Zambia Super League Standings 2022/2023

Zambia Super League Standings 2022/2023

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Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022/2023
Zambia Super League Standings 2022

Zambia Super League Standings 2022/2023

The Football Association of Zambia’s highest level of competition is the Zambia Super League. The MTN/FAZ Super Division is another name for it because of sponsorship issues. The company was founded in 1962.

The 2020–21 campaign was the Zambian Super League’s most recent season. The top two teams will compete in the qualifications for the group stage of the CAF Champions League after the top four teams in the league advance to the next level of competition.

The teams that placed third and fourth in the CAF Confederation Cup standings will participate in the competition’s group stage qualifiers. The league was originally scheduled to run from March through December, but a transition season had to be held in order to align the schedule with that of the CAF Tournaments. Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022

The league is ranked seventh among all African nations in the CAF’s five-year rating. All 126 games of the season will be broadcast by Super sport. The Football Association of Zambia owns the league. The league’s champions will receive a copper trophy with their names engraved on it.

Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022

Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022
Nkana FC has won 13 League titles, which made it to be Zambia’s most successful league club, and second overall behind Mufulira Wanderers, with 44 trophies.
The football team is competing in the MTN/FAZ Super Division, and is regarded as one of the country’s most popular teams. 

(Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022)

Qualification to the league
The four relegated teams will be replaced by four teams that wins the National Division One qualifier which consists of the ten provincial division one champions.


Zambia Super League 2022-23 clubs

Teams occurring in the Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022/23

  • Buildcon
  • Forest Rangers
  • Green Buffaloes
  • Green Eagles
  • Kabwe Warriors
  • Nchanga Rangers
  • Lumwana Radiants
  • Kafue Celtic
  • F.C MUZA
  • NAPSA Stars
  • Nkana
  • Nkwazi
  • Power Dynamos
  • Prison Leopards
  • Red Arrows
  • Chambishi
  • Zanaco
  • ZESCO United

Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022

Zambia is marooned at 19th on the continent one behind Congo and 88th in the world behind Haiti. Meanwhile, African champions Senegal maintained their position at the top with Morocco, Nigeria, Egypt and Tunisia completing the top five.


Which team is currently leading the Zambian Super league?

In the Zambia Super League’s standings from the previous season, the Red Arrows are in first place with a seven-point lead over ZESCO Utd in second place and a thirteen-point margin over the Green Eagles in third place.



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Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022

Previous winners

The previous league winners are as follows:

  • 1962: Roan United (Luanshya)
  • 1963: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1964: City of Lusaka (Lusaka)
  • 1965: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1966: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1967: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1968: Kabwe Warriors (Kabwe)
  • 1969: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1970: Kabwe Warriors (Kabwe)
  • 1971: Kabwe Warriors (Kabwe)
  • 1972: Kabwe Warriors (Kabwe)
  • 1973: Zambia Army (Lusaka)
  • 1974: Zambia Army (Lusaka)

(Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022)

  • 1975: Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
  • 1976: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1977: Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
  • 1978: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1979: Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
  • 1980: Nchanga Rangers (Chingola)
  • 1981: Green Buffaloes (Lusaka)
  • 1982: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1983: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1984: Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
  • 1985: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1986: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1987: Kabwe Warriors (Kabwe)
  • 1988: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1989: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1990: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1991: Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
  • 1992: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1993: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 1994: Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
  • 1995: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1996: Mufulira Wanderers (Mufulira)
  • 1997: Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
  • 1998: Nchanga Rangers (Chingola)
  • 1999: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 2000: Power Dynamos (Kitwe)

(Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022)

  • 2001: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 2002: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2003: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2004: Red Arrows (Lusaka)
  • 2005: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2006: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2007: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2008: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2009: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2010: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2011: Power Dynamos (Kitwe)
  • 2012: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2013: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 2014: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2015: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2016: Zanaco (Lusaka)
  • 2017: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2018: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2019: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2019–20: Nkana (Kitwe)
  • 2020–21: ZESCO United (Ndola)
  • 2021–22: Red Arrows (Lusaka)


Zambia Super League Table Standings 2022

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