How To Upgrade JAMB Results 2023 Score To A Higher Score

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How To Upgrade JAMB Results 2023: Today, I will provide you with all the necessary information regarding upgrading of your JAMB result. You may be wondering if such an upgrade is a possibility or if it is simply a scam. Rest assured, I will give you an in-depth explanation of how this works, and whether or not it is a realistic option for you. So sit back, relax, and read on for everything you need to know about upgrading your JAMB result.

Is it Possible to Upgrade JAMB Results?

Understandably, one frequently asked question following the release of JAMB results pertains to addressing the challenges faced by those who obtained low scores, ranging from 100 to 170. As a result, students often seek viable solutions and turn to various social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, where individuals may claim affiliation with JAMB or assert their ability to assist by upgrading these scores.

Upgrading your JAMB result is possible, but let me clarify – the type of upgrade I’m referring to might not be what you imagine. This upgrade can only be carried out by you and no one else.

The reality is that nobody but yourself (not even JAMB) can improve your UTME score. Everyone else you come across on social media claiming to be a JAMB representative or owning websites like,, and so on, has only one goal in mind – and that is to reach into your pocket. (source: From A certain JAMB scam website)

If you’ve taken the JAMB UTME 2018 CBT Exams for the 2018 academic session, let me assure you that upgrading your JAMB result is possible, but not easy. Think about it – JAMB can remark on a candidate’s script and assign a new score, right? So, why can’t your result be edited and upgraded within an hour?

Let me explain something!

JAMB results can be altered and re-submitted within 24 hours. I’ve helped students with this and can guarantee you 100% assurance, allowing you to edit your JAMB result to any total score you desire.

You may have heard of this through certain JAMB scam websites. They employ popular software like Adobe Photoshop to doctor results. Scammers simply take scanned copies of your results, edit them to match the score you want, and send back a Photoshopped image instead of an upgraded score. Unfortunately, many students have fallen for this trick and lost their money.

After reading this, don’t become a victim! Your JAMB result in CANNOT be upgraded after the exam.

Now, I did say that upgrading your JAMB score is possible, but I didn’t mean the result was already uploaded by JAMB to their result-checking website. Keep reading to find out how you can upgrade your JAMB result in yourself.

How To Upgrade JAMB Results 2023 By Yourself

Absolutely! You can upgrade your JAMB result all by yourself, and guess what the best part is? You don’t need to spend a single penny! All it takes is a fresh strategy, dedication, and a winning attitude.

While JAMB results that have already been published can’t be upgraded, you can always retake the exam. By working hard and aiming for a higher score, you’ll outsmart online scammers without needing their help in the first place.

Scammers’ Strategy Tor Upgrade JAMB Results

Jamba After JAMB ResultS before the upgrade

Mr. A: I just checked my JAMB result, and it was only 160. Feeling hopeless, I found Mr. Frank’s number online and gave him a call. After explaining my situation, he helped upgrade my score to 250! Now I’m thrilled! If you also want to improve your score, call Mr. Frank on ***********. He’ll assist you just like he did for me. God bless Mr. Frank!

Mr. B: Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your JAMB score! Hurry up – the deadline is this Wednesday! Remember, nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself. Just give our hotline a call at ***********.

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