SAYouth Project Programme Schedules 2022

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EACEA agreed to extend the implementation period’s end date to June 2023 in order to facilitate the growth of activities involving “face-to-face” meetings.


SAYouth Project Programme Schedules 2022

About the Project


The project began with the shared need of all European partners that local authorities struggle to listen to and communicate with younger generations due to a number of factors, including a lack of channels and tools to encourage active participation, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the democratic system and of the decision-making processes, and a lack of resources allocated to this topic by local authorities.

These issues can result in two main attitudes: first, a lack of active involvement in initiatives aimed at young people and in volunteer work. Second, a lack of influence of young people in civic society and the decision-making process, both locally and at the European level.

Considering that about half of the population in many places has a migration background, a new challenge is also posed by the phenomenon of migration.

SAYouth Project Programme Schedules 2022


The SAYouth project seeks to ensure youth involvement in municipal decision-making processes and to foster their influence on matters of importance to the entire society, such as the promotion of sustainable democracy and the civic engagement of young migrants as a means of integration.

Specific objectives can be identified in:

  • The encouragement of interactive and fruitful dialogue between young people and public officials at the local and European levels.
  • The creation of more appealing and welcoming communication channels, tools, and techniques leads to a deeper understanding of local and European democratic institutions and structures.
  • The growth of young people’s sense of belonging in local and European public institutions; the encouragement of active civic engagement, involvement in public life, and the promotion of volunteerism, with a focus on migrant youth.
  • The development of a digital tool made by participants that will serve as the foundation for long-term cooperation between public authorities and youth organizations.


The SAYouth project addresses the following goals and priorities from the Europe for Citizens program:

  • To promote European citizenship and to enhance Union-level conditions for civic and democratic participation
  • Develop citizens’ understanding of the Union’s policy-making process and promote opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at the Union level.
  • To encourage democratic and civic participation from citizens there.
  • Encouraging cross-cultural communication, promoting mutual respect, and preventing the stigmatization of immigrants and minority groups.


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Despite having been approved in December 2018, the project’s formal activities don’t begin until 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. EACEA agreed to extend the implementation period’s end date to December 2022 while maintaining the two-year project duration specified in the initial application.

It is possible to identify three types of meetings with different working methods in their implementation:


1. Coordination meetings are held where the contact people from each organization come together to discuss and plan the project’s activities in detail, as well as to assess the development of the digital tool for communication and potential follow-up based on the outcomes of the local events.


2. Transnational seminars on the idea of sustainable democracy and how it can be applied locally by enhancing the interaction between young people and public authorities were held, with an opening conference and an exchange of partners’ best practices. The results of the regional activities and the digital tool to facilitate communication between young people and public officials are presented at the second transnational meeting, which serves as the event’s culmination.


3. One local event per partner nation will serve the dual purposes of bringing together young people from across Europe to discuss project topics and develop a shared digital communication tool and building an active stakeholders’ network among them. The involvement of young immigrants in civic society and volunteer work will be a broad topic throughout the entire project’s duration.


SAYouth Partners

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