Mechi Simba Day 2022: Simba Vs St. George: Great Match

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Mechi Simba Day 2022: Simba Vs St. George

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When is Simba Day?

Simba Sport Club

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Simba Sports Club is a soccer team with its headquarters in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The club was established in 1936 and was given the moniker Queens in honor of Her Majesty, the Queen of England. It split off from another Tanzania Giants team, Dar Young Africans. For a period, the club went under the names Queens, Eagles, and Sunderland. In 1971, they acquired the moniker Simba. (Lion in Swahili)


Simba day 2022, simba day 2022/23| Simba Week 2022. Simba day 2022 | Simba Day Festival officially launched today.  Simba sports club have officially launched schedule for the whole week leading up to the International Simba Day Festival which will be held on August 8 2022 at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.


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We played with St. George Simba Day | Mechi Simba Day 2022

It is official that we played an international friendly match against St. George from Ethiopia at the peak of our Simba Day Festival which will be held on Monday August 8, at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam. Said the media officer of Simba Sc.

Mechi Simba Day 2022

Mechi Simba Day 2022

St. George are the defending champions of the country’s premier league, being the champions who have won the championship many times, doing so 29 times.

St. George with their full squad will arrive in the country on Saturday at seven in the afternoon where they will have a chance to practice on Sunday before they leave for the summit day.

The game against St. George will be a good test for us after three weeks of training in Egypt and will give us a compass for the new league season 2022/23.

Before the start of the game we will introduce our players that we will use this season as well as the technical bench.

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Timu itakayo cheza na Simba Day | St. George Footbal Club Vs Simba(Mechi simba day 2022)

St George Vs simba: mechi simba day 2022

The professional football team Saint George Sports Club, often known as Kidus Giorgis, is situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They compete in the Ethiopian Premier League, the top level in Ethiopian football.

Founded: 1935

Arena/Stadium: Addis Ababa Stadium
League: Ethiopian Premier League
Manager: Zerihun Shengeta (caretaker)
Nickname(s): The Horsemen; The Patriot ; The Aradas ; The Bayonet


Ethiopian football’s all-time best players As a result of the remarkable first-round performance in the league season, St. George’s four-year trophy drought seems to be coming to an end.

Three points separate Wolayeta Dicha in second position from St George at the top of the standings.

St. George is the most accomplished team, seizing the lead with 31 points after eight victories and seven draws.

They are the only unbeaten team remaining after the first round, scoring 24 goals while allowing only six and keeping an incredible five straight clean sheets.


Time | Mda wa Mechi Simba Day 2022

Mechi Simba Day 2022 was played at 1900 hrs | Saa moja jioni at Mkapa Stadium in Tanzania.


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