Nafasi za Kazi Yanga 2022: Apply Now 9 Available Posts

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Job, Nafasi za Kazi Yanga 2022: 9 Available Posts

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Nafasi za Kazi Yanga 2022

Management of Dar Young Africans Sports Club, commonly referred as Yanga as a Tanzanian football club based in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1935, the club play their home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium, has announce  the following 9 job posts to be filled.


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Announced Nafasi za Kazi Yanga 2022:

1.Mtendaji Mkuu (Chief Executive Officer).
2.Mkurugenzi wa Fedha ( Director of Finance).
3.Mkurugenzi wa Habari na Mawasiliano(Director of Information and Communications).
4.Meneja Mahusiano (Relationship Manager).
5.Afisa Rasilimali Watu (Human Resource Officer)
6.Afisa Habari (Information Officer).
7.Meneja wa Miradi (Project Manager).
8.Msaidizi wa Ofisi ya Mtendaji Mkuu (Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer).
9.Daktari wa timu (Orthopaedist).


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About Yanga

Young Africans Sports Club, commonly referred as Yanga is a Tanzanian football club based in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Founded in 1935, the club play their home games at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

The club, known as Young Boys, has won 28 league titles and various domestic cups, and has participated in five CAF Champions League tournaments. CECAFA Club Championship is one of them.

Young Africans became associated with nationalists and freedom fighters, and inspired the political party TANU to adopt yellow and green as their primary colours. The club is currently in a process that will keep the club ownership 49% for investors and the rest 51% for club members.

The club holds a long-standing rivalry with their cross-city rivals Simba, whom they contest the Dar es Salaam (better known as Kariakoo) derby. The rivalry was ranked 5th as one of the most famous African derbies.

The roots of the club can be traced back to the 1910s, but the club’s official history began in 1935 when a group of Dar es Salaam residents, who were considered non-Africans by the colonial administration in Tanganyika and competed in a league full of “non-African” clubs, decided to form a football club.

The New Young is thought to have been the club’s first moniker. It was later named Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC, and finally Young Africans Sports Club.

NAFASI za Kazi Yanga 2022

Members quarreled over their team’s poor results and performances immediately after the club’s establishment in 1935.

The club’s poor performance in 1936 led some of its members to break away and form another team. Arab members who desired to cause divisiveness among the club’s members caused a split.

The two teams, Simba and Queens F.C. (currently Simba), have been rivals ever since. They were successful, and together with dissidents formed a new team (Queens F.C.).

Young Africans and Simba, the two teams that make up Africa’s most exciting, interesting, and hotly debated derbies are regarded as the top five derbies in African football.

On May 27, the club members agreed to alter the club’s governing structure to allow for private investments from other firms. In 2020, Yanga signed a contract with La Liga to advise on marketing and digital strategies.

Nafasi za Kazi Yanga 2022


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