Best CDM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

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CDM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: The first thing that comes to mind when you start playing FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is undoubtedly how to assemble a winning team. But there’s also the matter of what constitutes a solid roster in FIFA 23 if you’re anything like me and like fiddling with teams as much as you do playing them.

Building a strong team also entails selecting the correct goalkeepers (GK), defenders (DF), midfielders (MF), or strikers to balance each other’s strengths and shortcomings in the crucial areas (FW).

We’ve put together some instructions on how to design your optimal CDM build for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs to aid you in making this choice.


CDM Physical Characteristics

Physicality is one of the most crucial qualities to look for in any CDM build since it plays such a significant role in the game. You are more likely to win headers and challenge players the more physical you are.

For this reason, selecting a player with a high physicality rating is crucial if you want them to perform as a successful CDM.

Players like Casemiro are great choices for this position because of their exceptional power and aerial prowess (94). N’Golo Kante or Layvin Kurzawa may be the best options for your defensive midfielder position if you’re searching for a substitute who isn’t quite as excellent but still offers respectable numbers.


Using bold abilities in FIFA 23 Pro clubs

Any CDM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs must have boldness. For a CDM in FIFA 23, audacity is the finest talent to use. The ability to be more aggressive in your play provides you greater influence over the game and enables you to dominate your opponents by dispersing their defense and making it simpler for you to break through on goal. Boldness is a very crucial quality for any CM.

What’s the purpose of playing as a CDM if you lack boldness? You won’t be able to do anything on the field throughout your time there!

If you’re playing FIFA 23 Pro Clubs and don’t have this trait on at least one of your players (ideally two or three), alter that right now. Putting more distance between themselves and their opponents’ defenders will help your team operate as a unit more swiftly and efficiently.



In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, physicality is one of the most crucial attributes(CDM Build For FIFA 23) since it aids in recovering the ball from your opponent. Your opponent will win the ball back more often than you if they have a greater Physicality rating than you do.

A player with great physicality will be better at both tackling and interceptions, which are both crucial components of defense.



Every FIFA 23 Pro Clubs player has to be aware of the value of passing, which is one thing. In FIFA games, passing is the most fundamental talent, but it also has the power to make or break a game for you.

It’s important to consider the quality of your passes in addition to your pass rate while passing. Even if some players have excellent numbers, their passing accuracy may be poor because they miss opportunities to pass or because they are unaware of when their teammates will rush into open space.

This section includes advice on how to play better passing in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs as well as a list of players with strong passing numbers.



The ability to shoot is crucial for a CDM Build For FIFA 23 since it allows you to score goals.

The most crucial skill for a CDM is shooting since it allows you to convert free kicks and penalties into goals.



You must be aware of the ideal defensive strategy to play a strong defense in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. The following are the top 4 defensive techniques you should use in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs:

  • Control your player’s positioning by moving them as needed.
  • Use a backheel or fake to dribble past an adversary (this can be done by pressing R2)
  • To block passing channels between defenders, use your body form (push L1/LB).
  • Apply pressure as necessary while passing with one touch.



The ability to control the ball while traveling in a certain direction is known as dribbling. As an important CDM Build For FIFA 23, you’ll utilize it to defeat opponents, open up space, and score goals, making it one of the most crucial abilities.

All players dribble, but some players do it more naturally than others. Your dribbling is influenced by several things, including:

  • What kind of player are you using? (forward or defender)
  • the spot on the field (left wing vs right wing)
  • The player’s characteristics (pace, balance, etc.)



Think about how you want your CDM to perform before choosing your CDM Build For FIFA 23. Pace and acceleration are perhaps the most crucial qualities if your top objective is swiftly regaining control.

Pace, or how quickly a player moves the ball from point A to point B, is an important quality for all players on the field.

Acceleration refers to a player’s peak speed over longer distances as well as how quickly they run without the ball while pursuing an opponent or moving into open space in front of them.


The best CDM build for FIFA 23 Pro clubs | FIFACDM build.

Players who wish to play as a CDM but still be able to score a few goals can choose this setup.

Players that wish to be able to defend and attack should use it as well.


Best Perks

The only method to improve your player’s qualities is via perks. They are available in packs or may be purchased with money. Even while perks are temporary and will end after a specific amount of time, they are nevertheless a crucial component of your club’s growth plan since they let you develop players who wouldn’t otherwise advance via practice or competition.

CDM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

CDM Build For FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

It will be simpler for you to defeat stronger teams later on if you constantly attempt to have one or two perks active on your team at all times.



You may win more tackles and interceptions by using the CDM card called Interceptor, which is a solid option at all positions. This is because if you win the ball while using this card, your opponent will be temporarily unbalanced.

You now have an additional few seconds to set up your defense or launch an assault.


Ball winner

The ability to win the ball is crucial for CDM. Although winning the ball back is helpful, physicality and speed are more crucial.

Ball winner is not as crucial as physical prowess or speed


Physical Strength

You must raise this attribute since physical strength is a requirement for CDMs.

You can recover the ball and remove it from your territory with the use of physical strength.

Additionally, it aids in your tackling, making sure that an opponent attempting to steal the ball from you would find it difficult to do so.

Because of its effect on strength, which all CDMs require while playing against players who are larger than them, it will assist in winning headers and 50/50 balls.


Best Attributes

In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, these are the top characteristics of any CDM construction.

  • Maestro
  • Cheetah
  • Guardian
  • Interceptor
  • Ball Inner
  • Guardian


A great CDM setup for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is called The Guardian. You’ll be able to accomplish whatever you need to do with this setup to aid your squad in winning games. This CDM builds characteristics are:

  • Passing
  • Healthy Accrual
  • Correct Crosses
  • Defending
  • Tackling


Sliding  Tackle

Sliding Catch (This attribute will allow you to steal the ball from an opponent.)



The Cheetah is the game’s quickest player, therefore if you want to be nimble on your feet, you must have it.

Any striker who wants to break away from defenders and make a run for the goal needs this card’s acceleration boost of 10-15%.

To flip around defenders or dribble past them, stars like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo may move much quicker than their opponents with the help of this card, which enhances agility by 10% to 15%.

This card boosts dribbling by 10–15%, giving you greater control over your player’s pace while running with the ball at his foot as compared to when running without it (which is why speed cards are also crucial).

Balance: Players like James Rodriguez or Cristiano Ronaldo would benefit greatly from an improvement in the balance of 10–15% since they need steadiness to execute more difficult plays with ease.



Maestro is a fantastic all-around characteristic for CDM; it will assist you in maintaining possession and positioning your teammates for goals. Maestro will also assist you in making more accurate passes with the ball.

No matter how many times you attempt to score, if you are unable to accomplish it, your teammates are likely to be less than pleased with you.



Possibly the most significant characteristic of a FIFACDM build is positioning. You can predict where the ball will travel next, allowing you to intercept it or break up an opponent’s pass.

On-ball placement and off-ball positioning are the two subcategories of positioning. Off-ball positioning describes where your player is about his teammates and opponents while he is not in control of the ball. On-ball placement describes where your player is about the ball at any given moment.


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Final Thoughts to FIFACDM build

The greatest CDM setup for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is summarized in this short article. Everything you need to succeed in this role has been given to you, along with some pointers on how to use your skill set most effectively in-game.

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