TFT MTK Module V7.0.0 PRO Tool: Error Fixed Version

TFT MTK Module V7.0.0 PRO Tool Error Fixed Version can be downloaded from this page. This is a strong and dependable program that assists with updating, repairing, recovering, protecting against viruses, and much more for your Android phone or tablet.

Fix bug Vivo new sec patch MT6765 wipes the factory data and resets the phone when it is stuck in Brom mode models by EMI New sec patch for Universal, Auth Bypass Brom Mode for Vivo


Version 7.0.0 PRO of the TFT MTK Module fixes an error.

A powerful tool for Android users to flash bootloader, ROM, and recovery on MTK devices is TFT MTK Module V7.0.0 PRO Tool Error Fixed Version.

Additionally, it can download kernels, recoveries, and custom ROMs right to your phone or tablet. You can quickly root your device with this program, backup and restore EFS partitions, pre-root phones, and unroot phones with only one click.

By selecting the “Check IMEI Number” button, you can also use it to check the IMEI number of your smartphone or tablet.

The TFT MTK Module V7.0.0 PRO Tool Error Fixed Version is an upgraded version that includes all the functionality of the TFT MTK Module V7 in addition to some new functions, such as automatic device detection and flashing.

  • Adaptable to all computer displays and responsive
  • Detection of security authentication
  • MTK Bootloader Unlock Auto Dump Preloader | +100 Models Added


Bootloader Unlock/Relock

Mt. 6739, Mt. 6761, Mt. 6762, Mt. 6765, Mt. 6768, Mt. 6771, Mt. 6779, and Mt. 6785


New Mediatek CPU Socs in Addition

  • Dimensity MediaTek 700 (MT6833)
  • Dimensity MediaTek 720 (MT6853V)
  • 800 MediaTek Dimensity (MT6873)
  • 900 MediaTek Dimensity (MT6877)
  • Dimensity 1100 from MediaTek (MT6891Z/CZA)
  • Dimensity MediaTek 1000L (MT6885)


Download Link

Download the error-fixed version of TFT MTK Tool V7.0 BETA PRO and TFT MTK Module V7.0.0 PRO for free. Not Activated

On our website, you can download the TFT MTK Module v7.0.0 Pro software, which will enable you to easily unlock your device. This program was created by Team-MTK to test the functionality of touch screens and LCDs in a real-world setting; if your phone or tablet’s touch screen is malfunctioning, use it instead of Huawei devices.




We’ve put together this list of TFT MTK Module V7.0 PRO Tool Error Fixed Version to make it as easy as possible for you to discover a fix. We aim to make sure you can save money by doing less research and concentrating more on solving the immediate issue because we are aware that time is money.


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