Roku Remote Not Pairing: Simple Solution & Troubleshoot

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Roku Remote Not Pairing

Roku Remote Not Pairing;- Try resetting the Roku remote or switching the batteries if connecting with the device isn’t working. If that doesn’t work, see if the Wi-Fi is operational or if the HDMI connection is having problems.

Until you notice the status light starting to flash, press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds. Charge your remote if it doesn’t flash while the light is on. As the remote connects to your streaming device, hold off for 30 seconds.


Roku Remote Not Pairing

How to make Roku remote pair by force?

Press and hold the pairing button, which you can locate on the back of your remote or in the battery compartment if your Roku voice remote isn’t responding. Move the remote toward your Roku device and press the pairing button until you see the Status light flash green to complete the pairing.


Reset the Roku remote

Like with any smart remote, the first thing you should try to do when your Roku remote won’t connect is to reset it. Any internal problems will be remedied during this procedure, and any earlier difficulties might also be resolved. Your remote must be reset to:

  • First, the Roku remote batteries should be removed.
  • Removing the cable from your Roku device requires 10 seconds of waiting.
  • Wait for the logo to appear on the screen after connecting the power cable to your device.
  • Reinstall the batteries and press and hold the pairing button for around five seconds.
  • Wait for the process to finish for around 30 seconds.

You can complete this process without unplugging and replugging the power cable if you have a Roku IR remote. This is how:

Options System Restart the system Restart

Following these instructions, your TV should hopefully display a notification indicating that the Roku control has been successfully linked. If not, try the following option.


Replace or reset the batteries

Remove and reconnect the batteries first, then go out and get new ones. After checking to make sure they are at the right terminals, wait for around 5 seconds. Now, feel free to purchase new batteries for your Roku control if this didn’t work.

Remove the outdated batteries, then disconnect and re-connect the power cable after five seconds.

When the logo appears on the screen, put in the fresh batteries.

Allow the connection to establish for 30 seconds.

When the pairing is finished, a notification should appear on the TV screen.


Crosscheck Signal Obstructions

Your Roku remote won’t operate if there are impediments between the device and the remote, much as your Wi-Fi signal wouldn’t work correctly if there were items like walls or any type of furniture blocking its signal.

Make sure the path is clear so that IR signals can travel there without being diverted to avoid such a problem.


Watch out for HDMI connection problems

You must check to make sure the HDMI port is connected properly before utilizing the Roku streaming device. You must purchase an HDMI extender if you do wind yourself in these choppy waters.

The firm will send you the free fix for the HDMI port problem via the official Roku website since it has been acknowledged as a legitimate issue.

You might also try changing the ports on the TV itself to see if it would work till you get the extension. The best long-term alternative, however, is to use HDMI extenders.


Look Into Your WiFi Connection

Make sure your home has access to the recommended internet speed and that it is present near your TV. You can attempt the following methods to fix it if your signal strength is still weak but your internet speed is not the problem:


As far as you can, lessen physical obstacles.

Ensure that there is a 15-foot minimum gap between the router and the Roku streaming device.

Replace your obsolete router with a new one that has amplifiers built in.

If your router supports it, switch the Roku player over to the 5 GHz network.

Open Settings and select Network then set up a wireless connection. Choose the appropriate network.

Now, if the Wi-Fi speed is the main problem and the signal strength isn’t, you’ll need to get in touch with your ISP to see whether an upgrade is available.


Instead, use the Roku mobile app.

There’s no need to worry even if you’ve tried all these different solutions and your remote still doesn’t function. The Roku App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Play Store and used in place of the Roku control.

Since it offers so many functions, this option can be considered an upgrade.

Along with using a Roku remote’s standard features, you will be able to cast movies and images on your TV, enable voice control for all of the Roku equipment in your home, and secretly listen to your favorite show’s highlights.


Swap out the remote

You’re left with no alternative but to buy a new remote if everything else fails. Make sure your streaming device is compatible with the Roku Remote before you buy one. Compatibility shouldn’t be a problem the majority of the time. But it’s best to err on the side of caution.


Connect/Pair the Roku remote.

Remember that your smartphone and the streaming device must be plugged into the same Wi-Fi network for the Roku app to function as a substitute for a remote.

If you can’t locate a pairing button on your Roku remote, you can also try to sync your remote without it.

Additionally, make sure neither your phone nor your Roku device is connected to a VPN; otherwise, it won’t function.

If you use an IR remote, make sure no dust particles are obstructing the receiver on either end of the remote control or the device before looking for obstacles between the Roku remote and the device.

If you intend to send it back or sell it to someone else, make sure to conduct a factory reset.

Finally, if all else fails, you can get in touch with customer care, who should be able to give you the right answers.


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