Get Samsung TV Remote Codes: The best Guide

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Samsung TV Remote Codes

How to find Samsung Tv Remote Codes: For third-party remotes, you must use the code search tool or manually enter the code. The remote that comes with your Samsung Smart TV can be paired without a code.

Read on for a complete list of codes for some of the most common universal remotes, as well as an easy method to set them up for your Samsung TV.


This post has collated all of that information so that you can be prepared with the materials you need while attempting to pair a universal remote to your Samsung TV.


Code Searching

The simplest technique is code search because your TV will automatically search its database for your remote controls’ code.

Because the TV can process codes more quickly than you can, this is also the quickest method. To use your universal remote with this method:

Ensure that the TV is on.

  • On the remote, press the TV button.
  • Hold down the Setup button while waiting for the TV light to flicker twice.
  • Enter 9-1-1. Once more, the light will blink.
  • Press PWR while pointing the remote at the TV.
  • Until the TV turns off, keep pressing the Channel Up button repeatedly.
  • To restart the TV, press the power button on the remote control.
  • To verify the code, press the Setup button once again.


Manual Procedure

Ensure that the TV is on.

  • On the remote, press the TV button.
  • Hold down the Setup button while waiting for the TV light to flicker twice.
  • You can obtain the code for your particular brand of remote in the next section.
  • When the code is accurate, the LED will blink twice. If not, repeat the previous procedures until you find the correct one.
  • Press the TV button once, followed by the Setup button, which you must hold down until the LED blinks twice more.
  • After pairing your TV using one of these techniques, try controlling it to make sure all of its features function.

Samsung TV Remotes Codes

Samsung TV Remote Codes 1


You may discover the codes for the more well-known brands of universal remotes in this area.

The task of looking for the code will be made easier if you can locate the model number of your Samsung TV.

If the automatic code search procedure is unable to locate the code for your remote, use this list.


GE remote control numbers are:
0942, 0358, 0015, 0077, 0105, 0172, 0012, 0076, 0105, 0077, 0076, 0172, 0942, 0358, 0012, 0015, 0080, 0104, 0106, 0080, 0104, 0106.
RCA Codes for the universal remote are:
1104, 1078, 1014, 1123, 1083, 1012, 1009, 1013, 1124, 1015, 1056, 1205, 1065, 1025, and 1207, 1004, 1069. 
Codes for the universal remote are: 
1104 1078, 1014, 1123, 1083, 1012, 1009, 1013, 1124, 1015, 1056, 1205, 1065, 1025, and 1207, 1004 1069.


One-For-All remote control codes are:

0587, 0060, 0019, 0056, 0093, 0030, 0178.



1249 \0037 \1584 \0812 \1506 \0556 \1619 \2103 \1312 \1744 \2137 \0618 \0093 \1235 \0587 \3131 \0009 \0178 \0370 \1458 \0644 \1630 \2051 \0226 \0264 \0208 \

10056 \10650 \10032 \10408 \10178 \10329 \11632 \10766 \10030 \12051 \11959 \10702 \11575 \10812 \10427 \10060 \10814 \13993 \11060 \10587 \10482 \10217
Philips remote control codes are:
0309, 0512, 0102, 0212, 0002, 0012, 0802, 0609, 0895, 0502, 0112, 0818, 0209, 0110, 0437, 0302, 0103 .
The code you’ll need will vary depending on the make and type of your universal remote.
Choose your universal remote model from the list I’ve provided above, and then try every code that works with it.


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Queries and Responds about Samsung Tv Remote Codes

mostly asked questions


What does the One For All remote magic button do?
The One For All remote Magic Key allows you to program the device to work with your TV.


How to find my Samsung TV remote code?

When trying to pair a universal remote control, you can utilize the code search feature to find the code.

Alternatively, if you wish to manually enter the code, you can consult the parts of this article to find out what it is.


How to reset my Samsung TV?

Find the Support page under the Settings menu on your Samsung TV to reset it.

From this point, you can start the reset by clicking the Reset option.


Last Words

Even if third-party universal remotes are stuffed with capabilities and significantly improve your TV viewing experience, I still advise using the Samsung universal remote.

It is particularly recommended to those who don’t have the time or aren’t very tech-savvy to go through a very involved setup process.

When using a Samsung Smart remote, there is no need to input a code or look for the code anyplace.

It is recommended to update as soon as possible to a newer model if your Samsung TV is incompatible with the Smart remote.


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