Online Salary Slip Portal Tanzania 2022 Download Salary Slip

Salary Slip Portal Tanzania 2022/2023 Get Salary Slip Online

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Online Salary Slip Portal Tanzania

What is a salary slip?

Your employer will give you a salary slip at the end of the tax year that includes your gross annual income and itemized deductions. The document you will use to compute your taxes when submitting your yearly return is the salary slip. The W-2 form you will receive, which is used to report information to the IRS, is not the same as the salary slip.

The salary slip will show the total amount you were paid at the end of the year as well as any deductions that were made. If you have a 401(k) plan, for instance, your employer will deduct that sum from your pay and deposit it in your retirement account.

Tanzania Salary Slip Portal 2022/2023 For Tanzanian government employees, the salary slip portal offers a brand-new way to apply for a Salary slip online. There are numerous applications for the online Salary slip service.

The system for the government of Tanzania’s employees and servants is called the Salary Slip Portal. Therefore, the system’s main goal is to make government employees’ access to online salary slips as convenient as possible. Employees are given a salary slip, also known as a pay slip, to record their monthly pay and allowances.

It is a document that informs the workers of their earnings and deductions, which vary from worker to worker. In this article, the Ministry of Finance and Planning’s Salary Slip Portal for Tanzania is examined (

Information about and how to register for the salary slip portal in 2022.
The Tanzania Salary Slip Portal registration process is quite simple. However, you need to provide some personal information to sign up. Below are the details that you need to keep ready before you apply for Salary Slip Portal online registration.


Online Salary Slip Portal Tanzania

Online Salary Slip Portal Tanzania

Requirements for Salary Slip Tanzania

  • Check number
  • Your names
  • Date of birth
  • Vote number code (for example 88Z2)
  • Sub vote code (eg 5007)
  • Account number. your bank account
  • Salary Scale (full of TGTS, TGS)
  • Salary Grade (filling B, C, D, E)
  • Salary Step (will fill 1,2,3). When Successfully registered, you will be redirected to the next page to fill it out
    • Phone number
    • email address
    • Password
  • Keep ready these things so you can get registration easily.

To access your Online Salary Slip Portal Tanzania, you must first register and provide an email address. You can get your payslip through the following links



How do I download my Salary Slip Online?

  1. Log in to your company’s salary portal using your credentials.
  2. In the profile section, check for the ‘Salary Slips’ option. …
  3. Click on the ‘Salary slip’ option.
  4. You can view the salary slip as per the year and month.

If you are looking for Searches related to salary slip and the following frequently asked questions you are in the right place.


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Salary Slip Tanzania Membership Registration Form (Government Employee Only)

  • Ensure all your information are the same as in Lawson System
  • If you are not sure of your details, please contact your HR Officer
  • For further assistance contact 0689 70 00 96, 0714 00 89 11, or 0766 74 71 14


How can I see my Salary Slip?

Result for salary slip

The employer prints or emails a pay stub or Salary Slip to the employee. Additionally, you may see the salary Slip on the employee’s internal site. The salary Slip  will include salary and deduction information. If you need a copy of the employee salary/ pay slip, you can download it from the online salary portal, And the steps are So Easy. Kujiunga Salary Slip Online


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Why do companies ask for salary slip?

When reviewing your pay stub with a copy of your recruitment letter, the majority of HR executives will have a clear understanding of your current CTC. Based on this, the new compensation will be negotiated.


The following details and considerations are necessary for Salary Slip Portal registration:

What You Need to Know About Employee Benefits Related to Salary Slips
One benefit that employers can give to their employees is a salary slip. It specifies the amount of pay the employee will receive each pay period and accounts for any additional funds the employee won’t be receiving directly.

Employers have certain obligations when it comes to providing benefits for employees, and a salary slip can also be referred to as an “end of year reconciliation” or a “statement of final accounts.” This includes distributing a W-2 at the end of the year and issuing a 1099 if any payment from that company in that tax year exceeded $600. The following information about pay stubs and employee benefits is important to know.


How do you get a salary slip?

You are entitled to a W-2 or a 1099 form by the end of the year if you work for an organization and that organization withholds any money from your paycheck. You will receive W-2 forms at the end of the year outlining your pay for the entire tax year if you’ve been offered a job and are working for an employer.

If you made at least $600 working during a specific tax year and you are an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year. If you are a contractor, you must ensure that you do not receive a W-2 form because it will indicate to your employer that you are an employee.


Tax advantages for employees

When you begin working for a company, taxes will be deducted each month from your paycheck. The information you require to properly file your taxes will also be on a W-2 form that you will receive at the end of the year.


If your company paid you more than $600 in a calendar year, you might also get a 1099 form in addition to your W-2. It’s crucial to check these forms after receiving them to ensure all the information is correct. If you have any concerns regarding your taxes, you might want to think about getting a second opinion or consulting a tax expert. Making the necessary tax preparations will guarantee that you receive the entire amount you are entitled to.


Employee benefits on the Salary Slip

You will observe that there are additional benefits listed on your monthly paycheck. There might be some additional benefits listed that your employer offers to you in addition to your pay and taxes deducted. Some of these advantages could take the form of contributions to your retirement account, health or dental insurance, or even a program that pays for your education.

These benefits are typically carefully calculated to be below the threshold at which your employer would be required to give you a W-2 form. This indicates that no additional taxes are being paid by you in order to receive the benefits. Your employer is saving you money by providing these benefits without increasing your pay.


The salary slip will show you the following additional benefits:

Benefits can be offered to your employees in a variety of ways without increasing their pay. Creating a 401(k) plan, offering health or dental insurance, or providing a tuition reimbursement program to assist employees in paying off their student loans are a few typical options.

It is crucial to remember that these benefits don’t always have to be offered by the employer, even though they are equally important to those that are added to the paycheck. In actuality, the business might not be in a position to offer each of your employees a specific benefit.

Online Salary Slip Portal Tanzania

Company benefits for employees

You have the choice to launch your benefits plan right away when you open a new business. You have the option to create a benefits package that is as generous as you desire. This also implies that you have the choice to scale up your plan as your business grows. You must first choose the type of plan you want to provide before you can begin offering benefits to your employees.

You must also decide how much you want to put into each plan. It’s crucial to keep in mind that certain criteria must be satisfied when offering benefits to workers. These specifications include picking a plan that is affordable for the business and simple for employees to use. The potential tax advantages that you might be eligible for as a business owner must also be taken into account.


A conclusion

It’s critical to comprehend your access to benefits when working as an employee. By doing this, you can increase how much money you take home each month. While many benefits are subject to taxation, some are not. Knowing the benefits your employer offers and the benefits to which you are entitled as an employee is crucial.


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