UDOM Selections 2022/23: pdf Download

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UDOM Selections 2022/23

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After completing Form 6 and receiving results from those who met the requirements to apply to universities, students had the opportunity to apply to universities in accordance with the requirements of the respective colleges.

These are the students chosen for the first phase of admission to the University of Dodoma (UDOM), which will be released in the future. Wasomiajira.com will give you the names of all the students chosen for the other phases of admission to the University of Dodoma (UDOM).


UDOM Selections 2022/23

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) would like to inform all applicants with multiple admissions for the academic year 2022–2023 that confirmation by individual applicants is required in order to secure admission into various study programs offered at UDOM.

Only individuals having personally confirmed the admission process through their respective university and university of choice, in this case, the University of Dodoma (UDOM), are encouraged to proceed.


List Candidates with MULTIPLE ADMISSIONS UDOM 2022/2023

Steps To Confirm Candidates with MULTIPLE ADMISSIONS UDOM 2022/2023

To confirm your admission for UDOM Selections 2022/23 please follow the following steps:

1. Login into your admission profile in the admission system

2. Request a confirmation code through a link in your admission profile.

3. You will receive a SPECIAL CODE sent to you via SMS.

4. Enter the SPECIAL CODE you received into your admission profile to complete
your confirmation.


22ND AUGUST, 2022


About UDOM

The Institution of Dodoma, often known as UDOM, is a public university that can be found in the middle of Tanzania. It is situated in Dodoma, which is the capital city of Tanzania. Construction is now taking place on a site that spans 6,000 hectares in the Chimwaga region, which is located around 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) east of the Dodoma city center.

In March of 2007, with the signing of the Charter by President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania, the University of Dodoma was legally formed. September of 2007 marked the beginning of the first academic programs.

UDOM is now the university in the country with the highest rate of student enrollment growth, it is larger than any other university in the country, and it is lauded for generating graduates who are competent, qualified, and capable of competing favorably in the labor market.


In accordance with Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025 the University of Dodoma will have the capacity to enrol 50,000 students once it has reached its full operational status.


When UDOM is completely functional, the student body will be more than three times as large as it is at the University of Dar es Salaam. Up to this point, it is just 80% complete, but it is already twice as large as The University of Dar es Salaam and can accommodate four times as many students. List Candidates with MULTIPLE ADMISSIONS UDOM 2022/2023

UDOM Selections 2022

The University of Dodoma
University of Dodoma.jpg

Central Administration building
Motto Embracing Knowledge
Type Public
Established 2007
Chairman Prof. Rwekaza Mukandala
Chancellor Dr. Stergomena Tax
Vice-Chancellor Prof. Lughano Jeremy Kusiluka



Coordinates:6°12′53″S 35°49′29″E

Campus Chimwaga (Rural)
Website University Website

The University of Dodoma is a public university in central Tanzania located in Dodoma, the country’s capital. Building is taking place on a 6,000-hectare site in the Chimwaga area about 8 kilometers east of downtown Dodoma

The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007 following the signing of the Charter by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. The first academic programmes commenced September 2007.

Currently UDOM is the fastest growing university within the country, it is bigger than any other university within the country, and it is praised for producing competent and qualified candidates capable of competing in job markets.

UDOM Selections 2022

The university of Dodoma currently has seven colleges: College of Earth Science, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, College of Informatics and Virtual Education, College of Education, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Health and Allied Science and College of Business studies and Law, in recently there was also establishment of newly academic institute within college of humanities and social science UDOM named institute of Development studies(IDS) charged with responsibility of strengthening professionals within the field of Development studies.

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Download UDOM 2022/2023 Prospectus


Where is UDOM Located?

The University of Dodoma is located in the capital of the country of Tanzania, in the middle of the country of Tanzania in the city of Dodoma.

The University is located about 8 km east of the city centre, and is accessible by public transport, which is easily available from the city centre.

UDOM Selections 2022

Given the central location of Dodoma, UDOM is strategically positioned to serve applicants around the country and specifically Government and private sector employees living in Dodoma, who hitherto could not find training opportunities in the area.

Such employees can comfortably utilise UDOM to combine work and study for their career advancement. Additionally, the geographical location and Dodoma weather render UDOM a convenient place for international students.

The 7 Colleges at UDOM 2022-2023 

  1. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. College of Business and Economics
  3. College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  4. College of Earth Sciences and Engineering
  5. College of Health Sciences
  6. College of Education
  7. College of Informatics and Virtual Education


UDOM Selections 2022/2023

These are students who have been selected to join the University of Dodoma UDOM 2022/2023 and they are required to join the college to start official studies according to the Dodoma college procedure


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