Choosing Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg: Save Money

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Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg

Choosing cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg:- How to compare Internet and TV providers and save money in Luxembourg on internet and TV subscriptions.


Mostly Asked Questions

Know the Most Commonly Asked Questions

A fiber Internet connection (1 Gb/s receiving, 500 Mb/s sending), 120 to 130 TV channels, typically 200 to 400 hours of recorded programming, and at least one thematic package are all included in the best TV package in Luxembourg. On this page, you can compare the TV and Internet bundles we offer.


Which TV provider should I pick?

If you want the best value for your money, choose a provider that offers a fiber Internet subscription with roughly 100 TV channels. Select a premium subscription that offers themed packages if you enjoy sports or movies (football, films, series, entertainment, documentaries, family, etc.).


Which is the best internet and TV operator?

Both Tango and POST provide TV subscriptions with 120–130 channels, 200–400 hours of recording time, themed packages, and lightning-fast Internet. To learn which internet and TV provider is best for you, see this comparison. Both providers, though, regularly offer promotions and discounts.


How can I watch TV over the Internet?

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Choosing Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg


You must sign up for an Internet TV subscription with one of the following providers: Luxembourg Online, Tango, Orange, POST, or Eltrona in order to watch television in Luxembourg. These operators will provide you with ultra-fast Internet and more than 100 TV channels. You can choose a VPN subscription to watch streaming from other countries if you don’t want to get a TV and internet subscription.

See our list of the top TV subscriptions in Luxembourg if you’re unsure of which TV or Internet plan to choose. You can choose the operator that best meets your requirements because we thoroughly evaluate the offers to give you the services that are most cost-effective for achieving your goals (best service, cheap TV subscription, premium TV offer).



Check out the top TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg (2022).

The best value for money.

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Prior to making your comparisons, you should be aware that a decent TV and Internet package in Luxembourg costs roughly €70–€80 per month. You receive approximately 100 TV channels with replay and recording features for this price, along with a good fiber internet subscription (1 Gb/s reception).


There are a number of factors you should take into account when looking for the best Internet and TV package in Luxembourg.

  1. Pay close attention to the quality of the Internet service first. We suggest choosing a fiber subscription. These have the strongest connections and the fastest speeds (1 Gb/s for reception and 500 Mb/s for sending). So there won’t be any latency or throughput problems when you watch Netflix on multiple devices or make video calls.
  2. Then, we suggest that you carefully evaluate how many TV channels are offered in the package. About 100 channels are included in basic packages. About 120–130 TV channels and an optional thematic package are included in the best packages (sports, family, entertainment, cinema, etc.). Select a subscription that offers a sufficient number of recording hours. You can watch a program later if you miss one. Up to 400 hours of recording time is included in the best Internet and television packages (which is more than enough).
  1. Finally, we suggest that you carefully consider the subscription’s overall cost. You must factor in any additional fees you might incur, such as those for modem and TV set-top box rentals and fiber installation costs. This comparator shows our pick of the best deals in Luxembourg and includes all these costs.

In Luxembourg, signing a contract for a TV or Internet subscription is a serious commitment that typically lasts for two years. To avoid regret, it’s best to make the right decision right away.


Choosing Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg

You can choose from packages starting at $60 per month if you want to save money on your Internet and TV subscriptions. These subscriptions come with enough download speed for all of your daily needs and about 100 TV channels.

However, we advise purchasing premium TV subscriptions if you enjoy watching sports or movies.


Premium subscriptions

In Luxembourg, internet and television service providers provide about the same number of channels, recording options, and download speeds. However, some provide premium download speeds (between 1 and 2 GB/s), 400 hours of recording time, and extras like sports and entertainment channel bundles, in addition to more than 130 TV channels.

These monthly subscription fees range from €90 to €100 all-in. Thematic bouquets are available à la carte, and you have the option to add more. However, there might be sales all year long; if you’re not in a rush, we suggest checking this site frequently (at least once every two months) to ensure you don’t miss any deals. Money could be saved!

You now know that there are significant price differences between the various Internet and TV offers in Luxembourg. Your desired level of service will determine everything. Your TV and Internet package’s cost is primarily influenced by the following factors:

  • The Internet connection’s speed
  • The quantity of TV channels offered as part of the subscription
  • The duration of television shows that have been recorded
  • The quantity of extra thematic packages that are part of the base offer


Choosing Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg
Choosing Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg


Luxembourg TV and Internet provider comparisons

How much money can I save in Luxembourg on my internet and TV?

By switching suppliers, you can easily save $300 annually if you will be able to use Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg. Even better, you won’t sacrifice quality. The number of TV channels and Internet speed will remain unchanged.
Because there is little competition among Luxembourg providers, their prices do not match. If you want to cut costs on your Internet subscription, we advise you to review this comparison.


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How to compare Internet and TV providers?

Despite the fact that Luxembourg has few suppliers, they also provide various TV and internet subscription plans. Some vendors concentrate primarily on their Internet service delivery. Others will provide you with a large selection of TV channels but not the fastest download speeds available.

It all comes down to what you are looking for in the end. Choose the fastest connection speed if you love to stream or play video games! On the other hand, choose a subscription that offers a wide variety of TV channels if you prefer to watch sports events or entertainment programs on TV.

These standards will make it easier for you to compare TV and Internet subscriptions. You should investigate.

  • The number of television channels included in the basic package
  • The number of hours of recording
  • The price of the package
  • The speed of the bandwidth
  • Special discounts that can be applied
  • Any additional costs not included in the advertised price, such as the rental of the modem and decoder, or the installation costs.

For your benefit, we factor all these expenses into our comparison of Internet, TV, and mobile subscriptions.

Choosing Cheap TV and Internet deals in Luxembourg can be done easily by comparing various packages.


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