Kilimo Marathon Morogoro 2022: AWARDS & EXPO

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About the Kilimo Marathon, Awards & Expo:

The Kilimo Marathon, which will be a half-marathon with a theme for the agriculture sector in general, with the aim of helping us realize our main goal, which is to demonstrate tangible support for Tanzania’s agricultural growth by realizing an increase in investments and sales of agricultural products.



To create an entertainment themed event for agriculture where people can meet and have fun while learning about and observing the growth of the sector.


The Kilimo Marathon will go with the tag “ANZIA SHAMBANI”, therefore it will rhyme. KILO MARATHON ANZIA SHAMBANI

Target Audience

The marathon will accommodate an audience of different ages, but all people from the family level can participate. We are hoping to host not less than 300.

Host, Date & Venue

ShambaDunia Limited (SDL) will hold its second Kilimo Marathon, Awards and Expo on the 29th September to 30th October 2022 at Morogoro.


Registration and kits collection kilimo marathon Morogoro 2022

A chance to the Agriculture sector to grow and go hand in hand with the current pace of digitized world.

Click HERE For registration.


When is kilimo marathon Morogoro 2022

ShambaDunia Limited (SDL) will hold its second Kilimo Marathon, Awards and Expo on the 29th September to 30th October 2022 at Morogoro.


Second Kilimo Marathon social platforms.






RC talking about the kilimo Marathon Morogoro 2022

The Morogoro region in collaboration with the stakeholders of agricultural development including the agricultural council in the country has organized an agricultural exhibition conference known as agricultural marathon with the aim of encouraging the community to participate in agricultural activities as an important part of contributing to the national income.

Kilimo Marathon Morogoro 2022

RC speaking about Kilimo Marathon Morogoro 2022

Speaking at a meeting of agricultural stakeholders, Morogoro Regional Chief Fatma Mwasa said the exhibition will start from September 29 to October this year at Jamhuri Stadium, Morogoro Municipality while asking stakeholders to participate fully to ensure the community gets more agricultural education.

Mwasa said the Government’s intention is to ensure that the agricultural sector continues to be an important sector for the country’s economy and for individual people, especially young people who have been forgotten in social matters.

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Kits for Kilimo Marathon Morogoro 2022

In these exhibitions, citizens will have the opportunity to get education on good agriculture, markets and the issue of environmental protection, where agriculture has become one of the causes of environmental damage by cultivating in water sources, protected forests, so those areas will provide environmental protection education.
And the assistant administrative secretary for the economy of Morogoro region, Dr. Rozaria Rwegasira says the presence of the conference will help many farmers, especially in rural areas, to get good agricultural education.
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Meeting Kilimo Marathon Morogoro 2022


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