Apply Mama Samia scholarship 2022

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To promote science studies, the Ministry of Education has developed “Samia Scholarship.”

According to an official announcement from the government, the Samia Scholarship will be awarded to students who excel in science studies on September 27, 2022.


How much money is set aside for the SAMIA Scholarship 2022/23?

The Samia Scholarship has been given a budget of 3 billion shillings for the first year, with a target of 6 billion shillings for the following year.

Professor Adolf Mkenda, the minister of education, science, and technology, said the government has set aside 3 billion shillings for this year to facilitate funding for students who have excelled in science studies at the graduate level. He was speaking to media editors in Dar es Salaam to explain the strategies of his ministry, which include implementing the budget for the fiscal year 2022–2023 passed by parliament.

Application Maombi ya Samia scholarship 2022/23

Apply Mama Samia scholarship 2022

SAMIA Scholarship 2022/23

Apply Mama Samia scholarship 2022

Applicants to Apply mama Samia Scholarship 2022

Students who have performed exceptionally well in science studies have thus far been declared eligible for the Samia Scholarship.

The Samia Scholarship’s eligibility requirements state that applicants must perform well in science classes and be prepared to continue their studies in engineering or medicine.

We currently only award scholarships to nearby colleges, according to Prof. Mkenda. According to him, if a student has done well in science and is aware that his education is being paid for by Tanzanians, he should make an effort to come and work for them there. He also said that they will provide a window for students with special needs so that they can also benefit from the funding that will be provided.

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How many pupils will be eligible for the Samia Scholarship at first?

Number for students to Apply mama Samia scholarship 2022/23 intake

The first year of the Samiah Scholarship will begin with a total of 640 students in 2022/2023.

The Minister unveils COSTECH’s “Mama Samia Scholarship 2022/23” scheme.

In a press conference held yesterday at the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) in Dar es Salaam, the minister of education, science, and technology listed the ministry’s direction, priorities, and strategic areas of work for the current fiscal year.

According to him, recipients of the “Samia Scholarship” will be chosen based on their excellence in science coursework and readiness to pursue further education in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine.

According to him, President Samia Suluhu Hassan inspired high school students to work hard and do well in science classes, which is why the scholarship bears her name.

“The scholarship is an incentive to encourage students to venture into science subjects,” he said, noting that this would eventually boost the number of those trained to be experts in those fields.

The minister disregarded factors like the beneficiary’s gender or socioeconomic status because anyone with high passing marks will be taken into account.

According to him, program beneficiaries will initially be assigned to the nation’s universities, with total funding gradually rising in accordance with budgetary constraints and beneficiary needs.

He added that a window will be set up for students with special needs and that the scholarship process is intended to be permanent and expanded to give more students opportunities.

The idea is that they should gain from the funding, which will be given to any student who has passed science and is aware that his or her education is being paid for by Tanzanians, regardless of the student’s family background.

He noted that the scholarship program is connected to the fact that science and technology are advancing in the modern world and claimed that a beneficiary of the program would make an effort to return and serve the community after completing studies.

The minister underlined, laying accent on the government’s intent to focus on science and technology owing to their unquestioned benefits to society and for national development.

The government is working on how to improve education by reviewing policies and curricula so that students get skills that enable them to initiate income generating activities later.

The minister had previously stated that a team had been assembled to review loan applications and distributions for higher education because some eligible applicants had had their requests denied while non-eligible applicants had received loans.

Prof. Allen Mushi, the deputy vice chancellor for administration at Mzumbe University, will preside over the team that will examine loan allocation and disbursement for the previous five years. To help the ministry take further action, the team will submit recommendations.

The team is expected to advise the minister on how loans should be issued and how to deal with problems that have recently emerged, like lending money to students who are not eligible.


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Apply Mama Samia scholarship 2022

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