Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

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Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Ratiba mechi za Simba Ligi kuu NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Simba Sports Club is a football club based in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1936 as Queens, the club later changed their name to Eagles, then to Sunderland.
In 1971 they were renamed Simba.

Ratiba Mechi za Simba Ligi kuu 2022/2023 NBC Premier League

Simba is one of the two biggest clubs in Tanzania, alongside cross-city rivals Young Africans.

The Simba Sc  have won the Tanzania Premier League title 22 times, 5 times behind Yanga and are proud of their recent record of doing well in the CAF Champions League.


The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) (Swahili: Shirikisho la Mpira wa Miguu Tanzania), previously Football Association of Tanzania, is the governing body of football in Tanzania. It oversees operations of the Tanzanian football league system, the Tanzania national football team, and the Tanzania women’s national team. It was founded in 1945 and has been affiliated with FIFA since 1964. Wallace Karia is the current President of the Tanzania Football Federation as of 2017


Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

17 August 2022

Simba Sc vs Geita Gold (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

20 August 2022

Simba Sc vs Kagera Sugar (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

September 7,2022

Simba Sc vs KMC (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

September 14,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Simba Sc (Sokoine Stadium,Mbeya  )

*September 29,2022

Ihefu vs Yanga (Sokoine Stadium,Mbeya )

October 2,2022

Simba Sports Club vs Dodoma Jiji (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

October 12,2022

Azam Fc vs Dodoma Jiji (Azam Complex, Dar Es Salaam )

October 23,2022

Yanga sc vs Simba  sc (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )


Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

October 27,2022

Azam Fc vs Simba Sc (Azam Complex , Dar Es Salaam )

October 30,2022

Simba Sc vs Mtibwa Sugar (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

November 12, 2022

Simba Sc vs Ihefu (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

November 16,2022

Simba Sc vs Namungo (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )


Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023


Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

November 19,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Simba Sc (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

November 27,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Simba Sc (Ushirika Stadium, Moshi )

December 3,2022

Coastal Union vs Simba (Mkwakwani Stadium, Tanga )

December 18 ,2022

Geita Gold Fc vs Simba Sc (CCM Kirumba Stadium Mwanza )

December 21 ,2022

Kagera Sugar vs Simba (Kaitaba Stadium , Bukoba )

December 26,2022

KMC vs Simba (Benjamin Mkapa Stadium )

December 30,2022

Simba vs Tanzania Prisons (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

February 1,2023

Simba vs Mbeya City (Benjamin Mkapa Stadium )

February 4,2023

Dodoma Jiji vs Simba Sc (Jamhuri Stadium, Dodoma )

February 15,2023

Simba sc vs Singida Big Stars (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )


Simba Sc vs Yanga (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

March 14,2023

Simba vs Azam (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

April 9,2023

Mtibwa Sugar vs Simba (Manungu Complex )

April 14,2023

Ihefu vs Simba (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

April 26,2023

Namungo vs Simba (Majaliwa Stadium,Lindi )


Simba Sc vs Ruvu Shooting (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

May 24,2023

Simba vs Polisi Tanzania (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

May 27,2023

Simba vs Coastal Union (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )


  • Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League 2022/2023

The Tanzania National Main Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that can also be referred to as the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium. It can be found in the Miburani ward of the Temeke District in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It first opened its doors in 2007, and it was constructed just next to the previous national stadium, Uhuru Stadium. The Tanzanian Premier League and matches played at home by the Tanzania national football team are two of the major football competitions that take place there.

It is the largest stadium in Tanzania and the ninth largest stadium in all of Africa, with a capacity of 60,000 spectators. It is in the possession of the government of Tanzania. Beijing Construction Engineering Group was responsible for the construction of the stadium at a cost of $56 million.

Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

At the first Dar es-Salaam derby between Simba S.C. and Young Africans S.C. in 2008, the stadium in Dar es-Salaam was packed to capacity with spectators.Mechi za Simba zinazofuata,Mechi za Simba zilizobaki,Ratiba mechi za Simba Ligi kuu NBC Premier League 2022/2023, Mechi za Simba Mzunguko wa Kwanza.Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023


Both clubs, on the whole, tend to draw very small crowds to the majority of their other league matches.
It was a disgrace for the nation to not have a contemporary arena when President Benjamin Mkapa took office in 2000, thus he made a commitment to construct a stadium that met the highest standards of technology by the conclusion of his term in 2005.

In January of 2003, the government issued a request for proposals (RFP) for the development of a brand-new stadium to take the place of the deteriorating Uhuru Stadium.


Minister of Sports Juma Kapuya stated that the government had allotted a budget of sixty million dollars for the project, and that eleven businesses had submitted proposals for it. , Ratiba mechi za Simba NBC Premier League 2022/2023, ,Wapili, Ratiba simba leo 2023,Simba Sports Club 2022/23,RATIBA ya Mechi za Simba SC Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2022/2023,Simba Sports Club Fixture 2022/23


In 2004, the proposal was awarded to the French business Vinci Construction, who submitted an offer of $154 million. Tanzania reluctantly gave up the project after coming under pressure from the Bretton Woods Institutions to do so, despite the fact that it had been granted debt relief through the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Program. In her book The Dragon’s Gift:


The Real Story of China in Africa, Deborah Brautigam writes, “To the Bretton Woods Institutions, building a modern stadium in a poor country with an annual per capita income of $330 seemed a bit like the Romans building a new Coliseum with the barbarians camped outside the city wall.” Brautigam compares the situation to the Romans building the Coliseum while the barbarians were camped outside the city wall.


In June of 2004, Foreign Minister Jakaya Kikwete signed a contract with the Chinese Government[5] for the amount of $56 million. The Chinese Government also gave a gift in the amount of around $20 million.

One of the officials at the Chinese Embassy referred to it as a “special help project.”

Beijing Construction Engineering Group has been given the responsibility of completing the work.

The International Monetary Fund raised an objection to the fact that the cost was not accounted for in the nation’s annual Public Expenditure Review that was presented to its major donors.

Premier Wen Jiabao of China traveled all the way over to check on the progress of the building in June of 2006.

According to a report in The Daily News, Tanzania’s contribution to the overall cost was TSh.25 billion/=. The entire cost was TSh.56.4 billion/=.

In September 2007, the stadium was the location of the Group 7 qualifying match for the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations, which was played between the Taifa Stars and the Mozambican national team.  On July 13, 2017, the stadium was the site of the first Premier League match to be played on the African continent, which featured Everton taking on Gor Mahia of Kenya.

It was the finishing site for the torch relay that took place in Dar es Salaam for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The Olympic Torch only made one stop on the African continent, and that was in Tanzania. During the state visit that Chinese President Hu Jintao made to Tanzania in February 2009, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Chinese President Hu Jintao cut the ribbon to officially open the stadium.

In the aftermath of the explosions that took place at an army base in Dar es Salaam in 2011, at least 4,000 people sought refuge in the stadium.

In July of 2013, China handed over in a formal manner the first phase of the complex. [16] The stadium in Dar es Salaam has played host to friendly matches with illustrious football teams from throughout the world, including the Brazil National Team, Everton, and Sevilla, amongst others.


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