NBC ATM Machine Services: 3 Services you need to save time

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It is very simple to head to an ATM when you need money, but these machines also provide you with a variety of services that make your life easier, including the ability to deposit money into any NBC account, pay for tuition at a school or college, send money to someone who has no account at all, buy airtime, and more.


Services At NBC ATM Machines

1. Saving Money

NBC ATM Machine Services

Even if you don’t have an ATM card, NBC ATM machines in branches can accept cash deposits into any NBC account from anyone. An account number is all you need. This means:

  • Funds can be deposited directly into your NBC account
  • A person who receives money does not have to have an NBC account
  • You can easily pay for goods or debts directly by depositing funds into the subject’s NBC account
  • You can deposit the funds of your daily sales into your NBC account at any time even if it is night
  • You can send money to your friends and relatives anywhere by depositing them into their NBC accounts at any time
  • NBC ATM machines are open round the clock even at midnight
  • You get a receipt immediately confirming the money you deposited
  • The deposited will receive a text message informing him of the deposited amount
  • You can check your balance on your mobile phone through mobile banking or online banking.


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2. Adding Phone Balance

You can always purchase airtime for your mobile device at NBC ATMs. Anyone with an ATM card can, therefore, purchase airtime whenever they want without carrying cash.


3. Cash Anywhere

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Did you know that you can send money to family and friends using any bank account? Similarly, you are not required to have a bank card in order to withdraw the funds you sent him. All you need is a phone, though.

NBC ATM Machine Services

NBC Mobile Banking

With NBC Mobile Banking you have a bank in your pocket. As long as you have mobile network coverage, you can do most of your banking when and where you want to.

How it works

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Enjoy banking at your fingertips – just dial *150*55# on your mobile phone.

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What you can do
  • Pay bills to the wider list of billers
  • View your account balance and mini statement
  • Transfer funds to your own linked accounts and other NBC accounts
  • Send money to Mobile phones (MPESA, TIGOPESA, AIRTEL MONEY, and EZYPESA)
  • Purchase airtime for any mobile phone number
  • Save account or phone numbers of those you send money or pay bills to more frequently
  • Change your PIN as often as you want to
  • Select your preferred language


How do I register for NBC Mobile Banking?

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kujiunga na NBC mobile banking.

  • The Channels application form PDF (260 KB) is available here
  • Visit your nearest branch and register – it’s free
  • You will receive an automated SMS when mobile banking has been activated. Just dial *150*55# to access the menu and follow the instructions


How secure is the NBC Mobile banking.


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Security is ensured on NBC mobile banking. All mobile banking transactions require your PIN and your PIN is also needed each time you want to gain access to the service. It is your responsibility to protect your PIN to avoid unauthorized transactions.


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How to deposit Kuweka Pesa NBC Akaunti Kwenye NBC ATM Machine

Kuweka Pesa NBC Akaunti Kwenye NBC ATM Machine Steps to follow to deposit money at anytime using the NBC ATM

  1. Enter your debit card and enter your PIN at any NBC ATM
  2. Select ‘Deposit’
  3. Deposit your notes into a cash deposit (up to 40 notes per go)
  4. Click “Done” to complete your transaction, or “Add more” to deposit more
  5. Confirm the deposit and collect your deposit receipt

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How to, Jinsi ya Kutuma Pesa kutumia NBC ATM Machine | How to send money from an ATM

Find out how easy it is to send money to someone, even if they don’t have a bank account. You can also redeem a remittance transaction without a card and you can also deposit money at any time.

  1. Enter your card and enter a password
  2. Select “Other Services”
  3. Select “Cash Voucher”
  4. Enter the Value of the Voucher You are Buying (in units of 5000)
  5. Create a 4-digit Password for the recipient and Confirm
  6. Enter the recipient’s phone number
  7. Confirm Transaction
  8. The cash voucher ID is displayed and the receipt is printed
  9. Send the 4-digit PIN and voucher ID to the recipient to claim the money

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