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Sensa 2022

Sensa | Tanzania Census 2022

Majina walioitwa Kazini sensa 2022

The population census(Sensa) is the process of counting the number of people residing in a country on a particular date. It helps in analyzing demographic information and understanding the changes in the population over time.

The census also helps governments understand how to allocate resources most effectively, design policies to meet their target group and identify areas where assistance is needed. Tanzania Census 2022 will be the 21st national census in Tanzania, which will be held after a gap of 10 years from the last one conducted in 2012

The last census was done using the manual paper method, now it’s going to be manual too but faster processing,


Census History | Historia ya SENSA

Census censorship has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians were believed to be the first to use the census. In ancient Rome, investigators were responsible for conducting a “census” that determined the size of the Senate and the ethnic composition used for legislative and military purposes.

In the United States, conducting censuses has been part of the country’s DNA since the Constitution was adopted. Article I, Article 2, Article 3 of the Constitution requires the government to conduct a census of people “years” of the population. The first census was conducted in 1790, the same year that the Constitution was approved. That is when the population in the United States was first calculated to be 3,929,214.

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Timing of Tanzania Census 2022 | Sensa Tanzania 2022

The census will be done in August 2022, which is the year 20 years after the last census was conducted in Tanzania. The census is conducted every 10 years in all countries.

Usually, the census is conducted in February or March, as it is the dry season, with no rains, and less interference from floods. Generally, the last month of February and the first two weeks of March are considered the optimum time for conducting a census. The last census was done in 1990. So, it’s time to conduct the next census.


What Is The Census Process?

Census is a survey of a population. To know the population, a country conducts a census every 10 or 20 years. It is a detailed survey. The main objective of the census is to collect information on the social, economic, demographic and housing characteristics of the population. Census is conducted by government agencies.

There are two types of the census : Population Census (Sensa ya watu) and Natural Resource Census(Sensa ya Maliasili)

  • Population Census is conducted to find the total number of people and their distribution in the country.
  • Natural Resource Census is conducted to find the availability of various natural resources in the country, like minerals, water, forest and agricultural products.


Why Conduct A Census? Importance of Sensa

  • The Census is a survey that provides important information about the people and economy of a country.
  • The information from a Census can be used to help governments make decisions about providing services like health care and education, setting rules for things like voting or running businesses, and understanding the country’s economy.
  • A Census is important because it gives everyone an equal chance to be counted.
  • It’s also the only way to find out how many people live in a country, where they live, how old they are, what languages they speak, what jobs they do, and many other things about them.
  • Ensuring fair representation: Census numbers are used to determine how many congressional districts each state should have. This is done by calculating the number of people living in each state and then applying a formula that includes factors such as the geographic size of the state.

Fair representation is one of the main reasons we conducted the census.

  • Census recipients help plan for the future: Data collected during the census is used to determine what kind of communities we want to live in. They help us decide what services we need and how many doctors, schools and libraries our area should have.


Who Can Participate In The Census?| Sensa

Everyone should participate in the census as it is an obligation of every citizen of the country to be counted. Every person above the age of 5 years must participate in the census.

You can participate in the census by visiting the nearest census center or by being visited at your home by trained agents.


Majina ya waliochaguliwa pfd download 

  1. Mpwapwa District Sensa 2022 pdf
  2. Mwanza City Sensa 2022 pdf
  3. Rukwa sensa 2022 pdf
  4. Moshi Sensa 2022 pdf
  5. Mbeya Sensa 2022 pdf
  6. Bagamoyo Sensa 2022 pdf
  7. Mkuranga-Pwani Sensa 2022 Pdf
  8. Singida Sensa 2022 pdf
  9. Mkalama-Singida Sensa 2022 pdf
  10. Kilolo DC Iringa Sensa 2022


majina ya waliochagulia sensa  ajira 2022 Mikoa mingine



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