Free Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery

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Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery:- Through, you can order a PSA birth, marriage, death, or CENOMAR online and benefit from door-to-door delivery throughout the Philippines. You can obtain your PSA certificates quickly and easily using one of the many payment options available, and customer support is available to help you at every step of the way.


Free Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery

Online Application for PSA Certificate

PSA Certificate Online Application:You can take advantage of the ease of a PSA online application and get your PSA certificates while remaining secure at home with just a few clicks. Both a desktop computer and a mobile device can be used for the simple ordering process. The PSA certificates are only given to the authorized requester or rightful owner upon presentation of a valid form of identification.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a PSA birth certificate cost?
  2. Can I order if I’m abroad?
  3. Can I order if I’m below 18 years old?
  4. How can I pay for the PSA online certificate order?
  5. How long will it take to receive my documents?
  6. Why is it taking so long to deliver my order?
  7. Why is my order under manual verification?
  8. Can a spouse receive an order?
  9. Can I leave an authorization letter for my order?
  10. Do I really need to personally receive the delivery?
  11. What ID do I need to show the delivery courier?


How long does it take for Nationwide delivery of PSA certificates

How long will it take for my documents to arrive? Your order will be delivered in 3–4 working days if it is being delivered within Metro Manila, and in 3–8 working days if it is being delivered outside of Metro Manila, after your payment has been posted.
  • 3 to 4 Working days  within Metro Manila
  • 3 to 8 Working days  outside Metro Manila
Localized hard lockdowns, applications requiring extended verification, or potential exceptional delivery issues coul all cause delivery times to increase.
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has granted permission to manage online requests and provide PSA certificates across the country. Since its inception in 2000, the service has served millions of Filipinos.

A hotline that is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays, supports the service. Applicants for PSA birth, marriage, CENOMAR, and death certificates may also email their inquiries. Regular updates via email and SMS are also provided, along with a status checker on the website.


Available Certificates to Apply for.

Certificate of Live Birth

Marriage Certificate

You can apply for a copy of your PSA marriage certificate as well as those for your parents’ or kids’ marriages.

Order Now.

Certificate of Live Birth (Death Certificate)

You can apply for a copy of your parent’s or spouse’s PSA death certificate.


Order Now

Certificate of Live Birth


For a copy of your PSA CENOMAR, your child’s, or your parents’, you can submit an application.

Apply Now


How can I get my birth certificate from PSA online?

Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery
Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery
Online Procedures for Getting a PSA Birth Certificate
  1. Step 1: Go to a PSA-accredited online website. Visit any of the above-mentioned certified PSA online websites.
  2. Step 2: Pay the processing fees. The processing fees must be paid.
  3. Step 3: Receive your document

What is a PSA Birth Certificate?

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) issues and authenticates PSA Birth Certificates to Filipino citizens, which record their live birth information, including birthdate, place of birth, parents’ information, birth attendant, local civil registry number, and birth registration number.


How can you obtain a PSA birth certificate?

In the Philippines, there are three ways to obtain a PSA birth certificate:

  1. At the PSA branch office,
  2. At PSA-accredited centers
  3. Get Your PSA Birth Certificate Online

Requirements for PSA Birth Certificates

Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery
Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery
  • Application Form (this form is provided by the PSA)
  • Certificate Fee (P155)
  • Valid ID for both the owner and requester of the document.
  • An authorization letter and ID of the document owner together with the ID of the requester are required if the requester is not the following: document owner, parent, spouse, direct descendant, legal guardian/institution in-charge, if minor.


Procedures for Obtaining a PSA Birth Certificate at a PSA Branch

In response to the pandemic, the PSA established an online appointment system (the CRS Online Appointment System). As a result, an appointment will now be necessary to obtain a PSA birth certificate from any PSA location.


Step 1: Use the PSA Online Appointment System to make an appointment.

To obtain a verified birth certificate, schedule an appointment through the PSA Civil Registration Service Appointment System.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, minors are not allowed to schedule appointments.

If the inquiring party is a duly authorized representative, the original copy of the authorization letter and a valid ID must be shown.


Step 2: Choose a PSA outlet or branch

To schedule an appointment, choose the PSA location. After choosing your PSA branch and region, click “next.”


Step 3: Provide your contact information for your appointment.

Specify your name in the online form (first, middle, and last). Have a working phone number and a valid email address, please. the checkbox after that.

Include their contact information if you’re making a schedule for someone else, and bear in mind that all of the deadlines and requirements also apply to them.

NOTE: If you’re requesting a birth certificate for another person, use your own contact details.


