How to Apply for Jobs Using SAYouth Mobi Site for South Africans

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Here is how to apply for Jobs Using Sayouth Mobi Site for South Africans 2022, Creating SAYouth Account and How to login in into SAYouth


How To Apply for opportunities at Sa youth mobi (, Applications are open until the 16th of October 2022. Interviews will take place in November and December 2022.

  • Step 1 – sign up on this mobi site
  • Step 2 – if you change your number come back and let us know. Keep your phone on and be ready to receive notifications
  • All communications on behalf of will be from Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator.


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Top tips to get you started

Sayouth mobi Login (Sayouth mobi Apply)

Login to SAYouth Mobi 2022

SA Youth Data free Login 2022 SAYouth.Mobi
                                                                  Login to SAYouth Mobi ( Sayouth mobi Apply)



How to Login to SAYouth Mobi

  1. Go to to sign in.
  2. You will need to enter your Username or South African ID number(RSA ID number)
  3. Enter your passphrase/Password
  4. Click Login to go to your dashboard and sign in.

The RSA ID number consists of numbers for citizens, lawful permanent residents, or refugees.


Stay logged in | Login to SAYouth Mobi 2022 (Sayouth mobi Apply)

This means you won’t have to log in everytime you use this Mobi site.

Only select “Keep me logged in” if this is your private phone, or a device you trust.

Don’t select “Keep me logged in” if you’re using a public computer or if you share a device with someone.


A job network called SAYouth Mobi assists young people in South Africa in locating employment and educational opportunities nearby.

It offers free assistance and resources to young people without jobs through a variety of services and training programs that aid in their job readiness.


For the benefit of children and young adults without jobs, SAYouth Mobi brings together a number of partners from both inside and outside of the government.

The project’s objective is to provide young people with a resource for information and assistance, whether they reside in a large city or a small town. Through SAYouth Mobi, young people can register for the network for no cost and begin taking advantage of this unique organization.


SAYouth Online Application Form

The creation of physical spaces where young people can go to access information, opportunities, and support will continue to be a priority for South Africa, and this platform will support those efforts.

SA Youth (
Login to SAYouth Mobi 2022


Using the job network SAYouth Mobi, South African youth can find employment and educational opportunities nearby. Through a variety of services and training programs that aid in their job readiness, it offers young unemployed South Africans free help and resources.


✅ In the Jobs search bar, type in “school assistant” or search for the name of the school closest to you

✅ You must live within 5km of the school you apply for! Or 30km for a farm school.

✅ You can’t apply if you’ve been an Education or school assistant before

✅ Remember you don’t need a matric certificate for a General assistant position.


Ready to apply?

Click here on how to Apply


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