Jezi Mpya Za Yanga 2023/2024 – Home & Away Jersey Kit

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Jezi Mpya Za Yanga 2023/2024: Yanga SC has unveiled their new jerseys for the 2023-24 season, which will be worn throughout the season. The club has worked with GSM, specifically designer Ngoyi, who has a history of producing high-quality jerseys in prior seasons. This year’s jerseys are likely to be even better than last year’s thanks to Ngoyi’s assistance.


The introduction of the new jerseys has piqued the interest of both fans and players. The excitement is palpable as supporters await the formal unveiling of the new designs. The new jerseys are expected to be visually appealing and of high quality due to the combination of Yanga SC’s trademark colors and the experience of designer Ngoyi.


The club’s cooperation with GSM and the repute of designer Ngoyi indicate that the new jerseys will likely meet or exceed both the team’s and fans’ expectations. The players will proudly wear these jerseys as the season progresses, representing Yanga SC on the pitch with style and confidence.


Jezi Mpya Za Yanga 2023/2024 & Bei Yake

Jezi Mpya Za Yanga na Bei Yake 2023

Yanga Sc Club has announced that they are now taking orders for their beautiful new jersey, which will be available soon in GSM stores in Tanzania. The Yanga SC jersey (Jezi Mpya Za Yanga) will be offered at an inexpensive 32,000Tsh, which is a remarkable deal considering the product’s superb quality. If you want to be among the first fans to receive new club gear, put your order today.


Jinsi ya Kuweka Oda Ya Jezi Mpya Za Yanga SC: To Pre Order

Contact Yanga Sports Club Management in advance to place your order for Jezi Mpya Za Yanga:

  • Branch Leaders can be reached at 0754 346 698.
  • 0784 076 385 & 0745 000 000 Traders

Bei Ya Jezi Mpya Za Yanga

Namna ya Kuweka Oda Ya Jezi Mpya Za Yanga SC: To Pre Order


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