Step 4: Confirm your OTP

You will receive an OTP code from PSA CRS to verify your identity via email. Enter or copy the OTP number to move on to the next step.


Step 5: Complete the birth certificate application form

Choose the type of certificate you need and complete the application form (in this case, a Certificate of Live Birth).

You can also make another request for a certificate (including a different type) for another person. After you’ve completed your document requests, move on to the next field.


Select your preferred appointment day and time.

You can now select your preferred appointment day and time on the page’s calendar. The dark colored boxes will serve as placeholders for some open slots. The time and available slots will be shown when you choose a date.


Step 7: Confirm the details of your appointment

Your birth certificate request and schedule will be displayed on the page.

Take some time to review the specifics of your appointment before you confirm it. You should be aware that your reservation cannot be changed.


Keep a digital copy of your appointment slip.

You will soon receive your Civil Registration Service Appointment Slip, which includes your confirmed booking and QR code. When you leave for your appointment, you’ll need it, so print it out or save a copy on your computer.

Here’s a list of application forms for the different types of certificates you’re requesting:

  • PSA Birth Certificate Application Form.
  • Marriage Certificate Application Form.
  • Death Certificate Application Form.
  • Certificate of No Record of Marriage (CENOMAR) Application Form.

You can print out these forms and complete them before your appointment to expedite your trip to the PSA outlet.


Step 9:Go to the PSA outlet for your appointment.

Fill in and present a completed health survey form along with your CRS appointment sheet. Obtain a copy of your queue ticket number and the PSA birth certificate application form (AF) (QTN).


Step 10: Pay the processing fee.

The next step is to proceed to the cashier to pay the application fee. A PSA birth certificate is currently available for P155 per copy.


Step 11: Get a copy of your birth certificate

Wait until the PSA branch’s scheduled release date for the release of your certificate. Bring your official receipt (OR) and a valid photo ID to the releasing section. Double-check your certificate for any mistakes or updates before you leave the area.


How to Obtain a PSA Birth Certificate Online?

The most reliable places to get your certificate online are the following websites, which have all been approved by the Philippine Statistics Authority. We advise dealing with them only if the PSA has given permission. Find out more about them. These are the following websites:


Online Procedures for Getting a PSA Birth Certificate 

psa birth certificate online
Online PSA Certificate Application And Delivery

Step 1: Go to a PSA-accredited online website.

Visit one of the certified PSA online websites listed above. To get your PSA-issued birth certificate, click the ORDER button and complete the form.


Step 2: Pay the processing fees.

The processing fees must be paid.

A PSA birth certificate costs P365 per copy when purchased online. It’s important to note that the cost of an online birth certificate is higher because shipping and other costs are included.

Online or ATM credit card payments are both options. Additionally, accepted payment methods include GCash, ECPay, PayMaya, 7-Eleven stores, Palawan Express, and Dragonpay.


Step 3: Receive your document

After payment confirmation, your document will be delivered anywhere in the Philippines in 3 to 4 working days for addresses inside Metro Manila and 3 to 8 working days for addresses outside Metro Manila.


How to obtain a PSA birth certificate at PSA accredited centers?

Procedures for Getting a PSA Birth Certificate in SM Business Center

Step 1: Fill out a PSA birth certificate request form.

You must complete the application form in order to obtain a PSA birth certificate. The receptionist or security at the SM Business Center will hand you the form.


Step 2:Pay the service fees

Donate the required sum. SM Business Center currently charges P155 for copies of PSA-issued birth certificates in addition to a P25 service charge per request.


Step 3: Get your certificate on the day it’s supposed to be released.

You can pick up your document in the release section of SM Business Services. Remember to bring the receipt, a photo ID that is currently valid, and an authorization letter if you have a representative.

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How to request a PSA Certificate of Marriage Online?

What is a Marriage Certificate?

A marriage license demonstrates a social union or a contract that is legally binding and establishes kinship. This relationship is also known as matrimony, and it is frequently made official through a wedding ceremony. Marriage is generally understood to be a social agreement between two people that binds their lives together on all levels—legally, financially, and emotionally.

A marriage certificate is a written record that details the union and bears the signatures of all parties.


Here is a comprehensive guide on how to order a PSA marriage certificate online through if you require a duplicate of your marriage certificate.


Estimated reading time: 6 minutes.

Once you exchange vows, your “single” status changes to “married” once you marry your partner. In order to enable the change in status and serve as legal proof of it, you will need a marriage certificate.

Detailed instructions are provided here if you require a copy of this civil register document.


