Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022: It’s Great Squad and Honors

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Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022/2023 Champions League

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Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022

Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022, Zalan FC is a South Sudanese team from Rumbek. They compete in the South Sudan Premier League, finishing second in Group B in 2017

  • In 2017 Zalan FC lost the UNMISS Peace Cup 4–2 to Gonzaga FC.
  • In 2018 Zalan FC won the South Sudan Premier League cup after beating Gold Star team 4–0
  • Ground Rumbek Freedom Square

Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022

 The squad of Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022

Wafahamu zaidi Zalan Fc wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022 Champions League



Something About Yanga Sc

The Young Africans Sports Club, sometimes known simply as Yanga, is a Tanzanian football club that plays its home games in the Jangwani neighborhood of Dar es Salaam. The club was established in 1935, and the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium is where they play their home games.Yanga Klabu Bingwa Afrika 2022-2023,Young Africans Sc Opponent CAF Champions League 2022/23

Matokeo Yanga Sc vs Tanzania Prisons May 9,2022 Results

The club’s nickname is “Yanga,” which means “Young Boys,” and they have won 28 league titles and a number of domestic cup competitions. Additionally, they have competed in many editions of the CAF Champions League. They are five-time champions of the CECAFA Club Championship tournament.



Zalan of South Sudan vs Yanga SC of Tanzania Winner will play St. George of George or Al Ahli Tripoli of Libya.

Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022 is not such a big team compared to Yanga Sc

Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022 is a football team from South Sudan, in the city of Rumbek, participating in the Sudanese league.

Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022 is not a very long time team that managed to take the Sudan championship for the first time in the 2021/2022 season but they also took the Sudan Confederation Cup in 2018. These are the opponents of Yanga KLABU BINGWA AFRICA 2022/2023


CAF Champions League and Caf Confederation Draw 2022/2023

Zalan Fc Wapinzani wa Yanga CAF 2022

The club came to represent the anti-colonial movement and its ideals. The political group TANU was motivated to choose yellow and green as their major colors after becoming linked with young Africans who got affiliated with nationalists and independence fighters. The club is now going through a procedure that will maintain the investors’ ownership of the club at a rate of 49 percent while transferring the remaining 51 percent to the club members.Zalan of South Sudan v Yanga SC CAF Champions League 2022/2023

The club has a long-standing rivalry with its opponents from the other side of the city, Simba, against whom they compete in the Dar es Salaam (sometimes referred to as Kariakoo) derby. The competition was placed fifth on the list of the most notable derbies that take place in Africa.

The origins of the club can be traced back as far as the 1910s, but the club’s officially recognized history began in 1935. That year, residents of Dar es Salaam, who were classified as Africans by the colonial administration in Tanganyika, decided to form a football club in order to compete in a league that was full of “non-African” football clubs.


At the time, the club was officially recognized as having begun its history. According to some accounts, the club was formerly known as New Young. After some time, it was succeeded by the name Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC, and after some more time, it was renamed Young Africans Sports Club.


After it was founded in 1935, its members argued amongst themselves over the ineffective performance and outcomes of their team. In 1936, the club had an even more disappointing and unsatisfactory performance, which led to the departure of some of its members and the formation of a new group.


Arabs who considered it as their duty to stir up discord among the members of the club and bring about its dissolution were the instigators of the breakaway movement. They were successful and, together with other rebels, established a football team known as Queens F.C. (currently Simba).

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Since then, Young Africans and Simba have been fierce competitors against one another. The derby between the two teams is consistently ranked among the top five most talked about derbies in African football, and it is often considered to be the most exciting fight to take place in the Sub-Saharan area

On May 27, the members of the club reached a consensus to alter the governance structure of their club in order to open the door to private investments from other businesses.Zalan of South Sudan v Yanga SC CAF Champions League 2022/2023


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