Remote Codes for LG TV: Precise Guidance

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Remote Codes for LG TV

Remote Codes for LG TV:- Codes are not necessary for pairing your LG Magic Remote with your LG Smart TV, but if you must, you may input the code manually or use the auto code search feature to discover the right one instantly.

Continue reading for a list of potential remote codes you’ll need to program a universal remote to work with your LG TV.


How To Program The Magic Remote for LG TV

Remote Codes for LG TV

It’s not too difficult to set up or register an LG remote.

Their Magic remote is quite simple to set up, but you must register it with your TV when you initially put it up or after the TV has been restored to factory settings.

To set up your LG TV’s Magic remote:

On your LG television.

  • Press the OK button on the Magic Remote while pointing it towards the TV.
  • If it doesn’t automatically program itself, try the first and second steps after turning the TV on and off again.
  • If the remote doesn’t successfully register the first time, you may also try registering it again.


How to do it:

  • The Smart Home button and the back button must be pressed and held simultaneously for at least five seconds.
  • Click the OK button while pointing the remote toward your TV.
  • Changing Any Universal Remote’s Program

You might make use of universal remotes from other manufacturers in addition to LG’s official Magic Remote.

Once you have a universal remote that works with your LG TV, you may configure it using one of two techniques.

The universal remote’s code must be explicitly entered for the first approach, whereas the second technique automatically applies the proper code after searching for it in its database.

Manual on the television.

  • On the universal remote, choose TV.
  • Once the light starts to flash, press and hold the Setup button on your universal remote control.
  • Put in the remote’s code. The parts that follow include the proper code.
  • Press and hold the power button while aiming the remote towards the television.
  • Release your grip on the power button when the TV shuts off.
  • Code Lookup on the television.
  • Keep holding down the Setup button.
  • Using the universal remote, enter 9-1-3.
  • As soon as the TV recognizes the code and switches off, hold the power and channel up buttons.
  • To verify that the pairing was successful, press the power button one again.
    Codes for LG remotes

The majority of the remote pairing codes you’ll need for your LG TV are covered in this section.

It contains official LG remotes in addition to remotes from your cable set-top box and freestanding universal remotes.

Keep in mind that you will only need to use this list if the automated code search method fails to provide any results.


Remote Codes for LG TV

Codes for the five-digit Universal Remote:

10442, 10856, 11423, 12358, 13397, 13979, 12864, 12612, 12867, 10017, 11265, 10178, 11178, 11530, 11637, 11934, 12424, and 12834.

If you have a One For All universal remote, be careful to check the list since these codes are specific to each type of remote.

In most cases, the auto search will discover the codes for you; nevertheless, it may not be able to look through all of the codes supplied here.


4-digit Universal remotes:

2065 | 4086 | 1663 | 1305 | 1859 | 1637 | 0644 | 0606 | 1840 | 1423 | 0178 | 0037 | 1842 |0714 | 0556 | 0108 | 0715 | 1681 | 0109 | 0698 | 0361.

4-digit RCA universal remote control numbers

1002 | 1004 | 1005 | 1014 | 1025 | 1078 | 1081 | 1095 | 1096 | 1097 | 1098 | 1099 | 1100 | 1101 | 1111 | 1128 | 1130 | 1132 | 1134 | 1144 | 1149 | 1171 | 1205.

GE Universal Remote:

0004 | 0050 | 0009 | 0005 | 0227 | 0338 | 0012 | 0057 | 0080 | 0156


One For All Universal Remote: 0030 | 0056 | 0178



\s512 \s505 \s553 \s627 \s773 \s766 \s520 \s678 \s420 \s615 \s653 \s506


Note Better

I would advise replacing your LG TV as soon as possible if it is too old to support LG’s Magic Remotes.

Compared to the earlier universal remotes, the updated remotes are simpler to set up and work with a lot more devices.

Run the auto code search a few times if you’re stuck using the TV before starting to manually type each code.

It will save you a ton of time, and if the code was overlooked in the first searches, you could just locate it.


Answers to Frequent-Asked Questions

mostly asked questions


How can I find the code for my LG TV?

Hold down the Setup button while you press it. the universal remote to enter 9-1-3. Hold the power and channel up buttons down until the television recognizes the code and switches off.


Bluetooth may be found under Devices. Bluetooth may be enabled by turning the Bluetooth switch ON. If a Password/Pin Code is requested, enter 0000 and choose the LG device from the list.


My TV remote code, how can I get it?

Read the remotes and the product’s user manuals (TV, DVD, etc.) Find a list of codes for your device by searching online. Look for any non-brand-specific code list online (recommended if you have an unbranded TV). For the correct code, speak with the maker of your gadget.


Without a code, how can I program a universal remote control?

When programming your remote, press the button for the object you wish to use it with while simultaneously holding down the Power button. As soon as requested, release both buttons. You may let go of the item’s button and the Power button once your remote control’s LED light comes on and remains on. In order to program an item, aim your remote at that object.


Do universal remotes for LG TVs exist?

A few third-party remotes, the LG Magic Remote, and the regular LG remote are all compatible with LG TVs. Considering that the Magic Remote is worldwide and can be used with any LG TV, it is a wonderful choice if you have many TVs and like ease when it comes to remote controllers.


How can I tell whether a universal remote will work with my television?

The power, volume, and channel up/down buttons on your TV are the only controls that certain universal remotes can operate.


Can I get a new remote for my LG TV?

If your LG TV remote is ever lost or broken beyond repair, there are two methods to replace it.

You may purchase a second LG Magic Remote or a universal remote control from a different company, such as GE or One For All.


Can I use my phone to operate my LG TV?

Depending on the type of your TV, you can manage your LG TV using your smartphone.

To operate the TV without the remote, download the LG TV Plus app from the app store on your phone.


My LG TV: Is it a Smart TV?

Running Netflix and Amazon Prime applications on your LG TV is the quickest method to determine if it is smart.

A list of applications and other materials is shown on the TV when you click the home button on the remote to find out more.


Does the LG TV support the One For All remote?

Universal remote controls from One For All are designed to operate with all LG TVs and other entertainment systems.

This covers up to 8 devices in totals, such as your Blu-ray player, A/V receiver, and more.

To clear up any questions, go to the LG TVs website.


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