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FNB updates its logo and releases a new mobile app. FNB updates its logo and launches a new mobile app.

As part of a brand redesign, First National Bank (FNB) has updated both its mobile banking app and its recognizable acacia tree logo.

The company’s well-known acacia tree logo has been updated with a more “digital” look.

Faye Mfikwe, chief marketing officer at FNB, claims that the adjustment is required to stay relevant to customers.

She said, “The refresh helps us build a flexible brand look and feel that aligns with our accelerating shift to helping customers beyond banking into lifestyle and business solutions categories.”

It has been verified that the FNB new mobile banking app has been updated to the new design logo after installing the most recent update.

FNB claims that the redesign has improved usability while also making using the app safer online.

Customers can now add, remove, and rearrange icons for various features to customize the app’s home screen.

Customers can also see a snapshot of their transactional accounts, credit, investments, insurance, and value-added services, according to FNB.

Additionally, the app has a better search feature, which according to FNB will make it easier for customers to find services.

FNB has stated that similar enhancements are being made to its Internet banking platform



New Features included in the Updated FBN Mobile APP

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FirstRand Bank Limited


FNB Pay has also been incorporated into the app’s “payments umbrella.”


PayMe, Bill Payments, and ChatPay are among the new payment features available in the app.


PayMe customers can request payments from any FNB Bank-linked cellphone number, whereas ChatPay customers can request payments from any FNB customer via the app’s chat functionality.


Last but not least, Bill Payments enables FNB customers to use the app to settle their EasyPay or Pay@ bills, including those for municipal fees, healthcare, and other services.


The bank also debuted Money Protect, a free insurance policy for fraud-related losses when using FNB interfaces like its app and ATMs, as an industry first.


FNB CEO Jacques Celliers stated, “We acknowledge that fraud is a reality in our society. “We are continually refining our procedures to help millions of our customers who are active online reduce these risks.”



Free Download Updated FBN Mobile Banking App

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Free Download Updated FBN Mobile Banking App


Changes made in the Updated FBN Mobile Banking App

Some of the changes to the banking app are depicted in the screenshots below.


Screenshot 20221009 151635 e1665318353179





Screenshot 20221009 151615 e1665318521629




FirstRand Bank Limited



How to update any mobile banking app

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap the Menu.
  3. Tap “Settings” from the menu.
  4. Tap “Auto update apps”
  5. Choose an option: over any network, whether Wi-Fi or cellular data, to update apps. When connected to WiFi, only update apps over Wi-Fi.


Free Download Updated FBN Mobile Banking App


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