Vitambulisho Vya Ujasiriamali Tanzania – Online Application

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Vitambulisho Vya Ujasiriamali Tanzania – Online Application

Vitambulisho Ujasiriamali Online Application

The President’s Office – PMO-TAMISEMI has established a system for registering entrepreneurs and small service providers in partnership with the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). Entrepreneurs and small service providers may use this system to register and apply for IDs online. Apply Kitambulisho online, Machinga Kitambulisho online, Jinsi ya Kupata Kitambulisho online, Vitambulisho vya wajasiriamali online


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According to David Silinde, Deputy Minister of PMO-TAMISEMI, small business IDs have undergone a number of upgrades, including photographs and the individual’s name. Silinde answered a critical question from Grace Tendega, Member of Parliament for Special Seats in Dodoma on June 18, 2021 in response to parliament.


An entrepreneur’s ID card has become a problem for small-scale traders, according to the MP, and he wants to know the government’s strategy for improving or eliminating such IDs. Silinde responded to the query by recognising the complexities of granting IDs to entrepreneurs and small businesses.


TAMISEMI has evaluated the process of allocating, registering, and using entrepreneurs’ and small business owners’ IDs to determine current difficulties and devise solutions,” he said. From 2021 onward, the IDs have been enhanced in a number of ways, including adding a picture and the name of a young business owner who received an ID, he said.


Apply Online Vitambulisho vya Ujasiriamali Nafanyaje kujisaliji katika Mfumo wa Vitambulisho vya Wajasiriamali?

Click to Apply Now for vitambulisho vya ujasiriamali


Apply Online Vitambulisho vya Ujasiriamali

Apply Online Vitambulisho Ujasiriamali

You can obtain a Small Entrepreneur Identification or Small Provider Identification Application by Paying Tsh. 20,000 /= at any NMB or CRDB bank branch using Payment Number (Control Number) 995040000014,

or any NMB or CRDB bank agent, NMB mobile as well as Using Mobile Money (M-PESA, TIGO PESA, AIRTEL MONEY, HALOPESA, T-PESA N.K.) and

Use this details:

=> Enter Payment Number (995040000014)

=> Enter Amount (Tsh. 20,000 / =)

=> Enter the password for your used phone

=> By tapping the Number 1 key, you may confirm your payment. ( Vitambulisho vya Ujasiriamali Tanzania – Apply Online )


Once you have paid, send in the payment reference number / Receipt No. to the Office of the Intestinal Business Officer or the Office of the Ward / Village Executive Officer for your 2020 Entrepreneurship Identity.


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  • Without the Fee payment of Tsh 20,000/ = your application will be cancelled within some hours.
  • Entrepreneurs or small service providers who are not Tanzania Revenue Authority taxpayers (TRA) cannot operate a business without a 2020 Small Entrepreneur Identity Card.


About Tanzania Revenue Authority | TRA

Tanzania Revenue Authority kwa ajiri ya Ujasiriamali

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established by Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1995, and started its operations on 1st July 1996.  In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the Central Government.

TRA Contacts


Postcode:28 Edward Sokoine Drive,11105 Mchafukoge, Ilala CBD, P.O.Box 11491, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

TRA Call Centre

Please use the call centre for general enquiries, requests, complaints and report or obtain information on the availability of TRA business systems. All TRA customers are encouraged to use this service from wherever they are.

Calls from Tanzania will be free:

0800 750 075

0800 780 078

The call centre working hours will be from 08.00 am to 07.00 pm East African time, Monday to Friday except public holiday.

TRA Regional Offices

vitambulisho vya Ujasiriamali

  • Call Centre TRA Call Centre
    Dar es salaam, Tanzania
  • Phone: 0800 750 075
  • Arusha Regional Manager
    Arusha, Tanzania
  • Phone: +255 27 254 5967
  • Coast Region Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 23 240 2905
  • Kinondoni Regional Manager
    Dar es salaam
  • Phone: +255 22 2771846
  • Ilala Regional Manager
    Dar es salaam
  • Phone: +255 22 2185545
  • Temeke Regional Manager
    Dar es salaam
  • Phone: +255 22 2861122
  • Mwanza Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2500906
  • Tanga Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 27 2642200
  • Kilimanjaro Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 27 2753268
  • Tabora Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 26 2604609
  • Rukwa Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 25 2801089
  • Ruvuma Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 25 2602140
  • Shinyanga Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2762385
  • Singida Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 26 2502320
  • Mtwara Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 23 2333662
  • Mbeya Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 25 2502165
  • Mara Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2622551
  • Manyara Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 27 2531006
  • Lindi Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 23 2202662
  • Kigoma Regional Manager
  • Phone: +255 28 2802054




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