WWE 2K22 PPSSPP [400MB] Highly Compressed: Free Download

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WWE 2K22 PPSSPP:- There Are Four Important Tricks You Should Know. The First Is That If You Have A Laggy Experience On A PPSSPP Game, Whether It Is A PPSSPP Emulator Or A PPSSPP Gold Emulator, Simply Go To The PPSSPP Settings, On Graphics, Under Frame rate Control, Turn On Auto Frame skipping Option To Play The Game Without Lags.

WWE 2K22 PPSSPP DX Tech Android – PPSSPP Games, WWE Games, Football Games, ISO Games, and PS2 Games

And the second is that if the game does not fill the screen, simply go to PPSSPP Settings, go to Graphics, under Screen Layout, click Display Layout Editor, and turn on Stretching Mode, which will allow you to play the game in full-screen mode.

And the third is to go to Settings, Graphics, Performance Settings, and turn Rendering Resolution to 10x PSP. With these settings, you may play PPSSPP games at their highest resolution.

And the fourth is that if you don’t like the standard controls or those customized by Creator Controls, you can change them as you see fit. Go to Game Settings – Controls – Edit Touch Control Layout to make changes.

And, in general, if you don’t like any of the pre-customisation done by the creator, such as controls, game screen, audio, background image, or resolution, simply open the game’s menu and select Delete Game Config.

Overall, you just need two apps to play the highly compressed PPSSPP games: PPSSPP Emulator and ZArchiver, both of which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Hello there, Today I’m Going To Share A Popular Wrestling Game WWE 2K22, Which Has Been Highly Compressed For Gamers To Download Easily.

WWE 2K22 PPSSPP Highly Compressed


WWE 2K22 PPSSPP Installation Guide:

To download the game, swipe down and click the Download button.

  • Install ZArchiver from the PlayStore after downloading the game.
  • After installing ZArchiver, launch it and navigate to the game file you downloaded.
  • To extract the game file, right-click the file and select the Extract option.
  • After extracting, copy the PSP file to your internal storage.


  • To play PSP games after pasting, you would need an emulator.
  • Install PPSSPP Emulator from Google Play or PPSSPP Gold from Chrome.
  • After installing PPSSPP, launch the emulator and navigate to the location where you extracted the game.
  • Play the game by clicking on it.


Download [400MB] WWE 2K22 PPSSPP

The game was highly compressed; the original size was nearly 1.38GB; the compressed size was exactly 400MB; click the image below to download the game file.


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