Best Internet offers in Luxembourg: Affordable Cheap Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Internet offers in Luxembourg



Which Luxembourg Internet plan is the best?

The supplier who offers the best value for money is

Look for subscriptions that offer 500 Mb/s upload and 1 Gb/s download if you want a very fast Internet connection at a good price. For a fair price, this is the best subscription if you want an incredibly fluid connection for your downloads, streaming, and video calls.

You should budget between €50 and €60 per month, inclusive of all fees and discounts. All of your needs in Luxembourg should be met by these Internet subscriptions. Additionally, you’ll have fiber speed, which is convenient!

If you don’t play video games or watch a lot of Netflix shows, you can also choose a subscription with a 500Mb/s download speed cap. Whether you live alone or with a large family, this will be more than enough for all of your daily needs. To compare 500Mb/s fiber offers, look at the ‘Top’ section of our collection.

The cheapest Internet providers in Luxembourg

If you want to save money on your internet subscription, you can find deals that offer a basic service for less than €30/month. These deals provide relatively slow download speeds (around 50 Mb/s), which are more than sufficient for web browsing. But you should also be aware that you won’t get the best streaming quality if you use Netflix or other programs that demand fast internet.


Premium deals

Although the majority of offers provide download speeds that are more than adequate for everyday use, some Internet boxes go even further. You should probably choose a premium subscription if you frequently watch Netflix in ultra high definition across multiple devices. You can take advantage of the 2Gb/s download speed (unique in Luxembourg).

However, this type of offer is not very affordable. To access these cutting-edge features, you’ll likely need to pay around €100 per month. If there are several members of your family who use the Internet frequently, this is very helpful. Choose a 1Gb/s fibre offer if this is not the case; it will be more than sufficient for daily use.


Compare Internet providers easily.

What is the best internet subscription in Luxembourg?

Choose a provider that offers fiber optics with 1 Gb/s download and 500 Mb/s upload if you want lag-free streaming, quick downloading, and uninterrupted video calls. You can choose an Internet box for €5/month to cut costs (rent for Fritzbox models ranges from €5 to €7/month).

Additionally, we advise choosing a provider that charges for cabling and installation. The costs associated with installation can reach €299 with some suppliers. Here’s how to take advantage of free fiber installation in your home.

Why opt for a fiber internet plan?

Fibre has the benefit of using light signals to transmit information, which makes the Internet connection much faster than using a copper network (ADSL, VDSL). You might experience speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than ADSL, depending on the offer you select.

Due to its lower latency, fiber internet also provides a connection that is much more reliable and responsive. This implies that you won’t experience many lags, bugs, or dropped connections.

A fiber subscription, however, necessitates the installation of fiber in your home. Installation is available from some Luxembourg providers, but you might be charged extra for complicated cabling. Before choosing a provider, be sure to investigate the cost of a potential fiber installation in your home.

The price of installing fiber-optic Internet

There are two things to note when discussing the installation of fiber in a home:

  • Installation and activation of fiber: This involves setting up your Internet line and connecting your home, which takes 30 to 2 hours. Some service providers impose this fee, while others provide it. For each offer in our collection, we display the installation fee.
  • The intricate wiring in your home: The length of the installation may exceed two hours, depending on the circumstances. In this situation, the business will need to schedule a new appointment to complete the installation and handle the complicated operations.

For complex cabling, the majority of suppliers charge more. These costs can be found in each supplier’s price list. Before making a commitment, don’t be afraid to ask them for an estimate of the price of the installation in your home.


Best Internet offers in Luxembourg

Find the best Internet plan in Luxembourg with this selection of offers. This alludes to the independent 100% analysis by Switchr.


Good to know these:

How to place an online order?

Simply choose the package of your choice, then choose whether to order TV or not. Within 24 hours of receiving your order, the providers will get in touch with you to finalize the details and schedule an installation date that works with your schedule.

How is a fiber connection installed?

We will schedule an appointment to install the fiber cable (from the building’s entry point to your apartment) and a fiber wall socket in your home if it is not yet “fiber-ready.”
If you have chosen this service, the modem and TV decoder will be installed by our technician during the installation appointment. In order to ensure that the fiber connection is reliable and meets your needs, we will also carry out a number of functional tests, including Wi-Fi reception tests.

Do you need immediate internet access?

Everyone needs the Internet, so while your fixed Internet connection is being installed, you can use our temporary 4G connection. When your order is received, this solution will be made available.

Can I keep my phone number?

Regardless of your current provider, it is undoubtedly possible and cost-free. Simply state that you want to keep your number during the ordering process, then fill in the appropriate information.

Can I keep using my current modem?

You can continue using the subscribed service if you have a modem that is compatible with it. Having said that, kindly be aware that we do not interfere with machinery that is not our own. For diagnosing problems, we do offer technical support, and we’ll assist you in any other way we can.



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According to research created and compiled by, Luxembourg has the fifth-fastest internet in the world. The average download speed is more than 500% faster than the global average. The fifth-fastest internet in the world is found in Luxembourg, where the average download speed is 118.05 bps.


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