How to fix TCL TV Black Screen: Easy Strategy

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TCL TV Black Screen

Fixing TCL TV Black Screen issue:- Restart your TCL TV to resolve the black screen problem. Change the HDMI cables if that doesn’t resolve the problem.


Responds to FAQs About TCL TV.

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Is the screen on your TCL TV black when it turns on?

problem with the HDMI cable that outputs the display from the device you are using to utilize the TV with is one of the most frequent causes of this.

These are the possible reasons for TCL Tv black screen.

  • Another contributing issue can be broken backlight on the TV. 
  • Problems with the backlight, which illuminates the image on most televisions, can cause black screens.
  • One possibility is that the TV or the device you are utilizing with the TV has software bug.


Look over the cable connections: Ensure that any external devices connected to the TV are turned on and securely plugged into the correct ports. Reconnect the cables to the appropriate ports after unplugging them if necessary.


Does a TCL TV have a reset button?

Press the Settings button on the TCL Android TV remote control. Scroll to Device Preference > More Settings > Reset. On the Factory data Reset warning screen, click Factory Data Reset. Decide on Erasing Everything.

How can you tell if the backlight of your TV is damaged?

The backlight should be tested first because backlight failure is a fairly prevalent problem. The simplest way to do this is to turn on your screen, hold a flashlight up close to it, and see whether you can see the image. The image would appear extremely dark as if the screen’s brightness had been drastically reduced.

Why suddenly stopped working my TCL TV?

Hardware failure can prevent a TCL TV from turning on, but it can also be anything as simple as frayed cords or low batteries in the remote.

What is the most frequent issue with TCL TV?

One frequent problem people encounter is their TV’s inability to connect to the internet, as our technical experts said. Other brands share the same peculiarity as TCL. If this happens to you, determine if the router or the TV is at blame. The WiFi connection may become erratic as a result of these two factors.



How to fix TCL TV Black Screen

TCL TV Black Screen
TCL TV Black Screen


Reset the TV and remote

The restart is the initial step in any troubleshooting manual. We are attempting a power cycle in this situation, which is a form of the restart.

A power cycle generally involves unplugging or taking out the power source, turning the device off for up to a minute, and then plugging it all back in again.

An inadvertent configuration change—either one you made or one that was performed automatically—that resulted in the TV becoming black can be resolved by doing a power cycle.

Resetting your TCL TV’s power supply entails:

  • Switch off the television. Wait until the TV’s status lights have all turned off.
  • Wait for a few seconds after unplugging the TV from the outlet.
  • Reconnect the TV’s power source and turn it back on.


To reset the remote’s power:

  • The remote’s batteries should be taken out.
  • Wait one or two minutes.
  • Put the batteries back in.

Try to recreate what you were doing when the black screen first appeared to see if the problem has been resolved. Watch for the black screen to reappear while using the TV normally.


Using a Different Technique, Power Cycle the TV

If the previously mentioned method doesn’t work, there is another method to power cycle the TV.

You must first obtain a paperclip or something comparable. Then:

The TV should be unplugged from the wall and turned off.

On the TV’s side, you may find the reset button. It appears to be a tiny opening that only a paperclip could fit through.

Press and hold this reset button for at least 30 seconds.

Turn the TV back on.

Confirm that the problem has been resolved by reproducing the precise scenario once more.


Using the remote, restart the television

Only TCL Roku TVs may use this technique. Pressing a specific key combination on your remote will restart the TV.

The combination is described below and is reasonably simple to implement.

  • Five times press the Home button.
  • Press Up once, then Rewind twice.
  • Press the Fast forward button twice.

The TV will start to resume as soon as you successfully enter the combination. After the restart, use the TV normally to see if the problem still exists.


Verify the Cable Connections

I previously mentioned that weak connections or damaged wires could be a likely cause of a black screen on any TV. Check the connections at the TV’s back to make sure they are all secure.

I’d advise obtaining a new HDMI cable if yours is getting shabby.

Even if you are using the standard HDMI cable that came with the TV, it would be a good idea to purchase a new one from a reputable manufacturer like Belkin.

I suggest purchasing the Belkin Ultra HD HDMI cable.

It is gold plated, so you can be sure it will last forever, and it has amazing speeds to guarantee a lag-free display.


Update Your Firmware

Since TV migrated to the Android ecosystem, software for TVs has started receiving regular updates, and the TCL TV is no exception.

It would be a good idea to update your TV as well because software upgrades frequently resolve both serious and minor issues.

It is simple to check for and install firmware upgrades because Android TVs’ firmware is updated via software updates.


To upgrade your TCL Android TV:

  • Go to the Settings menu by pressing the Home button on the remote.
  • Select More Settings from the Settings menu once it is open.
  • Select Device Preferences > About.
  • Select System Update.
  • From the box that appears, choose Network Update.
  • When a software update becomes available, the TV will check for it and download it.
  • Click OK to confirm when it is finished.


Adjust Fast Start Option

By turning on or off the TCL TV’s Fast Start feature, users on internet forums claim to have repaired their black screens.

I’ll walk you through the procedure below to enable it if you had it disabled or to disable it otherwise.

Take the following actions for the TCL Roku TV:

  • On the Roku TV remote, click the Home button.
  • Go to Settings > System.
  • Pick Fast TV Start
  • Depending on your needs, enable or disable fast TV start.


For TCL Android TVs:

  • Launch the Settings menu.
  • Select Power
  • As necessary, adjust the “Instant power on” option.
  • Check to see if the problem has been resolved by restarting the television.


Reset the TV to its factory settings.

A factory reset should only be used as a last option because it will erase all of the TV’s settings and logged-in accounts.

Additionally, you would have to go through the initial setup and reconnect to your WiFi network.

Your TCL Roku TV needs to be reset to factory settings to be done.

  • Select Settings
  • Locate and pick System by scrolling down.
  • Go to Factory Reset under Advanced system settings.
  • Choose Reset everything to factory settings.
  • To begin the factory reset, enter the code displayed on the screen.


On an Android TV, you can restore everything to its factory settings by:

  • Press the remote’s settings button to navigate to the home screen.
  • Go to More Settings > Device Preference > Reset.
  • Select Factory data reset.
  • Select Erase Everything.
  • Type in the PIN shown on the screen, then hit OK.


Last Thoughts

For the price, TCL TVs are excellent. It is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a 4K TV who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a Sony or an LG but yet wants to get all the capabilities.

Not only the TV can occasionally stop working. The Roku control occasionally has issues, but repairing it is not too difficult.

Overall, TCL’s Android TVs and their more recent Roku TVs are excellent options for your first smart home entertainment system.


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