Kuweka Pesa Kwenye NBC ATM Machine

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NBC ATM Machine

How to Deposit money into your NBC Account using the NBC ATM mashine, Hatua Jinsi Kuweka fedha bank using NBC ATM Machine, Kuweka pesa NBC Akaunti Kwenye NBC ATM Machine, Save money into your NBC account using the ATM machine.

Save your time by depositing money into the account through NBC ATM machines located in the branches. It’s easy and safe.

Find out the easy way to deposit money into your account, you can deposit money at any time.

See how easy it is to deposit money at an ATM anytime.


Kuweka Pesa NBC Akaunti Kwenye ATM Machine Steps to follow to deposit money at anytime using the NBC ATM

  1. Enter your debit card and enter your PIN at any NBC ATM
  2. Select ‘Deposit’
  3. Deposit your notes into a cash deposit (up to 40 notes per go)
  4. Click “Done” to complete your transaction, or “Add more” to deposit more
  5. Confirm the deposit and collect your deposit receipt



How to send money from an ATM

Find out how easy it is to send money to someone, even if they don’t have a bank account. You can also redeem a remittance transaction without a card and you can also deposit money at any time.

  1. Enter your card and enter a password
  2. Select “Other Services”
  3. Select “Cash Voucher”
  4. Enter the Value of the Voucher You are Buying (in units of 5000)
  5. Create a 4-digit Password for the recipient and Confirm
  6. Enter the recipient’s phone number
  7. Confirm Transaction
  8. The cash voucher ID is displayed and the receipt is printed
  9. Send the 4-digit PIN and voucher ID to the recipient to claim the money



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