Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Fixtures,Results and Table Standings

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Luxembourg Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures,Results and Table Standings Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Fixtures, Luxembourg National Division Table 2022/2023,National Division Fixtures 2022/2023,Luxembourg Premier League Table 2022/2023   Luxembourg Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures,Results and Table Standings.


Luxembourg National Division season 2022-2023

16 teams compete in Luxembourg’s National Division, which has 240 games total, 64 of which have been completed as of October 13, 2022. Swift Hesperange and Racing currently lead the National Division with 8 wins from 8 games, followed by F91 Dudelange. At the very bottom of the list is Victoria Rosport, who has never won. Jeunesse d’Esch, and Fola Esch are all in danger of being demoted to the position directly above Victoria Rosport.



Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Fixtures


Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Fixtures

Hostert 13:00 Monnerich
Jeunesse d’Esch 13:00 UNA Strassen
Wiltz 13:00 UT Pétange
Victoria Rosport 13:00 Etzella Ettelbrück
UN Käerjéng 13:00 Fola Esch
F91 Dudelange 13:00 Differdange 03
Progrès Niederkorn 13:00 Racing Union L…
Swift Hesperange 14:00 Mondorf-les-Bains
October 23, 2022
UT Pétange 13:00 Jeunesse d’Esch
Racing Union L… 13:00 Hostert
UNA Strassen 13:00 Progrès Niederkorn
Mondorf-les-Bains 13:00 F91 Dudelange
Etzella Ettelbrück 13:00 Wiltz
Fola Esch 13:00 Victoria Rosport
Differdange 03 13:00 UN Käerjéng
Monnerich 13:00 Swift Hesperange



Luxembourg Premier League 2022 to 2023 Results

October 9, 2022
Hostert 1 – 0 Progrès Niederkorn
Racing Union L… 2 – 1 Jeunesse d’Esch
UNA Strassen 4 – 3 Wiltz
UT Pétange 5 – 1 Victoria Rosport
Etzella Ettelbrück 1 – 1 UN Käerjéng
Fola Esch 0 – 2 F91 Dudelange
Differdange 03 1 – 2 Swift Hesperange
Monnerich 1 – 2 Mondorf-les-Bains
September 18, 2022
Progrès Niederkorn 4 – 0 Monnerich
UN Käerjéng 0 – 1 UT Pétange
Jeunesse d’Esch 1 – 2 Hostert
Victoria Rosport 0 – 0 UNA Strassen
Wiltz 1 – 1 Racing Union L…
F91 Dudelange 4 – 0 Etzella Ettelbrück
Swift Hesperange 8 – 1 Fola Esch
Mondorf-les-Bains 0 – 1 Differdange 03



2022/23 Luxembourg National Division Standings Table

Luxembourg National Division Table updated last on today


Top scorers in Luxembourg Premier League Seasons 2003-04 to 2021-22

Year Player Team Goals
2003–04 Cape Verde José Andrade Spora Luxembourg 24
2004–05 Luxembourg Sergio Pupovac Alliance 01 24
2005–06 Turkey Fatih Sözen Grevenmacher 23
2006–07 Luxembourg Daniel da Mota Etzella Ettelbruck 24
2007–08 France Emmanuel Coquelet F91 Dudelange 20
2008–09 France Pierre Piskor Differdange 03 30
2009–10 Luxembourg Daniel Huss Grevenmacher 22
2010–11 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanel Ibrahimović Wiltz 71 18
2011–12 France Omar Er Rafik[7] Differdange 03 23
2012–13 Bosnia and Herzegovina Edis Osmanović Wiltz 71 21
2013–14 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanel Ibrahimović Jeunesse Esch 22
2014–15 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanel Ibrahimović Jeunesse Esch 21
2015–16 France Julien Jahier Racing 25
2016–17 France Omar Er Rafik Differdange 03 26
2017–18 Luxembourg David Turpel F91 Dudelange 33
2018–19 Morocco Samir Hadji Fola Esch 23
2019–20 Not awarded, abandoned due to COVID-19 pandemic
2020–21 France Zachary Hadji Fola Esch 33
2021–22 Germany Dominik Stolz Swift Hesperange 19

About the Luxembourg Premier League

The National Division is Luxembourg’s top football division (Luxembourgish: Nationaldivisioun, French: Division Nationale, German: National division). Prior to 2011, when the Luxembourg Football Federation secured a sponsorship deal with Fortis, it was known as the BGL Ligue.

It had twelve teams before 2006, but it increased to fourteen for the following season and has stayed there ever since. The reigning champion is F91 Dudelange.

The competition started in 1909–10 and has continued every year since, with the exception of 1912–13 and four seasons during World War II.

The event was known as the Luxembourgish Championship up until 1913–1914 (Ltzebuerger Championnat, French: Championnat Luxembourgeois). From 1914–15 to 1931–32, it was referred to as the Premier Division (French: Première Division; Luxembourgish: Éischt Divisioun).

It was referred to as the Division of Honour (French: Division d’Honneur; Luxembourgish: Éirendivisioun) from 1932–1933 to 1956–1957. Since the 1957–1958 campaign, the league has been known as the National Division.


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More Information About Nation League-Luxembourg


Rayan Philippe led the National Division in scoring with 12 goals, outscoring the rest of the field with a total of 207 goals (an average of 3.23 goals per game). Swift Hesperange leads all teams with 31 goals scored so far. Joo Magno leads the National Division with a total of 1 assists this season.



Currently, Differdange 03 has the best record for keeping shutouts, while Fola Esch has conceded the most goals (23 goals) (4). Guillaume Cappa is the goalkeeper with the most shutouts (4).



In the National Division, there have been 213 yellow cards issued thus far, or 3.33 yellow cards per game. Yellow-red cards were shown 16 times on average (0.25 per match), while red cards were shown 12 times (0.19 per match)


How would you describe Luxembourg?

Luxembourg was founded in 1830, making it a young nation like many smaller ones. Its culture differs from that of other European nations as a result. For Westerners, who might think that all Luxembourgers are like the stereotype of the transgender international criminal seen in so many movies, this can be perplexing.

Germans, Dutch, Belgians, French, and Luxembourgers are among the many different nationalities that call Luxembourg home. Furthermore, despite the fact that some people might think of Luxembourg as a tax haven, this is untrue. In fact, the nation has one of the world’s highest effective corporate tax rates (at 19.6 percent) and despite numerous attempts in parliament to raise it, it has never been successful.


Living in Luxembourg: What It’s Like

There are a variety of city-states, small towns, and quaint villages in Luxembourg that make great bases for traveling throughout the nation. The four regions of Luxembourg are the City of Luxembourg, the Central Region, the East Region, and the North Region. While the national parliament and many significant attractions are located in Luxembourg City, the nation’s capital, making it a great place to begin your tour.

Is Luxembourg the best place for you to live? Are you prepared to settle down and pursue your ideal lifestyle? If any of these statements apply to you, you might want to look into all of the opportunities Luxembourg has to offer. The tiny European nation to the west of Belgium is renowned for its neutrality, breathtaking scenery, and hospitable citizens.

What if, however, these traits are merely the tip of the iceberg? Compared to other European nations, Luxembourg has a few clear advantages: Decentralized and largely in charge of its own destiny, the government. Each city and municipality is therefore given the power and capacity to better their local communities.

This allows each city-state some flexibility in how they want to run their respective governments. For instance, many cities are eager to pool resources and work together on shared projects. This enables every member of the community, regardless of where they live, to gain from local developments.


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