendly, straightforward interface that doesn’t need any coding expertise.


Vivint and HomeKit Integration with the HOOBS Homebridge Hub


Homebridge is helpful, but it’s not the most user-friendly platform, particularly if you utilize automated procedures to configure your smart devices.

With Homebridge, you’ll need to be very tech-savvy and understand how the software may be customized.

There is sufficient documentation for installing certain plugins correctly. But for other people, it seems like a labyrinth!

This is the rationale for my first selection of HOOBS or Homebridge. The gadget has Homebridge pre-installed, which not only makes it simpler to use but also comes with it.

With HOOBS, you can simply choose the plugin you want to install and follow a few easy steps to integrate your device without having to bother about modification or setup.

Additionally, HOOBS provides certified plugins that are guaranteed to function well with HOOBS.

In the end, HOOBS is a compact yet dependable and secure gadget that increases user access to the HomeKit framework.


Why Choose HOOBS!

HOOBS Homebridge Hub’s 3 minute setup and hands-on assistance allow it to integrate 2000+ products with HomeKit.


Why is connecting Vivint to HomeKit HOOBS? Now Check Price

Here are the benefits that HOOBS provides over installing Homebridge on your PC or Raspberry Pi if you’ve bought a few Vivint products and are unsure if the expense is worthwhile:

HOOBS is very adaptable and provides users with excellent accessibility. You may download an image to run on any device for a little contribution and flash it onto a microSD card. The official website of HOOBS offers pre-imaged microSD cards and plug-and-play devices with Homebridge pre-installed.


The HOOBS gadget is simple to use, particularly for individuals who don’t want to deal with configuration files and customizing hassles. HOOBS provides support for around 2000 well-known smart devices from brands like ADT, Roborock, Philips Wiz, Tuya, Simplisafe, myQ, Sonos, and TP-Link since it works with all Homebridge plugins.

HOOBS has previously shown its capacity to integrate smart home ecosystems with security systems. As an example, it has made Ring HomeKit integration a snap.


Since it solely connects to your home network, your conversations and data are fully safe. To provide you peace of mind, every communication is secured using military-grade encryption.

Convenient and affordable: HOOBS is more practical and affordable than paying to have your computer on all the time. It is also a helpful gadget since it provides support from Google Home and Amazon Alexa in addition to helping you combine your devices with HomeKit.


How to Configure HOOBS for Integration with Vivint HomeKit

Vivint and HomeKit integration is quick and simple using HOOBS.

However, if you have never used your HOOBS device before, you must first set it up in order for your Vivint devices to function with HomeKit.


First: Connecting HOOBS to your home network

Using an Ethernet connection or the Wi-Fi capability, you may easily link your HOOBS device to your home network.


Second: Set up your HOOBS account.

It’s time to set up your HOOBS account when your HOOBS device is linked to your home network.

Enter your email address and password to create an administrator account at http://hoobs.local.


3rd: Finding the Vivint Plugin

Both approved and non-certified plugins are available for HOOBS. The plugin library contains certified plugins, which you may find.

Although there are currently no approved plugins for Vivint, you can still set it up using Homebridge plugins via HOOBS.


What you must do is as follows:

  • Log into your account at http://hoobs.local.
  • Click on it after scrolling down to the plugin section.
  • Visit the plugin page or use the search option and enter “Homebridge-Vivint.”
  • Click the option to install the plugin when you’ve found it. Give HOOBS a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • Configuring the Plugin in Step 5

HOOBS will restart itself once the plugin installation is complete. You are prompted to adjust your setup to integrate this new plugin on a configuration page that appears.

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Copy the configuration code below:

The following information is provided: “platform”: “Vivint,” “username”: “,” and “password”: “vivint-user-password.”

2. Maintaining the format, paste the configuration code into the platform’s array on your configuration panel (the config. json page).

3. To confirm that the plugin functions properly, edit the code and include all of your pertinent information, such as your Vivint email ID and Vivint password.

4. To restart your HOOBS, click the save changes button when finished.

All Vivint-supported gadgets in your house will load onto the Homebridge as soon as the plugin has been installed and configured correctly.


What Can You Do With the Integration of Vivint and HomeKit?

Continuous Control

You will be able to easily operate your Smart Home from a single app after your Vivint devices have been properly linked.

Now, you may choose to see the camera’s live stream on your phone and get alerts from a single app.


Battery Life Warning

All of your Vivint Smart Home accessories will alert you when their batteries are becoming low.

Use Scenes to automate your smart home
Utilizing Scenes in your Home App, you can program your Vivint Smart Home Accessories to coordinate their operations.

Your Vivint devices may also be controlled by Siri.


Support for a Variety of Accessories

You can operate your locks, thermostats, motion sensors, cameras, doorbells, alarm panels, and much more thwhichre supported by Vivint with the help of this plugin.



For many homeowners, Vivint is a terrific option for home security because it toots excellent service and interoperability with the majority of gadgets.

Although it’s simple and quick to use the Vivint Smart Home app, I like the functionality that HomeKit provides.

I enjoyed the experience HOOBS provided for me. Vivint probably won’t provide formal HomeKit support anytime soon.

Even if they did, I doubt it would increase my functionality beyond what I can accomplish with HOOBS by itself.


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