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Life360 App Not Updating

How to fix Life360 App Not Updating error: To resolve the Life360 not updating issue, ensure that your phone is linked to the internet, that location services are enabled, and that your account is not signed into two devices at the same time.

We have narrowed down the different causes of why it happens and put up this thorough essay on the issue after sifting through numerous materials accessible on the internet.

We’ve also discussed avoiding energy-saving applications and VPNs and upgrading the app to the most recent version.

Life360 is a smartphone app that provides real-time location-related information. It’s popular among those who wish to follow their family members’ whereabouts, especially in an accident or other risky scenario.
Other safety features available from Life360 include vehicle speed monitoring and collision detection.

These capabilities need location sharing, however, if you discover that your Life360 app is not successfully updating your location, you must resolve the problem as soon as possible. Continue reading for solutions that frequently work.


Basic Troubleshooting Life360 App Not Updating

Why is Life360 failing to update locations?

There are numerous frequent reasons why Life360 may fail to update your or someone in your Circle’s location. Some of the causes are as follows:

  • The device’s battery is low, or it has been switched off.
  • The individual has turned off location sharing.
  • The program was not granted the necessary permissions.
  • connectivity issues prevent the location from updating accurately.
  • The phone is linked to either a mobile hotspot or a VPN.
  • Multiple devices are logged into the same account.
  • You haven’t used the app in over three days.

It isn’t much you can do if the phone has died or the location isn’t updated owing to a low signal in the region. However, most of the other difficulties may be resolved by adjusting your phone’s settings.

Remember that if you can’t see the location of a Life360 Circle member, the problem is most likely on their end. Request that they consider the following alternative options. If your Circle members are unable to see your location, try the remedies yourself. The following suggestions apply to both iOS and Android smartphones.


Restart Your Computer

Before going any further, you should consider just rebooting the device. Turning your phone off and on again will clear up any temporary difficulties that may have been interfering with your location updates. In addition to rebooting, you may try signing out and then back into your account.


Ensure a Stable Connection

To update effectively, Life360 needs a functioning internet connection. First, ensure that the phone is not in Airplane mode, which will disconnect all of its connections. If Airplane mode is not activated, the next step is to enable GPS. If the location is still not updating, make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on. According to Life360, even if your phone is not linked to a Wi-Fi network, leaving your Wi-Fi on enhances location accuracy due to all the local Wi-Fi base stations.

Life360 also needs mobile data in addition to Wi-Fi. Check that the device you’re looking for has data switched on.

It should be noted that mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and VPNs might create location difficulties. Make sure the person you’re looking for isn’t utilizing any of these.


Update the Application

When was the last time you and your family members updated your Life360 app? Check your app stores to ensure you all have the most recent version. The latest version may have resolved an issue that was causing your app to behave strangely. You may also try uninstalling and reinstalling Life360 to see if it resolves the location problem.


Examine Your Account

A Life360 account may only be used on one device at a time. Logging in on numerous devices will cause location updates to fail.

If two family members use the same account by mistake, they should anticipate location complications.

Check to make sure you’re signed into the correct account and that no one else is using it. If you switch phones, make sure you log out of your old one before using your new one.


iPhone Location Is not Updating

There are a few more fixes that apply to users of the Life360 iOS app. They are as follows:


Examine Your Location Preferences

Problems with location updates are often caused by incorrect location settings on your iPhone. Check your settings by doing the following:

  • Open the Settings app and scroll down to “Life360.”
  • On the next screen, choose “Location.”
  • Under “Allow Location Access,” choose “Always.”
  • Make sure “Precise Location” is turned on.
  • You must also grant the app access to monitor your movements.
  • Return to the Settings menu on your phone by touching the arrow in the upper left corner.
  •  look for “Privacy.”
  • Then choose “Motion & Fitness” and turn on “Fitness Tracking.”
  • Allow the application to operate in the background.


To deliver precise location updates, your Life360 app must be always operating in the background. In your settings, grant it the following permissions:

  • Go to your Settings and choose “Life360.”
  • Turn on “Background App Refresh.”
  • Switch to Low Power Mode.


You don’t want your Life360 app to shut off when your battery % falls below a certain threshold. Disabling Low Power Mode ensures that it continues to run:

  • Navigate to Settings and then “Battery.”
  • Disable “Low Power Mode.”
  • Android Not Updating Location


If you’re using the Life360 Android app, make sure your Android settings are properly configured so that the software runs smoothly. Examine the following options:


Enable Location Sharing

Allowing location sharing is a vital step in ensuring Life360 and other tracker applications operate effectively.

  • Navigate to “Apps” in your Android settings.
  • Look for “Life360” in the list.
  • Tap “Permissions” and make sure “Location” is enabled.


Offset Battery Optimization

Power optimization applications prevent unwanted programs from running in the background and depleting the battery of your phone.

This applies not just to your phone’s built-in optimizers, but also to any other third-party applications that have the ABC other programs. Make sure to include Life360 as an exception in any such app’s settings.


Allow Data Access

As previously stated, Life360 needs mobile data to properly update the location. Check your Android settings to see whether you have allowed it to access your data.

Navigate to “Network & Internet” in your Settings menu.

Select “Data Usage.”

Locate Life360 and check that you have granted it permitted it


Relaunch the App

If you haven’t used your Life360 app in a few days, it may have gone into “sleep mode.” Because of this, your Circle mates may not be able to see your location. Simply relaunch your app, and it will reconnect in a matter of seconds.

Open your app at least every other day to avoid it going into sleep mode in the future.

You should also reopen Life360 manually every time you switch on your phone.


Always keep an eye out for your loved ones.

Because the Life360 app’s primary purpose is location sharing, precise and fast location updates are critical. If you’re having trouble getting location updates, try the solutions listed above. If none of these work, you may need to contact customer service.

What has your experience been like with Life360? Have you ever had location update problems like this? If yes, what was the solution? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


Find out why your Life360 isn’t updating!

Life360 includes some extremely nice features, such as finding the shortest way to your Circle member’s location, which saves you from having to figure out which paths to take to get there.

Life360 also provides weekly driving reports, which include information such as driving speed and phone use while driving, allowing you to have a constructive conversation with your children about safe driving.


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Discussions about Life360 App

How can I prevent Life360 from automatically updating my location?

Turning off your Wi-Fi or cellular connection will prevent Life360 from updating your location.

Turning on Airplane Mode or deactivating Life360 as an active app are two more options.

You may also prevent Life360 from upgrading by using a VPN or Mobile Hotspot, or by completely turning off your device.


Can Life360 read your SMS messages?

Because the Circle members’ phones are connected, Life360 can view the messages they exchange.

Communication with contacts outside the Circle will not be tracked by the app.


Why is Life360 not displaying history?

Your history is only displayed in the app if you are signed in as a member of a Circle.


What do the three pulsing dots on Life360 mean?

When the exact speed of a person’s car is unavailable, Life360 displays three dots next to their name.


Can you know when someone checks your Life360 location?

Because Life360 lacks such a function, you will not be alerted when someone checks your whereabouts.


What do the different colors on Life360 mean?

On Life360, each color Circle has a different meaning. A green circle, for example, enables a Circle member to be identified.

When the app connects to a device, a purple circle appears.


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