New Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022

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New Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022;- The country’s entertainment industry was completely transformed by the launch of DStv Kenya. MultiChoice, a provider of direct broadcast satellite services in Sub-Saharan Africa, is the owner of DSTV. Local and international television and audio channels are now accessible to Kenyan households thanks to the corporation.

Many homes, especially those in urban areas, use DStv Kenya. The company offers a great selection of channels because it considers the requirements of various age groups inside a home.

Kenya’s DStv plans, prices, and channels in 2022: 89.7K I have to watch TV with my kids even though I don’t feel proud of what I do. What channels are offered by DSTV, and what are the prices of the packages?

Continue reading to learn about your options and how much each bundle will cost in 2022. Kenyan DSTV subscriptions The Kenyan DSTV package prices for 2022 are listed below.

Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices

New Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022

Add-on packages

The primary packages are shown in the table above, but you can also select add-on packages for a surcharge. Please be aware that add-ons must be used in conjunction with one of the packages listed in the table, an active subscription, and add-ons.

  1. Great Wall: This addition includes Chinese content, including the China Movie channel, Zhejiang, and CGTN Documentary. It comes at an extra monthly charge of KES 670.
  2. Movies: This addition unlocks three more premium movie channels for a month. It costs an extra KES 700 per month to access.
  3. This addition unlocks French channels, including A+, InfoSports+, France 24, Piwi+, Novelas TV, Planete, Trace Africa French, and Teletoon+. It will cost you an extra KES 800 to access these channels.
  4. This add-on unlocks the top French channels, including A+, Canal+ Cinema Centre, Canal+ Sports 2 and 3, Canal+, France 24, Novelas TV, InfoSports+, Planete, Teletoon+, TF1, RTL 9, and
  5. Trace Africa French. It will cost an extra KES 3,600.
  6. Indian: This add-on unlocks 15+ Bollywood channels, and it costs an extra KES 4,200.


List of DSTV plans offered in Kenya

Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022

The list of DSTV plans offered in Kenya is provided below..

  1. Premium; has 170 plus channels—40+ HD Channels
  2. Compact Plus; 155+ channels—30+ HD Channels
  3. Compact; 140 plus channels—25+ HD Channels
  4. Family; 110 plus channels—10+ HD Channels
  5. Access; 90 plus channels—10+ HD Channels
  6. Portuguese; 10 channels

Compare the new Kenya Updated DStv Packages and Prices 2022 with Botswana Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022


New Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022 – new DStv packages and costs

  1. Premium Package – kshs.8,900
  2. Compact Plus Package – kshs.5,500
  3. Compact Package KShs.1,600
  4. Access Package – Kshs.1,150


DSTV Additional Addon Packages—DSTV Rates

  • Add Movies – 3 Channels – Kshs.700
  • Indian – 5 Channels – Kshs.4,200 French Touch – 9 Channels – Kshs.800
  • French Plus – 15 Channels – Kshs.3,600
  • Great Wall – 7 Channels – Kshs.670


How to pay for DSTV in Kenya with Mpesa?

You can use Mpesa to pay the monthly fee for your MultiChoice membership. Simply follow these steps to complete it.

  1. Go to the SIM tool or Mpesa app.
  2. Then, click Pay Bill under Lipa na Mpesa.
  3. Type 444900 for the DStv pay bill number.
  4. As the account number, enter your DStv Basket ID (reference number).
  5. Click “Ok” after entering the desired donation amount and verifying the information.
  6. A confirmation SMS of your payment should arrive soon.


Other payment methods

The self-service portal for DStv Kenya accepts several different forms of payment. In addition to the Mpesa option mentioned above, you can also use the following alternatives:

  • Direct debit (requires you to apply)
  • Diamond Trust Bank Mobile Banking I & M Bank mobile banking
  • Rafiki Bank mobile banking
  • KCB (via mobile app)
  • ABSA mobile banking
  • Co-op Bank using the DStv Kenya USSD code *667# or MCo-opCash App


How do I contact DStv Kenya? DStv customer service contacts in Kenya

Use the contact details below. Short code: 22788 USSD code: *423# Email address: DStv customer care number in Kenya: +254 7110 66000/ +254 020 4236000.

New Kenya Updated DSTV Packages and Prices 2022

What does DStv cost in Kenya?

The plan you select will determine how much it will cost to access the channels. The range of prices is KShs 1,050 to 8,400. The price of add-on packages will increase.


What are the DSTV package prices in Kenya?

The prices for the packages are as follows: Access costs KES 1,050, Family costs KES 1,500, Compact costs KES 2, 800, Compact Plus costs KES 5,100, and Premium costs KES 8,400.


How can I reach the DStv customer service team in Kenya?

You can get in touch with the business using the information provided, including the DStv Kenya customer service phone (+254 7110 66000). One of Kenya’s most popular direct broadcast satellite service providers is DStv Kenya. The business provides a range of packages at affordable rates.


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