2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table

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Luxembourg National Division season 2022-2023

2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table

2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table


16 teams compete in Luxembourg’s National Division, which has 240 games total, 64 of which have been completed as of October 13, 2022. Swift Hesperange and Racing currently lead the National Division with 8 wins from 8 games, followed by F91 Dudelange. At the very bottom of the list is Victoria Rosport, who has never won. Jeunesse d’Esch and Fola Esch are all in danger of being demoted to the position directly above Victoria Rosport.


2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table



This season in the league, Dudelange are in first place, 2 points ahead of Hesperang in second, and 12 points in front of Racing in third. Dudelange has won all nine of its league games this season after defeating Differdange 3-1 at home. Hesperang is currently on a 4-match winning streak and is still unbeaten after 9 league games this season thanks to their 4-2 home victory over Mondorf.


Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Fixtures

Hostert 13:00 Monnerich
Jeunesse d’Esch 13:00 UNA Strassen
Wiltz 13:00 UT Pétange
Victoria Rosport 13:00 Etzella Ettelbrück
UN Käerjéng 13:00 Fola Esch
F91 Dudelange 13:00 Differdange 03
Progrès Niederkorn 13:00 Racing Union L…
Swift Hesperange 14:00 Mondorf-les-Bains
October 23, 2022
UT Pétange 13:00 Jeunesse d’Esch
Racing Union L… 13:00 Hostert
UNA Strassen 13:00 Progrès Niederkorn
Mondorf-les-Bains 13:00 F91 Dudelange
Etzella Ettelbrück 13:00 Wiltz
Fola Esch 13:00 Victoria Rosport
Differdange 03 13:00 UN Käerjéng
Monnerich 13:00 Swift Hesperange


2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table

Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Results

October 9, 2022
Hostert 1 – 0 Progrès Niederkorn
Racing Union L… 2 – 1 Jeunesse d’Esch
UNA Strassen 4 – 3 Wiltz
UT Pétange 5 – 1 Victoria Rosport
Etzella Ettelbrück 1 – 1 UN Käerjéng
Fola Esch 0 – 2 F91 Dudelange
Differdange 03 1 – 2 Swift Hesperange
Monnerich 1 – 2 Mondorf-les-Bains
September 18, 2022
Progrès Niederkorn 4 – 0 Monnerich
UN Käerjéng 0 – 1 UT Pétange
Jeunesse d’Esch 1 – 2 Hostert
Victoria Rosport 0 – 0 UNA Strassen
Wiltz 1 – 1 Racing Union L…
F91 Dudelange 4 – 0 Etzella Ettelbrück
Swift Hesperange 8 – 1 Fola Esch
Mondorf-les-Bains 0 – 1 Differdange 03




About the Luxembourg Premier League

2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table

The National Division is Luxembourg’s top football division (Luxembourgish: Nationaldivisioun, French: Division Nationale, German: National division). Prior to 2011, when the Luxembourg Football Federation secured a sponsorship deal with Fortis, it was known as the BGL Ligue.

It had twelve teams before 2006, but it increased to fourteen for the following season and has stayed there ever since. The reigning champion is F91 Dudelange.

The competition started in 1909–10 and has continued every year since, with the exception of 1912–13 and four seasons during World War II.

The event was known as the Luxembourgish Championship up until 1913–1914 (Ltzebuerger Championnat, French: Championnat Luxembourgeois). From 1914–15 to 1931–32, it was referred to as the Premier Division (French: Première Division; Luxembourgish: Éischt Divisioun).

It was referred to as the Division of Honour (French: Division d’Honneur; Luxembourgish: Éirendivisioun) from 1932–1933 to 1956–1957. Since the 1957–1958 campaign, the league has been known as the National Division.


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