Kikosi cha Simba Leo Vs Ihefu 10 Apr 2023: Premier League

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Check Kikosi cha Simba Leo Vs Ihefu: On April 10, 2023, Simba and Ihefu will play in the NBC Premier League. Kikosi cha Simba vs Ihefu Leo Kikosi cha Ihefu vs Simba leo, 10 April 2023, NBC Premier League.


Match info: Ihefu vs Simba SC Leo

Ihefu vs Simba

The Ihefu Club’s home field, Highland Estates, will host it beginning at 1600 hours. 10 April 2023:

As you recall, Simba and Ihefu played each other in the quarterfinals of the Azam Sports Federation Cup, with Ihefu Fc losing 5 to 1, while the midfielder Jean Baleke scored a hat trick for Simba in the 30 minutes of the first half.

Having a good performance at their home field, the Ihefu club has already started boasting about how they will continue to dominate any team that plays on their field, which will be remembered for the Ihefu vs. Simba match on April 10, 2023, as the field where the Yanga club Sc gave up points and experienced its first league defeat in the NBC Premier League after playing a total of 49 games without suffering a loss.


Kikosi cha Simba Leo Vs Ihefu NBC Premier League

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When people are aware that Ihefu is playing, they joke about another Azam FC and how Ihefu FC chained him to the ground. Ihefu Fc defeated Simba Sc 1–0 in the opening match of the Premier League NBC Premier League. Will Simba agree to be bound by Ihefu or will he decline to contract with them again in Ihefu vs Simba leo on April 10, 2023?

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Match Preview for Ihefu vs Simba SC on April 10, 2023

Ihefu FC has never won a direct match. Three games were won by Simba SC. There were no ties throughout the games. In straight matches, both teams scored 2.67 goals on average.

During the regular season, Ihefu FC averaged 1.00 goals per game. Both teams scored more than 1.5 goals in 8 (66.67%) home matches. Over 2.5 goals were scored by both clubs in 4 (33.33%) of home matches during the 2023 season.

Simba SC averaged 2.26 goals per match in 2023. Both clubs combined for more than 1.5 goals in 12 (70.59%) of away encounters. Both team and opponent goals exceeded 2.5 in eight (47.06%) of the away team’s games.


News From the Team About Kikosi Kinachoanza

There are no injury reports from Ihefu FC till now.

An injury report from Simba SC has not been stated yet and if, it may include the missing of Inonga the fullback defender who was injured during the first half of their last meeting in the Azam Sports Federation Cup. (Note: Waiting for confirmation from trusted sources)


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