Genk wins in new goal feast from Standard, Desser’s star: 3-1 win

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Genk – Standard in a nutshell:

Genk wins in new goal feast from Standard, Desser’s star: 3-1 win

Key moment:

Shortly after Dragus’ connecting goal, Genk receives a penalty kick after Dewaele’s hand game. Dessers misses the eleven meter, but gets a second chance from the referee. The 3-1 is the final blow for Standard.


Man of the Match:

Cyriel Dessers wants second chance with Super Eagles - Latest Sports News  In Nigeria


With 2 goals and an (unconscious) assist, Cyriel Dessers was the hero of the day for Racing Genk.

Yet Trésor and the young El Khannouss can also look back on a great match.






In his last 7 league matches, Standard could only win once. On March 20, the Rouches won for the last time, then 0-1 at the field of Kortrijk.


Dessers plays leading role in spectacular half hour


Despite a turbulent week, Genk started energetically against Standard. Paintsil brought the ball tight in front of the goal, where Dessers finished at the first post with a sublime heel.

It was the signal for a real stampede. A smart pass from the young El Khannouss ended up at Trésor, who put the double lead on the board in two times.

Standard didn’t know how to make arrows from scratch, but created tension again around half an hour. Dragus got a little too much space on the edge of the sixteen and curled the 2-1 into the top corner. A bolt from the blue.

Still, the home team was not put off and a few minutes later the ball went on the spot after Dewaele’s hand play. Bodart stopped Dessers’ eleven meters, but it turned out that he left too early.

The resit was accepted with thanks: 3-1.


After the break Genk forget icing on the cake:

In the second half it soon became clear that both teams had shot their best arrows before half-time. Although the final phase still provided the necessary spectacle.

Vandevoordt first had to stretch completely to prevent the connecting goal, after which both Preciado and Muñoz aimed for the post face to face with Bodart.

Genk, for example, took its first win of the season on match day 2, well deserved. Standard lags behind with a meager 1 in 6.


Dessers: “Don’t know if this was my last game for Genk”

Cyriel Dessers(Racing Genk) expressed contentment with the way the match began today. He also took satisfaction in scoring right away. I feel very at ease in this group, and I have a lot of fine players around me. I don’t know if this will be my last match, as there are many other people involved. It was Genk’s game. I can’t answer that at this time. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


Wouter Vrancken(coach Racing Genk) remarked, “I am very proud of how my players performed. I also mentioned that Standard were a dangerous side because they had more players than they did last year. We have maintained the same level of individuals as we did in previous years. We have just beaten two strong sides 6-0 and we dominated the build-up phase as well as the transition. I am very pleased with our performance today.”


Bilal El Khannouss(Racing Genk) spoke about how he prepared himself properly for the game after hearing that he would play. He worked hard all week and was rewarded today. There was some stress, but it disappeared as soon as he entered the field. I believe everything will work out today, as we have worked hard all week. We were ready for today’s game, and last week we lost undeservedly, so we wanted the three points.”


Ronny Deila(coach Standard) : described his team’s performance as ‘very difficult’ after a 1-0 defeat against Genk. ‘We started off very badly,’ he said. ‘We conceded early on and gave away quite a few chances. We had a lot of possession but didn’t create many chances. We lost the ball a lot and were punished by Genk. We should have lost because we gave away too many chances and created too few ourselves.’


Having fallen behind after only four minutes, Gilles Dewaele (Standard) realised that it would be difficult playing away from home. We weren’t really able to get out of our half, and we were a little bit late everywhere. Afterwards, there was a little more control, but on the side we kept having problems. We quickly went 2-1 down, but then I made a penalty error and things became difficult.



Reactions after Genk vs Standard match

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Step by step

  • Rest after 105 minutes, 15 hours 24. END. Racing Genk records its first win of the season after a 3-1 win against Standard. A crazy first half hour was enough for the home team to keep the three points at home. Standard remains at nbsp; behind with a 1 on 6.
  • Second half, minute 96 match over


  • Second half, minute 94. Muñoz also finds the post. The icing on the cake is not for the home team. After Preciado, Muñoz also comes face to face with Bodart, but again the post gets in the way. .


  • Yellow card for Maarten Vandevoordt of KRC Genk during the second half, minute 92
  • Second half, minute 91.5 minutes extra. The last 5 minutes of the game are starting. Genk seems to be on his way to his first win of the season. Standard lags behind with 1 in 6.


  • Second half, minute 88. Dragus encounters Vandevoordt, Preciado hits the post. Then some spectacle in the Cegeka Arena. First Vandevoordt has to stretch completely on an attempt by Dragus, after which Dusenne claims a penalty. In the switch, Preciado then comes face to face with Bodart, but the post keeps the score 3-1.
  • Second half, minute 86. Dessers out, Nemeth in. With 2 goals and an assist, Cyriel Dessers can once again look back on a strong game. The attacker is replaced by Andras Nemeth.
    Second half, minute 86. Substitution at KRC Genk, András Németh in, Cyriel Dessers out
  • Yellow card for Selim Amallah of Standard during the second half, minute 85


  • Second half, minute 84. Heynen escapes red. For the second time Heynen escaped his second yellow card. Amallah is knocked down by the Genk captain, but referee Van Driessche lets play continue. Amallah then gets yellow himself for whining. 
  • Second half, minute 82.


  • Second half, minute 81. Substitution at Standard, William Balikwisha in, Nicolas Raskin out


  • Yellow card for Gojko Cimirot of Standard during the second half, minute 79


  • Second half, minute 79. Raskin forces another corner. Raskin pushes through again into the sixteen and then squeezes out a shot. His attempt ends up in a corner via a Genk leg. .


  • Second half, minute 78. Both Genk and Standard no longer reach the level of the first half. Both teams are too sloppy in the passing and do not create any more finished chances.  .


  • Second half, minute 73. Substitution at KRC Genk, Ángelo Preciado in, Joseph Paintsil out


  • Second half, minute 71. 20 minutes left. In the meantime, we are approaching the final phase of the game. For now, the game seems a bit dead. Will we still get to see some fireworks? .


  • Second half, minute 67. Standard also pokes its nose at the window. Substitute Boljevic tries with a long shot, but sees his attempt blow into the stands. .


  • Second half, minute 66.


  • Yellow card for Denis Dragus from Standard during the second half, minute 65



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