Madhara ya 5G Tanzania: 5G Fact vs. Fiction

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Madhara ya 5G Tanzania kwa binadamu: 5G Fact vs. Fiction, Is 5G Making You Sick? Here’s What Experts Say, 5G ni nini? What Is 5G?, Mawimbi ya 5G EMF na Mionzi, ubora wa 5G, Advantages of 5G.


What is 5G?

In the field of telecommunications, 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. It is the planned replacement for the 4G networks that connect the majority of modern cellphones, and cellular phone providers started rolling it out globally in 2019.

According to Christopher Collins, Ph.D., a professor of radiology at New York University, 5G is the most recent wireless communications technology that was released for widespread public use in 2019.

Cellular data is communicated via radio frequencies when you use your phone to connect to other devices (RFs). According to the Federal Communications Commission, calls and other functions are connected through a number of base stations called “cells” that cover particular geographic regions (FCC).

According to Henk De Feyter, Ph.D., an assistant professor of radiology and biomedical imaging at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, the radiofrequency used by 5G is higher than that of 4G and 3G. That is what distinguishes it. The technology, he claims, functions otherwise.


Madhara ya 5G Tanzania: 5G Effects

5G is a threat to flights.


Madhara ya 5G Tanzania


Je, 5G inawezaje kutatisha usafiri wa anga, How 5G could disrupt aviation.

5G relies on radio signals. In the United States, the radio spectrum used for 5G is part of the spectrum known as C-Band. This range is close to that used by radio controls on aircraft, which measure the height of the aircraft above the ground, but also provide data for safety and flight guidance systems.

Concerns that the C-Band and 5G service may interfere with the aircraft’s electronic equipment and disrupt the operation of the equipment, especially when the aircraft is on its way to land.

5g ndege

Madhara ya 5G Tanzania


Je, 5G in madhara kwa Afya? | Health Concerns Over 5G

However, some professionals express concern. In 2017, medical professionals and researchers started a petition to halt the rollout of 5G in the EU due to cancer risks. One concern is that because 5G is still so new, there hasn’t been enough time to thoroughly test it for safety. Scientific studies on the potential effects of highly concentrated 5G in populated cities or on chronic 5G exposure are also lacking, some experts claim.

The potential impact of 5G on more people also means greater diversity, and experts say specific genes affect radiation sensitivity. According to one study from 2021, the types of gene expression impacted “are consistent with findings that EMF causes genetic damages,” and the genetic effects of EMF depend on factors like frequency, intensity, cell type, and exposure duration.

5g afya

Madhara ya 5G Tanzania


Belief: 5G Creates a Cybersecurity Risk
Verdict: It’s complicated

The introduction of 5G has created some cybersecurity risks, notes the U.S. Department of Homeland and Security. One fear is malicious software and hardware being introduced into the 5G supply chain. Plus, 5G uses more information than previous technologies, which leaves more room for error. Because of these concerns, the department has developed a set of strategic standards designed to mitigate risk.

While concerns regarding hackers using 5G to steal data or too many people texting in-flight are valid, when it comes to potential effects on your health, the evidence goes both ways.


Faida Za 5G Advantages

The main benefits of 5G include:

  • Faster transmission speeds
  • Lower latency, which increases remote execution capacity,
  • A greater number of connected devices, and the
  • The ability to implement virtual networks (network slicing), which offers more tailored connectivity to specific needs.

Madhara ya 5G Tanzania


5G Fictions

Recently there have been rumors in social networks that there is a direct relationship between corona disease and 5G Technology. Among the arguments given are as follows:-

1. Being close to 5G, being close to it can cause corona, that’s why the most affected countries are those that started using this technology.

2. 5G technology emits radiation that causes cancer, and completely destroys human genetics (DNA).

3. There is an assumption that Corona has started in China due to China being the first to build about 100,000 towers for 5G.

4. There is a concept that protection against corona will have an electronic implant (micro chip) that will be implanted in the human body to prevent the effects of 5G. That’s why Bill Gate sponsors the production of drugs and vaccines to be distributed to poor countries for security purposes.

All these assumptions are false, and the truth about the 5G communication system is found in the science of radiation as well as that of communication as follows:-

The 5G system, like other systems before it, such as 2G, 3G, and 4G, which until now uses/travels through radio waves, which is one of the types of non-ionizing radiation, as it is in the radiation spectrum (electromagnetic spectrum). An example of radiation in this group of unclassified radiation is that used in microwaves, that of the sun (ultraviolet) etc.

The specific radiation that can cause harm to the human body is that of x-ray, alpha, beta, gamma ray and neutron and that of ultra-violet light which is at the end of the spectrum of radiation (electromagnetic spectrum). Radiation from 5G is not in this category.

Since the radiation generated by 5G is not classified, it is clear that this radiation cannot cause cancer, change genetics or cause respiratory system problems or similar in the human body.

The effects that can be found in 5G technology are like those that can be found in 2G, 3G, and 4G technology, which can also be found in microwaves, ultraviolet which is to increase the temperature of cells.

For example, if you talk on the phone for a long time, you get pain because the cells of the ear are soft. In the same way, we are advised not to use the laptop so that the heat that increases due to using the laptop does not affect the reproductive parts whose cells are soft and are easily affected by heat.

Personally I can give the following summation in this:-

One is the misrepresentation that is done intentionally or out of ignorance about radiation and corona, this misrepresentation can have health consequences for people who do not take proper precautions for this corona disease and increase the fear that does not exist.

Secondly, this manipulation also aims to earn income for those who are looking for a large number of people who read their articles in social networks.

Third, this manipulation may be done by major countries like the United States and its allies who are afraid of China on 5G technology.

Similarly, this distortion may have the effect of fearing 5G Technology which is where the world is heading and thus leaving people behind.

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