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The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is responsible for managing and collecting real estate tax from July 1, 2016 in accordance with the changes to the Local Government Law on the collection of Real Estate Tax Chapter 289, the Local Government Finance Law Chapter 290 and
Law of the Tanzania Revenue Authority Chapter 399. This is specified in the Financial Law of 2016, the Financial Law of 2017 and the Change of Various Laws (The Written laws (Miscellaneous) Amendments Act No. 2 February, 2019.

TRA: Information about house rent

Pdf Download viwango vya kodi Tanzania 2022

TRA has provided information regarding the provision of tax on housing income at 10%.

TRA is an organization that deals with income, and that income is used to make progress in the community

The landlord will receive a withholding tax certificate as proof of payment of the 10% withholding tax.