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Online RDP house application form 2023/2024:- Are you interested in applying for RDP House in South Africa in 2022? Then this article suits you.

RDP houses are government-subsidized housing for low-income individuals. RDP is an abbreviation for “Reconstruction and Development Programme,” which was established in 1994 following the end of apartheid.

The program’s goal was to alleviate poverty and inequality by providing basic housing to all inhabitants. The government hoped that providing people with modern housing would improve their standard of living by allowing them to invest more money in food, education, healthcare, and other goods or services that had previously been limited due to poor living conditions in South Africa’s informal settlements.


Who Is Eligible For An RDP House?

South Africans who qualify are given RDP houses. To be eligible for an RDP home, you must:

The age limit is at least 18 years old.

Possess a South African identification document (eID or driver’s license).

You must have a valid South African address (a place where you reside legally)

Furthermore, you must not possess any other property in South Africa, or any property outside of the country.


In South Africa, who is eligible for RDP House?

To qualify for an RDP dwelling, you must be a South African citizen or permanent resident addition, you must be a first-time home buyer.

This means that if you own another property, whether rented or not, you will not be eligible for an RDP house. Other considerations for receiving an RDP house include having a valid ID card and being over the age of 18.

The final condition concerns ownership records; if your name appears on any documents related to owning anything else (a second home or business), you may be disqualified from acquiring an RDP dwelling.


How to Apply for RDP Residences

There is no application cost for RDP Government-subsidized dwellings. To get an apartment, you must first register at the Department of Human Settlements’ provincial headquarters in Alberton, located at 68 Voortrekker Road, Nevada Building. You will be required to produce the following documents throughout the registration process:

  • Your identification
  • The ID of your spouse
  • The birth certificates of your children
  • Proof of income if you are employed
  • An extended family member will require affidavit verification.


Filling out a housing subsidy application form is part of the application procedure. If you complete the application form, you will be included in the National Housing Needs Register or the Municipal Housing Demands Database, depending on your locality.

This is a waiting list; you will be given a Form C with your application number and date. The information provided in the form will be crucial during the RDP housing status check.

Before visiting a satellite office, make copies of all of the above documents and have them certified at your local police station or magistrate’s court.

Apply For Free RDP Houses By Government 2023


Online RDP House Application Form

The South African government has introduced a new housing initiative called RDP House. This program was created to provide affordable housing for low-income persons who cannot afford it on their own.

However, there are some procedures you must do before you can get your hands on an RDP property, and this article will explain how to apply for an RDP house in South Africa.


RDP is an acronym for Reconstruction and Development Programme, a government effort that began in 1994. This program’s goal was to change South African society through economic prosperity and social integration.

This program intends to improve the lives of millions of disadvantaged people around the country by providing them with adequate housing so that they can live in dignity with the rest of us.


How to Check My RDP House Application Status

Filling out the application form successfully does not guarantee that you will be handed the keys to your new house right away.

The process could take months or years. Meanwhile, you should verify the status of your application using the housing waiting list check. These are the two alternatives for carrying out the check.

You can find out the status of your RDP house by phoning 0800 146 873 or emailing info@dhs.gov.za. You can also confirm the status by contacting your local Housing Provincial office with Form C.


RDP Housing Contact Information:

RDP House Application

If the house is ready for occupancy, the housing department will contact you and ask you to sign a happy letter before handing over the title deed and house keys!

Remember to notify the Satellite Office if your situation changes.

  • Address and postal information
  • Your current state of health
  • Your current employment situation (if you find or lose your job).

You’ve finally grasped the concept of RDP House, but I’m sure you have some questions that you’d like to ask. Don’t worry, we’ll answer some of your questions below.


Middle-income families who do not qualify for RDP housing

For those in the middle-income brackets who earn too much for an RDP house, applying for a home loan is often their only option.

Those whose salary is too high to be considered for RDP housing must apply for a home loan to purchase or construct their own homes.

This is easier said than done, however, because,e under the new Credit Act, home loans are only provided based on affordability after all of your typical expenses are considered.

So, even if interest rates are at an all-time low, lending institutions are particularly hesitant to issue home loans to individuals with marginal salaries.

Another alternative is to apply for a personal loan to use as a down payment on a small house loan.


RDP Houses for Sale

RDP houses for sale can be found at Tembisa, Mamelodi, Cosmo City, Khayelitsha, Atteridgeville, Olievenhoutbosch, Ivory Park, and other areas throughout South Africa.

Applicants should keep in mind that they will only be eligible for one housing subsidy and will never be given another. RDP houses cannot be sold or rented out; they are only available for the applicant’s use.

Any RDP owner who wishes to extend or renovate their home before the eighth year of ownership must seek authorization from their local municipality.

Disabled applicants are given extra consideration; the design of the house may also be altered to fit the special demands of the person’s disability.


Important FAQs

Aside from the application process, the answers to these questions will aid in the process’s deciphering.

What Exactly Is RDP Housing?

This is a government housing initiative for low-income people. The RDP, which stands for “Reconstruction and Development Programme,” was created to relieve South Africa’s housing shortage. It began in 1994 but was discontinued in 2008.


What is the price of building an RDP house in South Africa?

The cost of building a single unit varies by province. For example, in the Eastern Cape, prices range from R 170,000 to R 190,000. The estimate in Limpopo is between R172,853 and R228,914.


What Is the Price of Renting an RDP House?

The cost of an RDP house might vary according to its size, quality, and location.

An RDP house costs between R40 000 and R100 000 on average. The most inexpensive houses are typically constructed in rural locations, whilst more expensive houses are typically constructed in cities and adjacent townships.

The price of an RDP house is also affected by the materials used; for example, if you want steel sheeting instead of corrugated iron or asbestos cement sheeting instead of wood, you’ll have to pay more.

For example, if you want a four-bedroom house with two bathrooms (bathrooms are not standard with all RDPs), it will cost more than a three-bedroom one-bathroom home because it has two extra rooms and two extra bathrooms!


Is it possible to rent out my RDP home?

You can rent out your RDP home. It must, however, be to a family member. If you have any issues concerning renting your home, please contact your local municipality.


Is It Legal To Purchase RDP Houses?

Buying an RDP home is legal. You can buy it from the government, sell it to someone else, or rent it out to renters. However, there are some guidelines to follow while purchasing and selling RDP homes:

To sell your RDP home, you must have owned it for at least four years. If you sign up within six months of acquiring vacant possession of a property that has been vacant for more than three years (including the current year), no transfer duty will be due on the purchase price (or within 12 months in certain circumstances).


What Are the Benefits of RDP Houses?

Low-Income Housing: Everyone can afford RDP houses since they are low-cost and affordable. Anyone purchasing a home through the RDP scheme will not be required to pay a deposit or bond, and no guarantor is required.


Mortgages at Low-Interest Rates: You can receive a mortgage loan at a very low-interest rate from any bank in South Africa with the help of your RDP house without having to make any down payment or offer collateral security for the same (which usually happens if you apply for a conventional home loan).


No Deposit Or Bond: You do not need to make any deposits or bonds when purchasing an RDP house because the government includes them when you purchase one of these properties directly from them through their website.


Final Thoughts

RDP Houses have numerous advantages. They are affordable, safe, and secure neighborhoods. You can also sell your home if you want to relocate or purchase a larger one.

You just need to pay back the outstanding sum on the government loan you obtained when purchasing your property, which means it will take you longer to pay off than if you purchased a regular home.

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