SA Youth Mobi 2023: A Guide For SAYouth Login

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A Guide To Using SA Youth Mobi 2023: SA Youth Mobi is a network that links young people in South Africa to employment and educational opportunities.

This is a free chance for young people without jobs in South Africa to engage with employers through various services and training options.


A Guide to Accessing SA Youth via SA Youth Mobi 2023

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SAYouth Mobi is an initiative to support youth that involves numerous government agencies and outside partners. Regardless of their circumstances, it wants to make sure that all young people have a location they can go to for information and support.

Young people can sign up for SA Youth Mobi’s network for free. This mobile site has a 0 rating from all mobile providers, 127 labor centers, and NYDA centers in all nine provinces.

They will be able to browse and access prospective learning or earning opportunities once they have completed creating their profile. Thanks to this platform, you may view and access offers from various partners in one location.

The network actively supports young people on their route to employment using a variety of channels, including face-to-face interactions, WhatsApp, and a toll-free phone center.


Registering with SA Youth Mobi Network

Sign up with SAYouth.

  • Visit
  • After that, press the “I’m ready for” button.
  • Fill up your contact information and personal information on the registration form.
  • Answer all questions following acceptance of the T&Cs and registration. It will take around 4 minutes to complete this.
  • Once you’ve responded to all the questions, a list of opportunities in your area will appear.
  • Fill out your application by clicking on the opportunity that appeals to you.
  • Click on the profile icon to add further details such as education and job history.

You will be asked for your South African identity documents, such as your passport, permanent resident card, or refugee number, as well as your postal code. To enter South Africa, you must have a working visa.

If you previously registered with SA Youth or Harambee, your ID might already be stored in the system. Enter your ID number and click Login once again.


The best way to log in to SA Youth Mobi

To view SA Youth Harambee, log in.

  • Visit to log in.
  • Your username and RSA ID are required.
  • Your password here.
  • Click log in to access your dashboard.


Resetting SA Youth Mobi Password

To reset your SA Youth Mobi Password, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Login Page for SA Youth Harambee.
  • Click “I Forgot My Password” on the login page.
  • Select the Reset Password option.
  • SMS, email, and security queries (Choose this option if you have previously provided security questions).
  • You can do so via email or SMS. This will provide you with a unique URL rather than a temporary password.
  • To reset your password immediately, click on the link.

You will then be able to log in with your new password.


Find out more about SA Youth Mobi.

Membership in the network is completely free. Young people will not have to pay anything to join the network or use its services.

The SA Youth Mobi website,, is also completely data-free. Young people do not need data on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to access SAY resources.

You can also call the toll-free number if you need assistance, support, or advice (0800 7272722)

Anyone between the ages of 15 and 34 is welcome to join the SAYouth network.

To register, you must be a South African or have a Refugee ID Number.

The SA Youth mobile site is now available to young people.


How do I get in touch with SAYouth?

If you need help, here are the contact details for SA Youth. SAYouth is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday (except public holidays). SA Youth BEEI South Africa Employment Initiative Application Status

SAYouth can be reached at the following numbers:

Call 0800 72 72 72 or email

Facebook can be found at

SA Youth Mobi support staff is available to answer any questions you may have.


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