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Kazi Mtwara Mikindani 2022|Job vacancy at Halmashauri ya Manispaa ya Mtwara Mikindani, Apply for Jobs at Kazi Mtwara Mikindani.

History Halmashauri ya Manispaa ya Mtwara-Mikindani

Mtwara-Mikindani is a name that is a combination of two words which are Mtwara and Mikindani..

These two parts that is Mtwara and Mikindani were famous centers where each one came from its reasons. The word “Ntwara” which is currently Mtwara is a Makonde word meaning of kutawaliwa (invaded and taken captive).

Later this area became the home of Arabs and other people who were captured as slaves and sold.


The history of the establishment of the full authority of the Mtwara-Mikindani Municipal Council began in 1948, during the period of the colonial rule, they moved the Port of Mtwara from Mikindani where it was previously.


Organization Structure



Job Announced at Mtwara Mikindani |kazi Mtwara Mikindani 2022

The Director of the Mtwara-Mikindani Municipal Council announces to all qualified applicants to bring job applications for the position of Street Executive III after obtaining approval to implement the Ikama and Budget for new employment in the financial year 2021/2022 by letter with Ref. And FA. 170/362/01″A”/40 dated June 27, 2022. from the Secretary General SERVICE, Office of the President, Public Service Management and Good Governance.

Therefore, the Director of Mtwara Mikindani Municipal Council welcomes job applications from all qualified Tanzanians to apply for the following position:


Mtendaji wa Mtaa Daraja La III: 4 Posts


Professional qualifications of the applicant.

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Graduated from Fourth (IV) or Sixth (VI) Form Education b) Graduated with Diploma/Certificate training (NTA Level 5) in one of the following fields:

  • Administration, Law, Human Resources, Community Education, Management finance, Social Development and Art Science from the Local Government College Hombolo- Dodoma or other Government recognized Colleges.


Salary level TGS B1


Responsibilities of Level III Street Executive

Click HERE To Download the Pdf for General Job conditions


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Remember to attach your signed job application letter along with educational certificates and all required documents. All applications should be sent by post to the following address:


Mkurugenzi wa Manispaa,

S.L.P 92



Nafasi Za kazi Mtwara Mikindani


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Kazi Mtwara Mikindani 2022


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