Zambia Census Calendar 2022 pdf Download: Understandable Simple Schedule

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Zambia Census Calendar

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The National Statistical Release Calendar (NSRC) | Zambia Census Calendar for 2022 highlights published and upcoming releases of official statistics by the National Statistical System (NSS).


The NSS comprises data producers; data suppliers; users; research institutions; higher education institutions; and the media. Zambia Statistics Agency (ZamStats) and other producers of official statistics are the providers of the content of this calendar.

The 2022 Zambia Census Calendar provides information for release on specific dates on a daily, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.


Zambia census Calendar Pdf- Download

Zamstats official’s statement about  for Zambia aptitude test For Census  2022


What is the Zambia census calendar and why do I need it?

What is the census calendar?

The Zambia census calendar includes key dates throughout the year when specific activities related to the census will occur. Many people confuse the census calendar with the “census date,” which is just one day when people are directed to go and complete their census questionnaire. The census date is between 18th August and 14th September 2022 according to Zambia Census Calendar.



Why have a Zambia census calendar?

Zambia census calendar

The Zambia census calendar is used to schedule activities and minimize costs. This helps the Census Bureau to determine when to do what, at what location, and with what workers based on the projected frequency of activity and the availability of staff and other resources.

The census calendar also allows the public to know when they need to complete certain tasks, so they can plan and be ready. This can include obtaining an address if they are new to the area, finding childcare if they need to keep their children with them at home, and avoiding disruptions at work.


How can I participate in the Census?

The best way to participate in the 2022 Census is by completing the questionnaire by hand, either online, on paper, or a combination of the two.

Census workers will also be conducting house-to-house surveys, so you can also let them know you filled out the form when they come to your door. There are many ways to be involved in the census, no matter your profession or occupation.


When will data be released?

Census data will be released in stages. Data from the “make-up” period will be available in early September after the count. Data from the main period will be released in or after September.



The Census is critical to our country’s future and affects every one of us. By participating, you can make a difference!



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