How to Acquire a PSA Marriage Certificate Online?

If you don’t have the time to go in person and fill out the application, you can get a copy of your marriage certificate online. The PSA has authorized to provide online PSA marriage certificates, and this website supports the application procedure.


Online PSA Application Process

Step 1: On the homepage, click the “Order Now” button on the screen’s right side. You can also use the header’s “Order Now” button.



Step 2. On the following page, check the box at the bottom to select “Marriage” from the menu. When done, click “Continue.”

A page will appear with two options on it. If you’re ordering your PSA marriage certificate, choose “My Own Marriage Certificate”; if you’re ordering for a friend, relative, or someone else, choose “For Someone Else”; then click “Continue.”

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Step 3:

The information that needs from you will be displayed on the page. Make sure you have the necessary data on hand before starting the process before clicking “Continue.”

You will be given a form to complete from the screen that will ask for information such as your sex, civil status (if you’re a woman), first and last names, birth date, and the type of ID your government has issued you. After finishing the form, click “Continue.”

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Step 4.On the following page, enter your spouse’s details, including first, middle, and last names. When done, click “Continue.”

You will be prompted to enter your wedding date on the screen. After providing the information, press “Continue.”


Step 5. To specify the location of your wedding, select the country, province, and municipality on the following page. When done, click “Continue.”

If your marriage registration was late, you would be questioned on the following page. In that case, decide “Yes, it was registered after the deadline,” and in the absence of that, decide “No, it was registered on time.”


Step 6. When you request a copy of your PSA marriage certificate, a page asking you to justify your request will appear. Once you’ve decided, click “Continue.” If you have taken legal action regarding your marriage, please indicate so on the following page. When done, click “Continue.”


Step 7.Your delivery address, contact information, and email address are required on the following screen.


Additional things to remember:

There are things to remember when completing the PSA online application form:

  • Verify that the data on your ID matches up, especially your name and birthday. Please note that you must show your ID while receiving your PSA marriage certificate.
  • Use a location where you may directly get the PSA paper you’ve requested.
  • If the authorized person is under 18, you are not permitted to ask for a copy of someone else’s marriage license.


Fees and Payment Options for Online Applications

You will receive a reference number after completing the online PSA birth certificate application form, which you can use to check the accepted forms of payment. The present financial associates of are:

  • Visa
  • GCash
  • PayMaya
  • 7-Eleven
  • Bayad
  • The Palawan Express
  • BancNet
  • Metrobank
  • BPI
  • BDO
  • Dragonpay


A single copy of a PSA marriage certificate costs Php 365.00. Any of the following payment methods are accepted:

  • 7-eleven
    You may pay for your request at a 7-Eleven using a CLIQQ machine.
  • Bayad
    If you prefer to pay with a Bayad or TouchPay machine, see the list of Bayad shops.
  • Paymaya
    PayMaya e-wallet users may use the app to make payments for free.
  • Credit card
    You can pay in real time using a MasterCard or Visa card. American Express and JCB credit cards are not accepted as of the time of writing.
  • ATM
    Go to a BancNet ATM to pay for your online application cost. Then, to settle the payment, select the Bills Payment option. Depending on the bank, payment posting may take a day or two.
  • GCash
    If you have a GCash account, you may pay using the e-wallet option for a simple transaction.

You can quickly find out the status of your request by clicking the “Check Status” button in the header and entering your 10-digit reference number.


Delivery Reminders

  • Delivery takes three to four working days within Metro Manila. If the recipient’s address is outside Metro Manila, it might take three to eight working days for your document to arrive.
  • When your requested PSA document is delivered, the courier will ask you to show one valid government-issued ID.
  • You have to get the PSA document in person. The courier won’t give the order to anyone else, even with a letter of authorization. Contact at (02) 8737-1111, Monday through Saturday (excluding holidays), from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, by email at, or on Facebook at if you won’t be available on the delivery date.
  • After 30 calendar days, all documents that haven’t been delivered despite two attempts will be returned to the PSA, and any payments made for them will be lost. At, a new order can be made.



How soon after getting married may a couple apply for a Certificate of Marriage?

It is suggested that the marriage license application be filed after the posting period. If the wedding takes place within Metro Manila, the posting period usually lasts one to two months. If you reside outside of Metro Manila, the posting process could take two to three months.


The marriage license misspells either my name or that of my spouse. What ought I to do?

The LCRO, where your marriage certificate was recorded, must receive a petition for the rectification of entries from you. The City/Municipal Civil Registrar, the District or Circuit Registrar, or both, may charge a filing fee for the petition.

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